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Jonas Blue ,,Mama,,

  • Jonas Psalter - Styx
    "(Dennis DeYoung) When Captain Jonas Psalter Sailed his ship to sea Anne Bonny kept him company The skull and crossbones flew Above the ocean blue The captain's men where a pirate's crew The ships they"
  • Mama (ft. William Singe) - Jonas Blue
    "Where should we run to We got the world in our hands as we’re ready to platy They say we’re wasted But how can we waste it if we’re loving every day Ok I got the keys to the universe so stay With me Cos"
  • I See Love (ft. Joe Jonas) - Jonas Blue
    "this is such a perfect place I’m glad I found this with you our love reflected in your face only heaven can beat this view come on let’s run and get list in the crowd into the light as the night’s coming"
  • Sweet Mama Blue - Roy Orbison
    "Written by Orbison/Melson. I know a place in New Orleans. They call The Castle of Kings and Queens. Where an old sweet black woman sings. And plays piano like a dream. She puts out all her beautiful"
  • Mama - Magnum
    "I've seen plenty of trouble Never been any different, I know You've got to run on the double Keep your eye on the chariot low Mama let your garden grow Mama let your garden grow I've seen plenty of trouble Never"
  • Jonas & Ezekial - Indigo Girls
    "I left my anger in a river running highway five new hampshire vermont border by college farms hubcaps and falling rocks voices in the woods and the mountaintops i used to search for reservations and native"
  • Joe Jonas rap - Jonas Brothers
    "Uh Uh Uh Uh Go JoeGo JoeGo JoeGo JoeGoGoGo Joe Yo Listen I'm Joe Jonas I'm your best friendOpen the fridge,Eat a chickenWassup oh7/11 might be down the streetBeatboxin' with my two feetBrand new feetWhen"
  • Crank dat Jonas boy - Jonas Brothers
    "onas Brothers tell'emAy I got a new band for ya'll called the Jonas BrothersYouuuYou gotta be a real fan if you wanna learn this danceAhhhhhNick, Joe, Kevin up in dis ohhhWatch them crank it, watch them"
  • Nigger Jonas (Palkkionmets - Leevi And The Leavings
    "Hei Jonas, me luotamme sun aseeseen Tuli yhdeksn miest ja yksi nainen Saaden kaupunkimme kaaokseen Hei Jonas, taas apuasi tarvitaan Ne rystivt pankin ja saluunankin Eik kukaan niit kiinni saa refrain: Ne"
  • Free Kevin Jonas - Goldfinger
    "Yeah, that man is innocent How can they see the truth when they're all blind? So, let him go Your jail is only four walls Your jail won't take his resolve Yeah, I know this man will change the world"
  • Jonas And Ezekial - Indigo Girls
    "i left my anger in a river running highway 5 new hampshire, vermont, bordered by college farms, hubcaps, and falling rocks voices in the woods and the mountaintops i used to search for reservations and"
  • What I Like About You (Feat. Theresa Rex) - Jonas Blue
    "All my life I've been a good girl Tryna do what's right, never told no lies Then you came around and suddenly my world Turned upside down, now there's no way out I tried to fight against it, shut"
  • Fast Car (feat. Dakota) - Jonas Blue
    "You got a fast car I want a ticket to anywhere Maybe we make a deal Maybe together we can get somewhere Anyplace is better Starting from zero got nothing to lose Maybe we'll make something But me myself"
  • Blue - Hikaru Utada
    "Minareta machi, minareta hito Subete ga saikin marude Tooi kuni no dekigoto Mou ichido kanjitai ne Kuruyami no naka de Kibou ga ori nasu Azayaka na ongaku Donna ni tsurai toki de sae Utau no wa naze? (Saa"
  • Mama Mia - Broadways
    "I've been cheated by you since I don't know when so I made up my mind:it must come to an end look at me now, will I ever learn I don't know how, but I suddenly lose control there's a fire within my"
  • Little Mama - Reckless Kelly
    "I don't think you know me Not like you think you do 'cause girl, if you knew me You know I'd know as much as you You think you're so ahead of the game But I know it ain't true You better get your feet"
  • Whiskey'n Mama - ZZ Top
    "I'm so tired, you on my head. Whiskey'n mama, you shouldn't have said You wanted me to be your lover true, Then turn around and treats me just likes you do. I should have known better than to fool with"
  • Louisiana mama - Gene Pitney
    "She's my red hot Louisiana mama From a town called New Orleans Golden hair and eyes of blue My real live Dixie queen My Louisiana mama from New Orleans She lives down on the bayou When she's really wild"
  • Motorcycle Mama - Harpo
    "Motorcycle Mama why did you leave and where did you go Motorcycle Mama I've been looking everywhere for you I remember in '65 when Jimi Hendrix was still alive Before we went to the Woodstock scene And"
  • Mama Shabalala - Johnny Clegg & Savuka
    "An old lady walking down the dusty farm road Looking for a simple home She doesn't want anything extremely smart And she doesn't need a telephone She's the child of a refugee running from the Zulu war Living"

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