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  • Julie - Daniel
    "She came to me with the summer whispering gently hello'. She looked like she was a star fallen down from the sky. I can remember her kisses we didn't say a word. Time was so precious to me and to my Julie. Julie Julie my"
  • Julie - Cher
    "Cheap lips lie into hungry ears Well backsliding Julie borned in the air Riding away on the horses That run through my life You think I'm tough Just watching your game But Julie you're messing With a naked"
  • Julie - Porter Wagoner
    "When I married Julie she was just seventeen pretty as the answer to any man's dream From the start I gave Julie all the love that I had But everyone told me that Julie was bad For Julie liked parties and"
  • Julie, Julie - Joe Dassin
    "Quand le vent du Nord vient balayer le pont Oh Julie, Julie, Julie, Quand la vie bord ressemble la prison Oh Julie, Julie, Julie, et te voir sur le quai le matin du dpart Oh Julie, Julie, Julie, Ton"
  • Julie - Damian Marley "Jr. Gong"
    "Julie, you are the one Truly, the only one I love the best Julie, why did you break my heart? Well I saw you in the morning Julie baby Why did we break apart I came back in the evening Julie baby To see"
  • Julie - Waylon Jennings
    "(Waylon Jennings) When I married Julie She was just seventeen Pretty as the answer To any man's dream. --- Instrumental --- From the start I gave Julie All the love that I've had Though everyone told"
  • Julie - Jens Lekman
    "Oh Julie, meet me by the wending machine. Oh Julie, I'm gonna buy you a wedding ring. Eating French fries by the dock of the bay. Lots of ketchup and mayonnaise. You said this town is too big for our hearts. You"
  • Julie - Herbert Gr
    "Es war ein heier Tag sie stand allein am Strand und hat gelacht bei jeder Welle die im Sand verlief Sie hat mich angeschaut ein Blick der mich durchdrang die Sonne wurde pltzlich heller als sie meinen"
  • Julie - Bainbridge Merril
    "Bainbridge Merril The Garden Julie She stops for coffee every morning Grabs the paper while she's yawning Wishing she was still in bed And though her cup is always full The 8am express is leaving her without A"
  • Julie - Ali G
    "Lets talk about Julie right now yu hear mi You got your Julie, I got my Julie, anybody else who no have dem Julie dem need fi get one Yo slammin and banging ya dig dat. A to the L to the I to the Gizzy,"
  • Julie - Shaggy
    "A to the L to the I to the G-sy J to the U to the L I easy S to the H to the A double-G-sy Y Oh, rude boys getting busy (x2) Ragamuffin to your love and affection Mr Lover will be your protection Sticking"
  • Julie - We Shot The Moon
    "Julie come back to me Julie come back to me Because, I could be I could be, I could be I could be your dream. Caught in the pouring rain A smile in your picture frame Because I could be I could be, I"
  • Julie - Merril Bainbridge
    "She stops for coffee every morning Grabs the paper while she's yawning Wishing she was still in bed And though her cup is always full The 8am express is leaving her without A choice to stay But where does"
  • Julie! Julie! - Lucky Dube
    "Julie! Julie! I heard of this guy He lives up on the mountain they say he mixes herbs throws the bones, tells the future I'm on my way right now I wanna know about my future with a girl named Julie Chorus Julie"
  • Julie - Hot Water Music
    "Julie, your make up has run streaks Down your face from the tears. Where is the comfort of the loved ones You once held so dear? Always the soul who the friend could confide in, You listened with sorrow,"
  • Julie - Steel Velvet
    "Czy uwierzysz ,że ja nadal Myśle tylko o Tobie Ciekawe czy wiesz jaki Zostawiłaś mi ból?! Nie potrafię znaleźć tu słów Ich moc wygasła razem z Tobą (w ciemności wołam Cię...) Tamtych chwil już nie wróci"
  • Julie - Pete Francis
    "i've been dreaming of wearing my red crown strutting all over this town maybe my eyes been telling me lies but mama these diamonds shine so bright it's a long way from here fear never seemed so clear julie"
  • Julie - Mouloudji
    "N'allez pas Julie, vous rouler dans l'herbe Quand Monsieur l'abb djeune au chteau N'allez pas non plus jouer aux proverbes Avec les bergers aux tendres fltiaux. Et je vous dfends, vilaine petite, Nue dans"
  • Julie - Aloud
    "Step outside And smoke your cigarette You're so mature You never seem to fret Those eyes Abandon all contact Your painted lips Add color to the facts But oh, Julie then you'll see When you run back to"
  • Julie - Ian Thomas
    "Julie it's night and you needn't be frightenedThe world could get lost in your sorrowTurn out the light you know you shouldn't try to fight itThere's got to be sunshine tomorrowChorusEverything I try to"

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