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Julia Roberts and Andy Garcia

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Julia Roberts and Andy Garcia

  • Julia Roberts - Amy Jo Johnson
    "I wanna be Julia Roberts in the movies I wanna make you laugh Make you cry Make you wanna be me And I want to steal All of her beautiful appeal And wrap it up So nobody else can see That's the truth Them"
  • Roberto - Abby Travis
    "Roberto How I love to watch you climb Up and down that ladder Every single time I look for you And when you're there I miss my cues Because I stare Your eyes: Maldevian atolls Are magic to behold Roberto Master"
  • Kill Jerry Garcia - Everclear
    "I'm not gonna choke on your hard sell media dope I'm not going out like that I don't want to hear about the summer of love I'm not going back in time I don't want to even let love rule I want to break"
  • Kill Jerry Garcia - Colorfinger
    "I'm not gonna choke on your hard sell media dope Yeah, I'm not going out like that I don't want to hear about the summer of love I'm not going back in time I don't even want to let love rule, I want"
  • Julia - Chocolate Genius
    "A half of what I say is meaningless But I say it just to reach you Julia, Julia Ocean child calls me So I sing a song of love Julia When I cannot sing my heart I can only speak my mind Julia Sleeping sand,"
  • Julia - Chris Rea
    "Eyes so bright, so big and wide Make you feel so strange Somewhere deep inside It's the face of an angel Soul of the devil may care How I'd love to know What goes on in there She needs your love She"
  • Julia - Noe Venable
    "Tell you who i miss the most Dressed in see-through like a ghost Julia julia She pulled me in and she locked the door Gave me wine and gave me more Julia julia If you need a place to go You can always"
  • Julia - Fefe Dobson
    "Tell me this is not the end Julia You, my love, my oldest friend Julia I see you with flowers in your hair Julia Running around without a care Your days were numbered Yeah And I want you to know You're"
  • Julia - Clifford T. Ward
    "Ah now please Julia don't try To get confident and star Leave it like it is You're lovely as you are The only girl who can attract me an' engage The one that I believe I know you have no desire to upstage A"
  • Julia - Horrorpops
    "he's the one that always stands with a smile She's pure and right and Bathed in some kind of light She's sicker than hell, but always feeling fine The whole thing just makes me wanna cry Hey hey Julia"
  • Julia - King's X
    "Monster's gone away Rocket ships delay Guess they're all afraid Heard it's gonna rain Julia... You don't have to cry I'll do what you want me to... Your superman Forward never straight Concentrate...relate"
  • Julia - Eurythmics
    "When the leaves Turn from green to brown And autumn shades Come tumbling down To leave a carpet on the ground Where we have laid When winter leaves her branches bare And icy breezes chill the air The"
  • Julia - West Avenue
    "Everybody knows her name But they don’t know how I can do I see her every single day Always running … for school Light me strikes every time we meet She plus me is perfect chemistry This must be something"
  • Julia - House Of Heroes
    "julia freedom comes and it waits for no one julia for this night you were born live your life inside you your deepest passions move they tell you "all the time you walked you walked away the truth was"
  • Julia - Emm Gryner
    "Tattooed and wide-eyed Eastern standard time Car smoke and people Filling in outside Sent satie to the love police Below the 45th 'One more date' the writer wrote Go on and live with it Julia, leave"
  • Julia - Our Lady Peace
    "Can you see her standing there, Well shes trying to find just anywhere. Flowers in her hand, yes She doesn't know why. Offered is advice to you, And all you do was fake it. And she's only yours tonight, Oh"
  • Julia - Silver Sun
    "Two foot tall and mad as hell I make you a good one no? Pick up the knife and spoon I have an amazing prowess in June Structured up and evil too I got my evil eye on you Down at the harbour pool they speak"
  • Julia - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "Well you looked so at peace Trying to find real love You hair was like a fire Such a pretty woman You were hiding out in the open Searching so hard For a kiss that lasts forever There on the boulevard Do"
  • Julia (Not Julia) - Nields
    "Julia makes up lies for children; she only wants to be their friend. Julia turns her mirrors to the wall; she only wants to begin again. And Julia, do you have a friend who can wash away your sins? And"
  • Julie - Cher
    "Cheap lips lie into hungry ears Well backsliding Julie borned in the air Riding away on the horses That run through my life You think I'm tough Just watching your game But Julie you're messing With a naked"

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