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Jonathan nyberg

  • Jonathan - Nerf Herder
    "Straight out of Boston To reinvent the modern rock and roll He put down the cigarette and dropped out of B.U. Too sensitive for this world Too sensitive for that girl He could look right through the"
  • Jonathan - Back To Back
    "Jonathan har ingen venner Han lever for sig selv Dagen gr med tunge skridt Mod dybet i hans sjl Og pigen skrev det sidste brev Det var midt i maj Sommeren blev s kold i r Og mgerne skreg Jonathan bor"
  • Jonathan - Lonewolf
    "Jonathan, Jonathan, where have you been ? I was searching for you since you once left me. Tell me, Boy, did you ever miss your sweet home and a single kiss, oh, Jonathan, Jonathan, where have you been"
  • Jonathan - Barclay James Harvest, The
    "Barclay James Harvest, The Time Honoured Ghosts Jonathan Circles in the sky White as paper fly Sound of seagulls crying fills the air High above the lonely one is there Jonathan he cares To feel better Like"
  • Jonathan - Barclay James Harvest
    "Circles in the sky White as paper fly Sound of seagulls crying fills the air High above the lonely one is there Jonathan he cares To feel better Like the passing wind Swooping down again Waitin' for the"
  • Jonathan - Wendy And Lisa
    "i think we were five when we met we were so alive then and yet we would not survive now i know yours was not a face to grow old oh oh no my old soul you left me much too soon how i love you oh i i was"
  • Jonathan - Szanty
    "Na "Morskim Koniu" Johnatan był, - Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! O! Na "Morskim Koniu" Johnatan był, Kabestan pchał ze wszystkich sił. - Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! O! - Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! O! Odważne"
  • Jonathan Wilkes - Wilkes Jonathan
    "You really seemed to lost ya way, Its your first date and your gonna be late, All the traffic lights are red, The feeling your head says go back to bed, Through the window everything seems right, That's"
  • Jonathan Rado Faces - Jonathan Rado
    "When I walk around with my head to the ground You seem to look down on Tuesday The faces I'll stare but I am prepared To look into nobody's faces You're seemingly dead and it's gone to your head You feel"
  • Jonathan Fallow - Pain
    "Witness Jonathan Fallow, sit & stare, He's a cartoon engineer extraordinaire He's a tatterdemalion of dubious means, Paper champion pencil making scenes You see objects he sees life like Bulbous-eyed"
  • Jonathan David - Belle & Sebastian
    "jonathan david I know you like her Well, i like her too I know she likes you Its not as if im being sent off to war There are worse things in this world Theres still room in my wooden horse for"
  • Jonathan David - Belle And Sebastian
    "I know you like her Well I like her too I know she likes you It's not as if I'm being sent off to War There are worse things in this world There's still room in my wooden horse for two I was Jonathan"
  • Jonathan n'attend qu'elle - Helene Segara
    "Quand il y penseIl a bien mal au coeurIl ferme les yeuxCa rappelle cette ancienne douleurIl aimait tantSa douce fianceQui est partie sans rien direUn beau soir d'tIl ne voit pas les filles autour de luiQui"
  • Ty Jonathan Down - Videodrone
    "This track features Jon Davis on vocals. Fifteen pure and clean, innocent Lost sheep secrets I keep under lock and key Someone help me So look at me you're like a superstar I can impress your mind"
  • Jonathan Kozol Was Right... - Broadways
    "i read a book the other day about public schools in our nation an indictment of our prevailing caste system it seems so many things i've taken for granted others cant access at all i ditched computer class"
  • Echo (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) - Hardwell
    "Dreaming with no sound Silence screams so loud Trying to break through, anyway, to you Tears fall like rain And I can see your pain It's time to fix you up again For your love I'd take the sun from the"
  • Just For Now (Feat. Jonathan Davis) - Fieldy
    "(Fieldy) Burn down to the ground everything I own Everything you need is temporary And everything you want is so petty Materialistic shit makes me sick You're through with your cars, your house, your"
  • Let's Get Lost (Gilby Clarke / Jonathan Daniel) - Gilby Clarke
    "Lost in time no time in space Never thought wed ever fade This ain't the blues This ain't nothin new Are we fallin off again Someone pushed us from the ledge No crime no sin We just don't fit in Lets"
  • You're Worthy Of My Praise (Featuring Jonathan Noe - Kara
    "I will worship with all of my heart I will praise You with all of my strength I will seek You all of my days I will follow follow all of Your ways yeah, yeah chorus I will give You all my worship I"
  • Eldsj - Loke Nyberg
    "Vers Klockan sig kmpar frn nio till fem och kontorsbyggnaden andas ut. Det blir tack fr idag och vi ses vl imorrn. Man gr hem och dagen r slut. Och dr hemma p bordet str middagen klar och ett 50spnns"

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