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Journey Spaceman

  • Spaceman - Journey
    "(Dunbar/Rolie) Don't be so wise, I was born to fly Not without a place in the wind Walked off a cliff, then I closed my eyes Ooh, I'm not a spaceman, no, no Ooh, I'm not a spaceman Don't need no feathers,"
  • Spaceman - Bambee
    "Bambee Miscellaneous Spaceman Dam dam di da di da di, dam di da di da di Dam dam di da di da di Dam dam di da di da di, dam di da di da di Dam dam di da di da di Spaceman spaceman take me away And let's"
  • Spaceman - Babylon Zoo
    "Spaceman I always wanted you to go Into space man (intergalactic Christ) Spaceman I always wanted you to go Into space man (intergalactic Christ) Pungent smells they consummate my home Beyond the black"
  • Spaceman - Nick Jonas
    "Houston think we got some problems Find somebody who can solve ‘em I feel like a spaceman I feel like a spaceman TV tells me what to thinlk Bad news maybe i should drink Cause i feel liek a spaceman I"
  • Spaceman - Bif Naked
    "Spaceman oh spaceman! Come rescue me from this calling all aliens come rescue me! uhohhhhhhh uhohhhhhhh I see your face on television, Almost every day. In magazines and on the big screen, Close yet"
  • Spaceman - Verdena
    "Spaceman la fine qui e ti culler io temo di vincerti la vertigine in volo nessuno sapr mai che in questo cielo dovr concluderti nel blu io nel blu Spaceman tu giura qui che m'incontrerai e sarai simile"
  • Spaceman - Sinisstar
    "Taking me away Straight down Talking 'bout the way that you fucked me You thought I was sick Look out cause everything the same When I make a sound What do I gotta be To make it happen now Well you're"
  • Spaceman - Belly
    "I can see the heat pour off of me I can see it burns you too, brother I can see the strength you took from me I can see it zapped you too, brother But we're not angels We're not fools Danger, danger I"
  • Spaceman - Ferry Corsten
    "In Clouds floats an inner sea Eternity The Sky safety net for those who feel lost Belly of the Universe bears the Spaceman to the sea Universal sea Love is Gravity Water penetrates his soul never full Never empty,"
  • Spaceman - Phil Ochs
    "Way high, so high: Travelin' fast and free. Spaceman, look down: Tell me what you see. Can you see the hunger there Strike without a sound? Can you see the food you burn As you circle round? Way"
  • Spaceman - Kirwan Danny
    "Spaceman fly high See the sun go, wanna die Secret lovers Won't you take this heart of mine Through an open door See what love is for Believing In a little while In another smile I'm leaving Silent motion See"
  • Spaceman - Nuno Bettencourt
    "quick stop gotta purchase more supplies i'm looking to myself to vitalize i'm drinking only fossil fuel saturn daily paper gave it rave reviews countdown well i guess i gots to go countdown to the engines"
  • Spaceman - Cinema Bizarre
    "Spaceman I always wanted you to go into space man Pungent smells, they consummate my home Beyond the black horizon Trying to take control See my girl, she shivers in her bones The sun and zenith rising Trying"
  • Spaceman - Stir
    "If I can't save you, I'm sure no one will But I'll never hurt you if you play along Hand me the reigns and I'll steer us through the sunshine There's only one problem though I've never done this before Never"
  • Spaceman - Harry Nilsson
    "Bang, bang, shoot em' up, destiny Bang, bang, shoot em' up to the moon Bang, bang, shoot em' up one, two, three (One, two, three, four!) I wanted to be a spaceman That's what I wanted to be But now that"
  • Spaceman - Nilsson Harry
    "Written by: Harry Nilsson Vocals & Electric Piano: Harry Nilsson Drums: Richie Snare Bass: Klaus Voorman Acoustic Guitars: John Uribe, Cris Spedding, Peter Frampton Piano: Nicky Hopkins Percussion: Richard"
  • Spaceman - 4 Non Blondes
    "Starry night bring me down 'Till I realize the moon It seems so distant yet I felt it pass Right through so I see what I see A new world is over me So I'll reach up to the sky And pretend that I'm a Spaceman"
  • Spaceman - The Kovenant
    "Pungent smells they consummate my home Beyond the black horizon Trying to take control See my girl she shivers in her bones The sun and zenith rising Trying to take us all There's a fire between us So"
  • Spaceman - The Killers
    "It started with a low light Next thing I knew they ripped me from my bed And then they took my blood type They left a strange impression in my head You know that I was hoping That I could leave this star-crossed"
  • Spaceman - Chris De Burgh
    ""A Spaceman came traveling on a ship from a far" " 'Twas light-years of time since his mission did start" "And over a village he halted his craft" "And he hung in the sky like a star, Just like a star" "And"

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