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  • Nick Mackenzie Juanita
    "Einsam ohne Dich ohne Sonnenschein der Tag ist grau die Nacht ist kalt, der Winter lang und ich mu alleine sein. Oh, warum bist Du so weit weg und Dein Herz gehrt mir, doch wir werden uns wiederseh'n und"
  • Jack Ingram Juanita
    "Juanita (Jack Ingram/Tom Littlefield) I know that youll see her before I do Cause she told me I never would again But Ive got to get a message to her somehow So Im asking you this favor as a friend If"
  • Iron Maiden Juanita
    "(S.Barnacle/D.O'Neil) Yeah it cost me a bundle Trying to track you down It's true Yeah and it's the truth I'm looking from town to town for you You know you never offered much security Do you know I'm"
  • Afzelius Juanita
    "Juanita, hon var vacker som en gryning, nr dom mttes i Madrid fr lngesen. Och han var ung, han var en av mnga hundra, som rest ner fr att slss fr friheten. Och Juanita, hon var med dom vid fronten,"
  • Charlie Daniels Band Juanita
    "At a quarter half to four You came sneaking through the door Ain't no time for a married woman to get home In your suede cotton dress With your lipstick all the mess You keep tellin' me, you ain't done"
  • Shania Twain Juanita
    "Juanita She is the restless river running through my veins She rides without the reins-- her name's Juanita She lives in the heart of every woman in the world Within the reach of every girl who wants to"
  • Gram Parsons Juanita
    "No affection were the words That stuck on my mind When she walked out on me For the very last time Oh, mama, sweet mama Can you tell me what to say I don't know what i've done To be treated this way In"
  • Emmylou Harris Juanita
    "(Gram Parsons / Chris Hillman) No affection were the words that stuck on my mind When she walked out on me for the very last time Oh mamma sweet mamma can you tell me what to say I don't know what I've"
  • Underworld Juanita
    "Your rails Your thin Your thin paper wings Your thin paper wings In the winddangling Your sun Fly high Your window shattering Your rails Your thin Your thin paper wings Sugar boy Sugar boy Riding in Riding"
  • Jim Reeves My Juanita
    "Nita Juanita, Ask thy soul if we should part Nita Juanita, Lean thou on my heart. Soft o'er the fountain Ring falls the southern moon Far o'er the mountain Breaks the day too soon. In thy dark eyes'"
  • Henri Salvador Juanita Banana
    "Dans un village de La HavaneVivait la jolie JuanitaComme son pre plantait des bananesOn l'appelait Juanita BananaElle avait une voix magnifiqueEt rvait de chanter l'opraMais son pre qui n'pigeait rien"
  • Dschinghis Khan Juanita Elena
    "Sie zogen durch das wilde Kurdistan, Zwei, die dem Tod schon oft ins Auge sah'n. Sie ritten Seite an Seite, waren Freunde fr's Leben. Hadschi hie der kleine Mann. Sein Herr war Kara Ben Nemsi. Sein Turban,"
  • Joan Sebastian Juanita Flor De Walamo
    "Juanita flor de walamo juanita prieta querida tu no me crees cuando digo que te amo y que eres mi consentida. Nomas pensando en tus besos chaparrita me desvelo creo que ya hicieron efecto mis rezos eres"
  • Khoiba Terribly (Remix By Juanita Juarez)
    "it's terrific how the day after day hurts 'cause someday i'll believe you one day i could breath it's terrific how the day after day hurts 'cause someday i'll believe you once more it's terrific hate"
  • Underworld Juanita : Kiteless : To Dream Of Love
    "your rails your thin your thin paper wings your thin paper wings in the wind, dangling your sun, fly your window, shattering your rails your thin paper wings your thin sugarbox - sugarboy riding"
  • Juanita Bynum Take Me In
    "Take me past the outercourts Into the holy place Past the praise and alter Lord I long to see your face Take me past the crowds of people And the priest who sing their praise I hunger and thirst for your"
  • Juanita Dailey Inside My Love
    "I had a dream last night, you see I dream that you were here with me I cry cause you're not really here And every moment, everyday I think of you in a special way Oh baby please come back to me Inside"
  • Freddy Quinn Die Gitarre Und Das Meer
    "Juanita Anita, Juanita Anita ... Jimmy Brown, das war ein Seemann, und das Herz war ihm so schwer. Doch es blieben ihm zwei Freunde, die Gitarre und das Meer. Jimmy wollt ein Mdchen lieben, doch ein"
  • Half Japanese Red Dress
    "Put on your red dress and we'll walk in the night. Put on your red dress. Put on your red dress. What a lovely, lovely night. Put on your red dress. Oh, Juanita, my sweet Juanita. Oh, Juanita, my sweet"
  • Kevin Ayers Fake Mexican Tourist Blues
    "Hey, mister, would you like my sister Her name is Juanita, I think. you'd like to meet her. She's a little bit risky, Drinking always whiskey. But she's really a tiger Take you right inside her. Hey,"

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