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Josh Groban My Confession

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Josh Groban My Confession

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Josh Groban My Confession
  • Josh Groban All I Know Of Love (Duet Barbra Streidsan And Josh Groban)
    "Barbra: Once I found the perfect love And you showed me everything there was to know of love Time will not betray the truth And for all the years we've shared I celebrate with you For you... Josh:"
  • Angelique Kidjo Pearls Featuring Josh Groban And Carlos Santana
    "There is a woman in SomaliaScraping for pearls on the roadsideThere's a force stronger than natureKeeps her will aliveThis is how she's dyingShe's dying to surviveDon't know what she's made ofI would like"
  • Josh Groban My Confession
    "I have been blind, unwilling to see The true love you're giving. I have ignored every blessing. I'm on my knees confessing That I feel myself surrender Each time I see your face. I am staggered by your"
  • Sarah Brightman There For Me (English Version With Josh Groban)
    "Sarah: There for me, every time I've been away Will you be there for me, thinking of me everyday Are you my destiny, words I never dared to say Will you be there for me? Just think of you and me,"
  • Barbra Streisand All I Know of Love (Duet with Josh Groban)
    "All I know of love lyrics: Translation from words in italian between [* Barbra: Once I found a perfect love And you showed me everything there was to know of love Time will not betray the truth And for"
  • Gary Numan Confession
    "Listen up This is confession This machine motion is sure to break my heart Listen up This is confession Recorded music sticks in the throat of God. I O U, you don't own me I O U, you don't own me Party"
  • No Angels Confession
    "I take a deep breath 'Cause I have to tell you how I feel about you (Ooh baby) I swallowed my pride My intention tells me that's the right thing to do (I'm not crazy) 'Cause I feel alright about this thing"
  • Bleeding Through Confession
    "Yesterday I reached my end. Now I'm watching you leave me. And today I feel sick. I hear voices now. This girl is killing. Her face was pale. She couldn't even shed a single tear over my lifeless"
  • Lagwagon Confession
    "By now you should find your mouth By now you should call me We can work it out I fallow it until the end of concession "A falling out" I heard from them there's no discretion I'm burning out on this By"
  • Tokio Hotel Confession
    "It begins every morningThe clock rings at seven, And I'm not getting out of the bedI'm allways so lateAnd come second in sportsThat's why I write "Fuck you"On every trophey... I want you just for the nightAnd"
  • Florida Georgia Line Confession
    "Rusty barbed wire lines these fields Gravel dust behind the wheels Drifting like my mind into the rearview Jet trails cutting across the sky I'm rolling through the open wide Searching for a song to drink"
  • The Game Confession
    "Turn me up in the headphones a little, I want everybody to hear this shit Chorus This is my confession, you can take time to listen or turn your back on me, but this my confession, the life of a troubled"
  • Damnation Confession
    "Forgive me POWER! For my long time of weakness For my misery For submission upon blinds For feeling guilty For distraction in day and night And lost time For my fear - in my existence Against myself In"
  • Myrath Confession
    "Here I go, back for more Walking the path of hell No More Life runs through my veins I hear the judgement frightening bells Thought that you would be there Holding my hand here after death But, if"
  • Uriah Heep Confession
    "I'm so sorry for the things I've doneAnd the times it went a little wrongTry to understand that I made my plansWith my love for you in mindSometimes you get the wrong ideaAnd I can't seem to make it clearIf"
  • Salem Confession
    "Fold up my thoughts, tuck them away. Drink for the pain, drink it away. Turn the key that hides The devil's tongue, the vicious side. The surgeons cut is fine. These wounds may heal in time. But still"
  • Red Confession
    "I feel fine And I cant smile But I feel the anger coming Its underneath I dont know why Its always overflowing Its a constant fight Deep inside And I wanna forget it I confess Im always afraid"
  • 4 Backwoods Confession
    "I think you know what I`m feeling But you cant change my mind I want to be like a free man Who wants to live without ties You see it is the truth You feel that I` m a foolish guy You know I`m not loving"
  • Ashengrace Confession
    "I'm breaking windows in the hollows of your eyes.. slip inside your well of souls to drift out with the tides. The writhing, breathing, ragged holes hang like children in my eyes and hold me down beneath"
  • Cold Confession
    "Everybody loves stars Everyone fell Into her world she made here Where everybody rates love But I don't care Cause it's her world, she made me You think your half as good as me The only thing"

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