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Juan Magan- 2 fly

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Juan Magan- 2 fly

  • Don Juan - Skaner
    "1.Masz w sobie coś,taki mały sexapil. Co noc wkradasz się w moje sny, Nie moge już,wciąż o Tobie tylko śnić. Zrobię wszytsko by z Tobą być! To nie Don Juan To nie Don Juan W Twoim sercu dziś zostawił ten"
  • Juan Valdez, Love - Akinyele
    "Juan Valdez, Love (Akinyele) In the name of the Father the Son the Holy Spirit Amen I Dios Meo Send me a girl to love A girl to fuck A girl who love me for me Juan Valdez A latin queen where I can walk"
  • Afraid 2 fly - Ms.Dynamite
    "In my heart the sharpest pain,The darkest clouds up in my brain.Anger so immense and rage so deep,Each time he took one away from me.It's only now I see,They were angels too good to beHere in this hell"
  • Fly - Jason Upton
    "Going up to new atmospheres Going up to new places Going up to new atmospheres Gotta have new ears...new ears Heavenly places(Repeat 2) Heavenly, Heavenly places(Repeat 3) Heavenly, Heavenly places"
  • Fly - Lamar
    "Fly Fly (Come and fly with me) Fly Chorus: Fly, tryin reach a star, flying high and oh so far Fly, come and fly with me Oooh, fly with the fantasy to the land of extacy Fly away with me Rap 1: Hard times"
  • Fly - Madison Avenue
    "Verse 1: Chilling at the club on a friday night Hangin with my friends, feelin alright Dj's playin all my favorite tunes The dance floor's lookin' really good I'm gonna go and get my girls You know"
  • Fly - The Tragically Hip
    "seventy days to cross the ocean seventy nights where no one's gonna hear me fall Freddie Mercury, i've sometimes wished i'd never been born at all (that's right) i remain unphotographed, yeah i don't"
  • Juan - Coda 3
    "(Gonzalez, Coda3) Juan, dejó atrs Su espada y su dinero Juan, el quiere ms Q' ser solo el primero V por ah, sin preocupación Ni tiene casa, ni un coche sport Va, sin su Visa, sin MasterCard Todo lo que"
  • Fly - 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor
    "Come on lift your head high Reaching out for the sky Spread your wings out and fly right through the starry night You're unique, you're o.k. Never must be afraid Spread your wings out and fly right through"
  • Fly High - Shaggy Feat. Gary Nesta Pine
    "I wanna fly, with you babe and leave the world behind (Let them know now one time, Its Mr Lover! Baby girl so now take me to cloud nine) I wanna fly, so high, so high and leave the world behind (Straight"
  • Fly Away - Mburu Sheila
    "oohhh, fly, fly ,fly away fly away, fly away yeah yeah... Verse 1 u wake up in the morning hair messed up ure eyes r filled with tears u look around and see the same old thing you've been living through"
  • Fly Baby - Naturally7
    "We sent a demo to the world, they said it sounds like Take 6. I said 'hold on, wait a minute, I'll be back with the remix. Now dey looking at us funny, we can't make any money. It took us years to figure"
  • Fly Together - Trey Songz
    "(feat. Jim Jones) Maybe Its The Dude, Maybe Its The Cool Maybe Its My Shoes, Call Em 22's Baby Its Ya Phase, Baby Its Ya Face, Baby Its Ya Smile Make Me Wonder How You Taste, Maybe Cause The Thugs"
  • So Fly - Dougie D
    "I'm so fly, fly (so fly) Tipping on chrome, staying thoed I'm just so fly, fly I'm just a playa, that waaaay I'm so fly yeah I know, cause Dougie D from the gutter I'm real I'm a playa by nature, by"
  • Fly Away - Goapele
    "Chorus: For you I'd leave I'd fly away For you I'd leave I'd fly away Verse 1: Every night before I sleep I try to find you in my window But you're so very far away And though everyone can see"
  • Fly away - Taio Cruz
    "We could fly away,ay ay ay ay(2 x)Somewhere far,someplace where no one else can goSomeplace where only you might know how to get thereSomeplace where only doves have seen the skiesSomeplace where only"
  • So Fly - Paul Wall
    "(feat. Lil Keke, Archie Lee, Miss Crystal) Thats what it is... yeah. Love at first sight. Young Dun, P Wall. It is what it is. Hey, check it, check it, heyyy. She had big bubble eyes and skin like peanut"
  • So Fly - Lil Romeo
    "(feat. Intyana) (Chorus - Intyana) Boy you soo fly, Boy you soo fly, I'm gon' make you mine. Boy you soo fly, Boy you soo fly, I'm gon' make you mine. (Verse 1 - Lil' Romeo) Now, me and my pop we in"
  • So Fly - Slim
    "I'm so fly, so fly, so high, so high, so fly, so fly, so high. Verse 1: Just stepped out,fresh out the shower. Gotta stay fresh, take about an hour. Gotta get dressed, your boy's so clean. Both of 'em'"
  • Fly Away - Big D And The Kids Table
    "Ditched out on a party when you were in a sick state Always selling out for loose busted jail bait Jetted on the bill, man he's such a cheapskate The quality of your friends is something you should contemplate Woah-oh-oh Yeah-ea-ea-yeah Kid,"

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