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Joseph Rizza MacKenzie... - Sgt. Mackenzie

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Joseph Rizza MacKenzie... - Sgt. Mackenzie

  • Mackenzie park - Aaron Watson
    "Well once upon a time When I held you in my arms On a blanket in the grass Where we'd watch the falling stars Under that old maple tree We'd share secrets in the dark Now I sit here all alone Watching"
  • Barrie For Billy Mackenzie - Rockettothesky
    "-rrie, Ba-rrie, Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie you're the best, Barrie, the best I've ever had and I'm not just saying that you know! Ooh, you whisper in my ear, whisper my name -rrie,"
  • View To A Kill feat. Ian Mackenzie - Tape Five
    "Meeting you, with a view to a kill Face to face in secret places, feel the chill. Night fall covers me, but you know the plans Im making, Still oversea, could it be the whole world opening wide A sacred"
  • Joseph - Georges Moustaki
    "Voil c'que c'est, mon vieux Joseph Que d'avoir pris la plus jolie Parmi les filles de Galile, Celle qu'on appelait Marie. Tu aurais pu, mon vieux Joseph, Prendre Sarah ou Dborah Et rien ne serait arriv, Mais"
  • Joseph - Keaton Simons
    "Joseph Joseph was a child of light He never disappears Standing up on dim lit stages Shielded by his tears Though he was not a lonesome one His loneliest surprise Was trapped in unseen reservoirs Whose"
  • Poor Poor Joseph - Joseph
    "(Narrator) Nest day, far from home The brothers planned the repulsive crime (Brothers) Let us grab him now Do him in, while we've got the time (Narrator) This they did and made the most of it Tore his"
  • Joseph And Sons - Joseph
    "Way way back many centuries ago, Not long after the Bible began Jacob lived in the land of Canaan, A fine example of a family man. Jacob, Jacob and sons, Depended on farming to earn their keep. Jacob,"
  • Sgt Hetfield - Beatallica
    "It was 20 years ago today Motorhead taught this band to play At first they were so out of style But they're guaranteed to raise your bile So may I introduce to you The act that drank 1000 beers Sgt. Hetfield's"
  • Joseph All The Time - Joseph
    "(Narrator) Joseph knew by this his brothers now were honest men The time had come at last to reunite them all again (Joseph) Can't you recognize my face? Is it hard to see That Joseph who you thought"
  • Sgt Major - Jet
    "Wake up, Major, and stitch on your hatYou fell out of bed and then you landed in the cashSo what's in your diary todayCall on your main man What can he do for youHang out with stupid, so you can tell him"
  • Go, Go, Go, Joseph - Joseph
    "(Narrator) Joseph's luck was really out His spirit and his fortune low Alone he sat, alone he thought Of happy times he used to know (First Man) Hey dreamer, don't be so upset (Second Man) Hey Joseph,"
  • Sgt. Baker - Primus
    "Sergeant Baker is my name I'm gonna teach you how to play the game of warfare Suddenly it appears to me You got a bit much dignity for your own good, boy (Yes sir, yes sir) I will rape your personality Pummel"
  • Sgt. Trigger - Slapshock
    "Alone I try to find my way home In the darkest night I see your face Peace of mind is what I need My soul has lost its memories Will you take away my pain inside, inside Chorus: Where should I be"
  • Sgt Rock - XTC
    "Season cycle moving round and round Pushing life up from a cold dead ground It's growing green It's growing green, well Darling don't you ever stop to wonder About the clouds about the hail and thunder 'Bout"
  • Joseph Megamix - Andrew Lloyd Webber
    "Go go go Joseph Go go go Joseph Jacob. Jacob and sons Ah ah ah ah ah Jacob. Jacob and sons Ah ah ah ah ah Jacob. Jacob and sons Jacob. Jacob and sons Jacob. Jacob and sons Jacob. Jacob and sons Jacob,"
  • Joseph Hendon - Anti-Nowhere League
    "Anti-Nowhere League Miscellaneous Joseph Hendon Hes a fucked up man with a fucked up life Two dirty kids and an ugly wife Standard clothes and a standard car acceptable ..thats what you are The only times"
  • Duane Joseph - The Juliana Theory
    "Tell your mom you need a day off So we can play out in the rain We'll catch a ride to the mall. Go down to the arcade Cuz that's where all the cool kids hang. Tell your mom you need a day off Cuz I don't"
  • Duane Joseph - Juliana Theory
    "Tell your mom you need a day off so we can play out in the rain we'll catch a ride to the mall go down to the arcarde cause that's where all the cool kids play tell your mom you need a day off cause I"
  • Staff Sgt. Skreba - The Dingees
    "We know you know more than you lead to believe Loads of misinformation jammed deep in your sleeve You lurk in the shadows followed by a red glow Your killing for answers you already know Your brains been"
  • Joseph And Alexander - Of Montreal
    "Joseph and Alexander ride their flaming swans above Miss Dovepost and her loudmouth niece who had a fear of geese and who even in a corset looked remarkably obese Joseph and Alexander redirect their swanis"

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