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Joris Delacroix nancy - Take Your Time

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Joris Delacroix nancy - Take Your Time

    "Oh baby Nancy Yeah little Nancy I'm talking to you girl I'm talking to Nancy Baby I cannot bide my time I mean you ain't even trying Oh now I'm down here in the heat babe Ohhh, I'm cooking Yeah"
  • Nancy - Frank Sinatra
    "(Silvers/Van Heusen) If I don't see her each day, I miss her Gee what a thrill, each time I kiss her Believe me, I've got a case On nancy, with the laughing face She takes the winter and makes it summer And"
  • The Nancy - Stan Rogers
    "What clothes men wear do give them airs, the fellows do compare. A colonel's regimentals shine, and women call him fair. I am Alexander MacIntosh, nephew to the Laird And I do disdain men who are vain,"
  • Oh, Nancy - Charlie Landsborough
    "Oh Nancy why'd you have to go and hurt yourself again Why do you believe you've got to share in every body's pain Oh heart of gold your always cryin someone else's tears And tryin to protect the world"
  • Nancy Spain - Christy Moore
    "Of all the stars that ever shone Not one does twinkle like your pale blue eyes Like golden corn at harvest time your hair Sailing in my boat the wind Gently blows and fills my sail Your sweet-scented breath"
  • For nancy - Pete Yorn
    "And when you said I could not stay with youThat's not the way you would have wanted to beConvince yourself that everything is alright'Cos it already isDon't sell your heart and break just anyoneI want"
  • Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
    "I was five and he was six We rode on horses made of sticks He wore black and I wore white He would always win the fight Bang, bang, he shot me down Bang, bang, I hit the ground Bang, bang, that awful sound Bang,"
  • Nancy - The Allman Brothers Band
    "Oh-oh Walking in the midnight rain Thought I heard a southbound train Call your name Nancy Walking in the rain all day Guess there wasn't nobody goin' my way They didn't stop at all But I will get back"
  • Nancy - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "Oh baby nancyYeah little nancyIm talking to you girlIm talking to nancyBabyI could not bide my timeI knew you werent even tryingOh now Im down in there in the heat babeOhhh, Im cookingYeah yeah yeahOh"
  • Adieu Lovely Nancy - Solas
    "Adieu lovely Nancy, for now I must leave you, To the far-off West Indies I'm bound for to steer. But let my long journey be of no trouble to you, For, my love, I'll return in the course of a year. Talk"
  • Nancy Whisky II - Nieznani
    "Słowa: Sławomir ("Rączka") Dłoniak Muzyka: trad. Gdy po długim i ciężkim rejsie, Zapach lądu czuję znów, Chcę zobaczyć moją Nancy, Która czeka na mnie tu. W "Czarnym Kocie" ją poznałem, Urzekł mnie jej"
  • Nancy The Tavern Wench - Alestorm
    "I know of a tavern, not far from here, where you can get some mighty fine beer. The company true, and the wenches are pretty. It's the greatest damn place in the whole of the city. If you're lookin' for"
  • Take Your Time - Buddy Holly
    "Take Your Time, I can wait For all the love I know will be mine If you Take Your Time Take Your Time, though its late Heart strings will sing like a string of twine If you Take Your Time Take Your Time"
  • Take Your Time - The Hollies
    "(Holly / Petty) Take your time, I can wait All of our love I know will be mine If you take your time Take your time, though it's late Heart strings will sing like a string of twine If you take your time Take"
  • Take Your Time - Aphrodite's Child
    "Take your time Life is easy If you try Take your time It won't last If you living fast So just try To take your time Woman and wine what a sin! Riding around in a black limousine They take your money break"
  • Take Your Time - Al Green
    "Al Green Lay It Down Take Your Time Chorus: (Al Green and Corinne Bailey Rae in two-part harmony) Just you take your time, ohhh. Just you take your time. (Corinne) Do you remember when we used to take"
  • Take your time - Shocking Blue
    "People work so hard that they get heart attacks,A speed of life is much too high.I just wonder babeWhy they can't slow down?Take your time,Take your time,Hey you.The man next door, he always drove too"
  • I Love You Nancy - Kool Keith
    "Yeah! Live.. from the Staples Center.. in Los Angeles, California Y'know.. this is a song.. I wrote from the heart Too much I Love Lucy kid, you think you're Desi Arnaz I tell you off in the facts"
  • Take Your Time - Anderson Jon
    "Anderson Jon Song Of Seven Take Your Time Rushing here and there, I'm told to slow down Just relax, take your time, don't move so fast, so fast Tempers in the air, I'm told to slow down, ease back By the"
  • Take Your Time - Jefferson Starship
    "I'm gonna make one hour in inte just a few minutes I'm gonna get two days for the price of one there's a one word rhyme and that's called living thare's a one word love means plenty of giviing I'm"

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