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Joywave Tongues

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Joywave Tongues

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Joywave Tongues
  • Deathstars Tongues
    "No prayers can reach me here No light can touch Among reduced Bibles, cigarettes and drugs I carve your name in my flesh Listen, Listen Then come and take my hand Tongues, Tongues Speak the little girls"
  • Fish Tongues
    "(Dick/Simmonds/Usher/Boult) If you really knew how I felt, You wouldn't need to be here asking Those questions, Those irritating questions, moving in metaphors, Speaking in tongues. your gunboat diplomacy, You"
  • Dark Tranquillity Tongues
    "Tongues, lost in me yours be the sharp and the vile glide neath my skin storm through my nerves I bury the nomad years hours in the earth couldn't exorcise these searing, pecking tongues immune you say"
  • Pepper Tongues
    "Chop up your heart with my truthfull tongue. Don't touch me girl until the song is done, and when I leave you'll hear the song I've sung that is the way I'll have my fun....Sleepin creepin evidence your leavin"
  • Blue Rodeo Two Tongues
    "if you have the midas touch why does everything around here look like rust and if your house is in such perfect order why are your kids running around in rags from second hand counters yeah tell me why yeah"
  • Bonnie Owens Waggin' Tongues
    "I know I've been untrue but now I love just you If not sweetheart I'd still be there with him If the spark of doubt remains and their talk has been to flame I'll always be a sinner to them Waggin' tongues"
  • Only Living Witness Twitching Tongues
    "(Jenkins/Stevenson/Silverman) Responsibility vile for those who'll accept it Follow one, follow another, Tongue in wisdom A certain kind lives to be directed Will you be the one to clutch the jaws And"
  • Anchor & Braille Summer Tongues
    "Tear, Tear off your skin, What's there within. Life on wooden swings When all was young With summer tongues, I don't (couldn't figure this out?) Whose been before, (On weekends spent around? couldn't figure"
  • Adam Green Secret Tongues
    "there are men in shades, just standing around. these bleeding stars, the paradox. let the eyes of god be our guide to find a gentle path. there's a broken record playing a tune. to the floating waves"
  • Vic Chesnutt Soggy tongues
    "Narrowed eyes and soggy tonguesbeautiful rumors are flying about the ugly onesthe girl she is by the poolyellow journalists' jeweland all those wagging fingersare silly little stingersRabbits are cooking"
  • Trail Of Tears Poisonous Tongues
    "(Hansen, K.R. Hagen, Thorsen, Nordhus. Lyrics: Thorsen) Dive into my arms now that all is forgotten and walk with me hand in hand towards the end No reason to attempt once you've been kissed by poisonous"
  • Embodyment 20 Tongues
    "run your mouth brothers, sisters watch your back knives are coming down from the mouths of family put down, let down, let die through these lies broken i stand unreconciled submissive resistance amputation"
  • NonExist Delirious Tongues
    "headless deceiver, queen of all lies and you believed her, can't see it in her eyes realized that what you say just can't be true a hypocrite, a liar - yes, that is you into a web of mythologies writing"
  • Your Demise Burnt Tongues
    "Look me in the eyes, swallow your pride. Tell me what you think of me. Can't you see all I need is a breath of fresh air From the bullshit you keep feeding me I know I'm a suspect as much as a victim At"
  • Eagles Of Death Metal Speaking In Tongues
    "I said HO! I got this feeling and it's deep in my bah-tay (body) It gives me wiggles and it makes my rump shake I said HO! If I should touch you, might be e-lec-tro-cu-ted I said ho! Deep in your"
  • Toni Braxton Speaking In Tongues
    "I know that it's over but I still reminise 'Bout the very first time that I saw you And the first time that we kissed I still recall the days of good old love we made Without taking off our clothes you"
  • Cataract Tongues Spitting Hate
    "Tongues spitting hate - Words of lies, pull the strings around human neck Blades drowned in poison - in the black skies, resurrecting hope through wars and bloodshed The seed of damnation your highest"
  • Soulwax Hammer And Tongues
    "Like the hammer of a clickin' gun words soundin' funny coming out all wrong hang on sister we gotta lot to learn this compartement is self-contained still my mouth is runnin' dry again I agree to disagree"
  • And Oceans Of Devlish Tongues
    "Of Devlish Tongues Night swells to distant spheres Silent throat of unholy times The withering wind deep down here Flesh of the gods bleeding as light Here in the environs of heaven The am sun am outshined"
  • Chantal Kreviazuk Spoke In Tongues
    "I don't mean to get into your dreams But you seem to think it's alright to destroy You became such an opportunist Somewhat dim it's a bad combonation You can never erase That you were not popular"

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