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  • February 3rd - Jorja Smith
    "there’s a life outside i didn’t know tied up, falling down to an empty soul and lord knows that this love has taken toll I’ve given all of my love to this broken home so why don’t you lose yourself for"
  • The One - Jorja Smith
    "Never had to work for love Don't need you to show me how Don't want to be falling in When I'm falling out Didn't think I'd give for love Every time I hold it back Now there’s lust in my head I'm"
  • Goodbyes - Jorja Smith
    "how could we know tat there wouldn’t be tomorrow? no birds will sing but the bells will ring for you so far to go but you’ve already reached the light your new beginning chapters are written out for you down"
  • Be Honest (feat. Burna Boy) - Jorja Smith
    "I know you want me everyday, not only when you’re lonely you see you think you know me but you don’t even know nothing about me you se my thick thing lost when you look ino my brown eyes see my little"
  • By Any Means - Jorja Smith
    "Go Ahead and fix your crown And watch it all Burn in smoke Go Ahead and stand Your ground We’re on the long road to freedom* * lyric wideo"
  • Addicted - Jorja Smith
    "Too far in it Too far gone She knows what’s in it She know what’s wrong She just can’t quit it Her heart’s so numb But worse to run Waits dor the night time Days no fun Got a call from her brother Said"
  • Gone - Jorja Smith
    "Time spent can’t afford Minute less i mea nit more Know who’s not around to share another go rounf with me Long agoS Where’d tehy go No one knows Tell me whan to do when Teh ones you love Have gone missing My"
  • Bussdown (feat. Shaybo) - Jorja Smith
    "The top down cus she worked hard for it But blocked out So they won’t see her in it Bussdwn, baby ain’t tired of this Diamonds, baby bought all of tchem Dressed up and shes just walks right it Bussdown"
  • Home - Jorja Smith
    "One day I said I would be rich And I said I’d have a family Would I really be content with my husband and his family? What’s worse than looking at my neighbours Pretending that they’re happy Is one"
  • Come Over - Jorja Smith x Popcaan
    "This is something that i am used to i give too much but i've chosed to i love that!"

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