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Judy Boucher Lovely Paradis

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Judy Boucher Lovely Paradis

  • Paradis - Axelle Red
    "si tu me surprends tant ailleurs ce n'est pas que le monde rel me fait peur mais juste le temps d'une journe je fais foltrer mes penses je ferme les yeux je rve un peu dj les anges m'appellent j'ai"
  • Paradis - Alain Chamfort
    "rendez-vous au Paradis si l'ide a son charme quoi pense-t'elle quand elle me dit d'venir avec mon arme rendez-vous au Paradis attention c'est un pige les anges ne sortent pas le sam'di soir en ensemble"
  • Paradis - Tvxq
    "gorukhan unmyongchorom gobugam obshi ikullyo sarange pajin hubuto gonggiga waenji malgajigo mulmatdo jongmal darayo midul su omnun gijokdul jaku nunul bibimyo kum a nilka hwaginhae (bolso myot dari jinannunde) nanun"
  • Jewel eyed Judy - Fleetwood Mac
    "Moonshine time Thoughts of you Spinning round As thoughts do I just wondered if Your eyes still shine As they did When you were mine I can see In a dream Thougts so clear And jewels that gleam Would your"
  • Judy, Judy, Judy - Johnny Tillotson
    "Judy's got the lips I love to kiss And when she walks she's got the cutest twist She's grown up before my eyes and all at once I realize Judy, Judy, Judy I love you Judy's got the hands I love to touch The"
  • Judy - Al Green
    "I never thought dreams could happen, Until one came true for me. Since I met Judy, Since I met Judy, My life has been one sweet melody. Yeah! Yeah! I never thought I could welcome.... Two other hearts"
  • Judy - Damien Davis
    "Judy Judy left about an hour ago, she never said two words to me, she just up and vanished like a flower, Oh Judy Oh Judy, Judy left an hour ago she's never coming back she's taken my soul. Judith's like"
  • Judy - Golden Earring
    "Someone needs someone And the game is called love Hear me, I'm losing my mind Judy, oh Judy, I love you Come give me a sign Money is something That can buy me much Much but not what I need Seeing that"
  • Judy - Elvis Presley
    "They say you found somebody new Whose love will always be true I don't know what it is to be alone That's why I dread to know you're gone Oh judy, don't let our sweet love Wither and die like flowers"
  • Judy - Headstones
    "J-Jude Judy she hates her parents J-Jude Judy's all alone in her world A little destructive A little abusive J-Jude Judy turn down your radio And it goes J-Jude Judy she's got a problem Sometimes Judy"
  • Judy - Frankie Vaughan
    "If her voice can bring, Every hope of Spring, That's Judy, My Judy, If her eyes say "yes", But you're wrong in your guess, That's Judy, My Judy. If you hear her call, In a soft,"
  • Judy - The Busters
    "Judy, nobody thrilled me the way like you did Judy, now my life?s so sad and grey Judy, you cast a spell on me and you knew it You did, the most wonderful things In your own special way Walking down the"
  • Judy - Dr. Hook
    "(Shel Silverstein) The waitress with the orange hair keeps motionin' me to hurry up and leave So I gulp my coffee - burn my mouth - grab up my coat and slippin' out I smear a streak of mustard down my"
  • Judy - The Corrs
    "Judy has her own desire She wants to step into your fire She wants you tangled in her web She wants the flame never to tire She's wanting She's tripping And she's falling... Can you catch her... Now she's"
  • Judy - Pipettes
    "Genre/Lang. : Pop I knew a girl and her name was Judy She used to do things I thought were rude But I never said anything to her face, 'Cuz my friends I thought she'd kick my arse all over the place."
  • Judy - The Pipettes
    "I knew a girl and her name was Judy She used to do things I thought were rude But I never said anything to her face, 'Cuz my friends I thought she'd kick my arse all over the place. Used to think she was"
  • Judy - Marty Robbins
    "You came down out of Heaven to make me happy, dear To smile away my sorrows and kiss away my tears Seems that I have loved you though we've never meet before But now you're in my heart, love, to stay for"
  • Judy - Hurriganes
    "You keep on knocking but you cant come in You keep on knocking but you cant come in You keep on knocking but you cant come in Come back tomorrow and try again You say you love me but you cant come in You"
  • Au Paradis - Gérald de Palmas
    "Comment peux tu vivre avec ce type Comment fais tu pour couter Le monceau de btises qu'il dbite Sans arrt longueur de journe Tu as gagn ta place au paradis Et si un ange passe, pars avec lui Tu as gagn"
  • Les Paradis - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion D'Elles Les Paradis Sur mes yeux les sables d'argent Prs de moi quelqu'un qui te ressemble tant Comme un voyage au cur de soi La nuit des liges se ferme sur moi Les paradis sont pleins de toi"

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