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Joss Stone Music

  • When Love Comes To Town (Feat. Jonny Lang & Joss Stone) - Herbie Hancock
    "I was a sailor, I was lost at sea I was under the waves Before love rescued me I was a fighter, I could turn on a thread Now I stand accused of the things I've said Love comes to town I'm gonna jump that"
  • Music - Joss Stone
    "(feat. Lauryn Hill) Nothing in this world got me like you do baby I'd give up my soul If I couldn't sing with you daily I'm not the only girl In love with you it's crazy I appreciate your groove Now"
  • Music (Outro) - Joss Stone
    "Has love intentionally showed me that He or she hides in a the melody We say it's hard to find, you know that love divine we're all talking about Well I been wasting all of my time Cause music is my Mr."
  • Music Outro - Joss Stone
    "Has love intentionally Showed me that he or she Hides in a melody We say it's hard to find You know that love divine That we're all talking about Well, I've been wasting all of my time 'Cause music's"
  • Music - James Taylor
    "Things may always stay the way they are, still my head looks for a change from time to time. I don't really mean to look that far- turn on the music, strike up the music, let the music change my mind. Now"
  • Picnic for two - Joss Stone
    "Darling, the sun is out We've been waiting for a long time now So let's not waste it And take it while we can Come on, let's drop out of town Pick up some Ray and a bottle of Brown We might just make So"
  • Free me - Joss Stone
    "Ain't i got you on my back foot And you know I got to feeling good Cause there's something deep inside of me I got to be And if you find it hard to follow me If I loose you in my creative stream Than you"
  • Stone Jesus - Buzz Poets
    "In my head I heard a sound Stone-face Jesus looking down Caught my eye so I turned around Stone-faced Jesus looking down And I understood Yes I Felt the rain from the sky Stone-faced Jesus starts to cry 'Cause"
  • Stone Blue - Foghat
    "Peverett - Riff Bros. Music - ASCAP Wind tearin' through the backstreet, I hear the rhythm of my heart beat, Rain blowin' to my face, I'm tired of being in the wrong place. Blues knockin' on my back"
  • Stone Cold - The Deuce Project
    "Nervously you lit your cigarette hey beautiful why did you start again you interrupt me with "how are you doing?" well i love my life and the music that i'm grooving you pause and slowly hang your head i"
  • Stone Love - Pepper
    "Stone love with the number one sound A 44 in the background A platinum selector of the time Don't watch my size in this hall While my backs against the wall Take a ride, competition take a ride Pull"
  • Hearts Of Stone - Elvis Presley
    "(words & music by Ray/Jackson) Hearts made of stone will never brake 'Cause your love is never there, they just don't care You can ask and plea, please, please, please work And all your love is there to"
  • Heart Of Stone - Eurythmics
    "I bought your record in NYC Discorama down on union square I must have played it a million times over I'd close my eyes imagine you were there You know I really dig the clothes you wear I only wish you"
  • Heart Of Stone - Dave Stewart
    "I bought your record in NYC Discorama down on Union Square I must have played it a million times over I'd close my eyes imagine you were there you know I really dig the clothes you wear I only wish you"
  • Made of Stone - Vanessa Petruo
    "Ive been the one who told you That I was made of stone And I dont know why I fell in love with you too The day you were gone I played a little girl consequently unsure Ive been the one who told you I was"
  • Makin' Music - Diamond Head
    "One new heart, looking to learn it all from Rock n Roll, so beat your drum from the start, it was clear we had a lot to learn our souls to be won. have we the faith for you for good and bad we're due. Makin"
  • Heart Of Stone - Chamber - L'Orchestre De Chambre Noir
    "Where's all the love gone my heart's like a stone there's no fear, there's no fire a life without desire My mind works cold and clear my heart shrouded in stony fear for it'll never break again and nothing"
  • Stone Soul Picnic - Swing Out Sisters
    "Can you surry, can you picnic Can you surry, can you picnic c'mon c'mon and Surrey down to a stoned soul picnic Surrey down to a stoned soul picnic There'll be lots of time and wine Red yellow honey sassafrass"
  • Hate Music - Owl John
    "What's following me far too close to be seen? My cutthroat friend, my kneejerk enemy? Did you see my stone broke like a devotional tome? Hushed and heavy as hell, it strikes a biblical toll Please stop"
  • Gutta Music - Jedi Mind Tricks
    "Yeah, ah, it feels so good to be up in here, man Yeah, JMT, Reef the Lost Cauze, Chief Kamach' Shit got to change, baby Yo, they put white picket fences on all black houses Cauze Kilimanjaro, you Brokeback"

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