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Ju ken keep so cloud

  • Cloud 9 - Olivia (US)
    "TITTLE: CLOUD NINE ARTIST: OLIVIA FEAT. 50 CENT {50 cent} its more mental then physical its more then sexin we gotta connection be my angel and ill be your protection if you grind when i grind when i"
  • Black cloud - Crazy Town
    "Now people say Im jinxed.I got some kind of voodoo hex.Life is so complex.Theres no telling what can happen next.Life on the edge,Fuels the sickness in my head.It imbeds the type of thoughts That got a"
  • Morphine Cloud - Draconian
    "One single night, one single day Before it all just sweeps away... With the paradise I do not know, Through the joy I never had I'm all alone on my isolated throne Why have you forsaken me? The days"
  • Little Black Cloud - Dean Friedman
    "by Dean Friedman I know a girl, her hair is brown. She wears her smile upside down There's a little black cloud hanging over her head No one can count the tears she's shed. There's a little black cloud"
  • Cloud By Day - Jason Upton
    "I know you walk on the water I know you ride on the wind I know you clothe yourself with light So why do I find it so hard to comprehend Directions to the other side A cloud by day a fire by night Ill"
  • The Darkest Cloud - Vakill
    "I pray to God for His blessing to consent slaughter Your seven ounces of brain holds 2 percent water Literately your dried idea belongs under your arm pits Full armed spit. My palms slick with (?) Vakill"
  • Ken About That - Werd N Deeko
    "Uh Werd n Deek Listen S.O.S. Yeah Werd n Deek Listen (listen) Spiting with raw power devour your whole rap catalog Peep how a murdered the track did it in camouflage Am able to handle bars when I ride"
  • Ken I Die - Blackmail
    "Converted to addiction So easy to complain I haggle to decipher it Consume what I have claimed Attending on a minute Transcend that I'm here Engage me with a purple mind and struggle for your fear In here I"
  • A Cloud Of Smoke - Anasarca
    "In the haze of darkness I remember it like yesterday Someone I once used to be And then it fades away I feel it around the corner A thought I never had I see it in the mirror And the reflections"
  • Cloud 9 - Puddle Of Mudd
    "I'm sitting waiting on cloud nine Sitting here waiting on cloud nine What do I have to do man Tell me what is going on Tell me what is going If I remain strong I'll go to heaven where I've been She"
  • This Cloud - Bush
    "Bush - Come Down love and hate get it wrong she cut me right back down to size sleep good day let it fade who was there to take your place no one knows never will mostly me but mostly you do you say do"
  • Black Cloud - Converge
    "thousand miles forgetting anything everything wheels racing black cloud gaining ground engine roars rain pours down the chase is on my black cloud gaining ground three years spent outrunning"
  • Glory Cloud - Laika
    "Set my heart strings strummin' Resonate in me Stars burst diamond sockets Sounding of the sea Songbird on my shoulder Peaceful when I sleep Be with me as I grow older Glory cloud we'll keep Be the light"
  • Cloud 9 - Toploader
    "Be nice to me Don't you understand when I get home I need to breathe Don't try to comfort me cos I'm not home Right now I can feel The heat within you fire breath so hold me down I'm not responsible"
  • Cloud Nine - Saxon
    "People say we're crazy but where's their sense of fun Take it to the limit, fly into the sun I'm doing fine Up on cloud nine Flying into battle, target on the ground Screaming out of nowhere, at twice"
  • Cloud Watching - Abby Dobson
    "Would you like to come cloud watching with me? We can while away the afternoon Just to step out of time is all we need Looking out for the other rule Cos theres no place Id rather be Theres no one"
  • Red Cloud - Angry Salad
    "Angry Salad Miscellaneous Red Cloud climbing up, on a hill that they knew well and on that hillside, like shadows they fell long before, the need for bow and shield when hope spread out like a Tennessee"
  • Little Cloud - The Incredible String Band
    "How sweet to be a cloud, floating in the blue. Lying awake, late the other night Heard above me a trembling, I looked up, it was a little cloud, From which a gold string was dangling; You know, I gave"
  • Ocean Cloud - Marillion
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) He's seen too much of life And there's no going back The loneliness calls him And the edge which must be sharpened He's losing it. And he knows. But there's"
  • Cloud Factory - Sonata Arctica
    "For every child there dawns the day, Wonder where they come Why is the sky so pink tonight? How fast do clouds fly by And so you come up with stories you tell, Eyes are open wide When you tell them about"

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