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Juke Ross - Fresh Roses

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Juke Ross - Fresh Roses

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Juke Ross - Fresh Roses
  • Soundgarden Fresh Deadly Roses
    "Id cry enough rain To wash your garden away But Im dry as stone So your trees wash away like veins But Ive been know to Take a blow, and I know How fair your garden grows With, fresh deadly roses Fresh"
  • Pat Benatar Papa's Roses
    "I picked a rose this morning And it was so fresh, it looked like it was crying I thought how sad to be so beautiful Only to wither and die Like Papa's Roses soft and pale Like petals thrown in the dirt Only"
  • Laleh Roses
    "I will listen in stereo Im here Im here it was longtime ago someone whispered in my ears and Sevy says she knows me I wont stay I wont stay and she might know me well but not today, I hope and this time"
  • Reba McEntire Roses
    "(Melba Montgomery/Leslie Satcher) A soft summer evening, another time, another place He brought her red roses on their very first date She got carried away by the things that he said Time would erase"
  • dEUS Roses
    "Rose said quote: "it's time to make a mess" Time won't be soon mine in time I guess She's painting on my back a beautiful flowerpot And she treats me she treats me she treats me like her local god Rose"
  • Tyrese Roses
    "It's been a miracle for what you've done please stay right by my side two can be one the righteous way to go anyone would know I believe I thought I told you so You're second to none The question is what"
  • Shawn Mendes Roses
    "It's not that I'm afraid I'm not enough for her It's not that I can't find the words to say But when she's with him, she seems happier And I don't want to take that away How many times can I see your"
  • Nana Mouskouri Rose parmi les roses
    "Elle s'apple Rose Elle est en robe rose Elle cueille des roses Rose parmi les roses Roses de septembre Pour fleurir sa chambre Roses couleur d'ambre Roses rouges pour sa chambre Tu ne sais donc pas Tu"
  • Michal Rose
    "The aftertaste was one long longing My whole being begging for one My afterlife will be a song With otherworldly inspiration She calls me on Rose has died and now morose Let it happen comatose"
  • Maximilian Hecker Rose
    "My life is swinging My life is endless It is endlessly falling down from heaven And you will be washed to my shore So light, so bright Your face is shining above me Heavy rainfalls and fragile guidance"
  • Vanessa Williams Rosie
    "From Bye Bye Birdie soundtrack JA: I was never crazy for flowers I confess that nothing left me colder. I could watch a daisy for hours and all i'd feel was several hours older. Lilacs or lilies, anything"
  • Fatty Koo Juke Joint
    "(Valure) Somebody put the juke jonit on, listen to the words of the song, let me prove what i say is true, that i'm realy really feelin you (verse #1:) (Eddie) hey, hey, hey shorty why u here standing"
  • Remy Ma Fresh
    "F-R-E-S-H Fresh, fresh, fresh Yes i'm fresh Hair check (uh-huh) Gear check (uh-huh) Lip-gloss check (yes) Bag check (got it) Jewels check (always) Whip check (o.k.) I'm fresh, fresh, fresh I'm fresh,"
  • Liberty X Fresh
    "F R E S H (Fresh) F R E S H She's fresh, fresh F R E S H Conversation is going 'round People talkin' 'bout the girl who's come to town Lovely lady Pretty as can be No one knows her name She's just a"
  • Ambush Fresh
    "Conversation is going round People talking 'bout the girl who's come to town Lovely lady (Lady) pretty as can be No one knows her name she's just a mystery I have seen her maybe once or twice One think"
  • Bernard Lavilliers Juke-box
    "J'crivais des chansons sur le coin d'un juke-boxTirant sur un gazon qu'avait rien d'orthodoxeJe balanais mes mots de cuir et de charbonVivant fleur de peau dans mes contradictionsTous les bourgeois frileux"
  • Kool And The Gang Fresh
    "Conversation is going 'round People talking 'bout the girl who's come to town Lovely lady pretty as can be No one knows her name she's just a mystery I have seen her maybe once or twice One thing I can"
  • Lemar Fresh
    "I don't need to fuss I don't need to fight I wanna party Coz I'm feeling alright tonight Classy but simple Sneakers so clean When I step in the venue I know they know me I'm so cool, I'm so fly I'm"
  • RMXCRW Fresh
    "Conversation, is going round People talking 'bout the girls Come to town Lovely ladies (ladies) Pretty asking me No one knows her name She's just a mystery I have seen her Maybe once or twice One thing"
  • Room 2012 Fresh
    "U know what I shizz heard I heard they gotv that new fresh thing goin on U like looking so fresh Shorty got me digging them brown boots (owh) U gotta booty like beyonce All them other girls they be"

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