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Jumpsuit Apparatus -

  • Jumpsuit - TWENTY ONE PILOTS
    "i can’t believe how much i hate pressures of a new place roll y way Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me i crumble underneath the weight pressures of a new place roll y way Jumpsuit,"
  • Jumpsuit City - Fish
    "All the way from Bucharest your skin crawled on the way to Hollywood Through a whole in the wall You saw the free world trading in bones There's a guardian angel at the window Staring at the corner She's"
  • Luscious Apparatus - Recoil
    "LUSCIOUS APPARATUS (Wilder / Estep) Carla was on her break from the graveyard shift at the mayonnaise factory She sat at a teetering picnic table, there was a toxic orange moon and it was slightly cold Carla"
  • Golgi apparatus - Phish
    "I look into the finance boxJust to check my statusI look into the microscopeSee golgi apparatusGolgi, oh, woe is meYou cant even see the seaGolgi, olgi, oh ooo olgiGolgiGolgiThey call him lysasomeCause"
  • The Cleansing Apparatus - A Different Breed Of Killer
    "Legend will tell of a machine who lives to destroy the world of man, with virtue as his cause. Inside is nothing. A barren wasteland. Inside is nothing, but a heart of blackened oil and a self-righteous"
  • This apparatus must be unearthed - The Mars Volta
    "I've been waiting for so long For someone to Mend all the blame Ive been searching for so long For something to anonymous avenge my name anonymous avenge my name you came here on time I just hope that"
  • Let you - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "Hey you Look what you do to me You bend and you bruise me While you try to control me But you don't own me How come you just wanna hurt me How come you just wanna push me I can't ignore you anymore Cause"
  • Represent - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "A kid came up to me now just the other day And asked me if I thought about what I would say If everything came crashing down on top of me How would I stay torn? Will you represent? Will you stand close? Will"
  • Ass Shaker - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "I remember a year ago I was standing in the crowd waiting for my chance to break through, my chance to live again. Now it seems I've found some friends who finally understand what it takes to make"
  • Home Improvement - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "A silhouette waits outside my window I jump up and I shout to see if your there There's nothing but cold sharp air. I wake up, another day without you Take a breath from cigarettes I got time to"
  • Love Seat - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "My love's like an arm chair it's inclined to recline and sweep you off of your feet. My structure is perfect there's no flaw in design a decent buy for you there's no rest for a luxury there's no"
  • Cat And Mouse - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "Softly we tremble tonight, picture perfect fading smiles are all that's left in sight, I said I'd never leave you'll never change I'm not satisfied with where I'm at in life. Am I supposed to be happy?"
  • Justify - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "Once there was a time when we could learn all the simple pleasantries a follower should yearn now all that I can do is watch them burn and wish that I could save them all, or just one See the Fake, everyday"
  • Face Down - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "Hey girl you know you drive me crazy One look puts the rhythm in my hand Still I'll never understand why you hang around I see what's going down Cover up with makeup in the mirror Tell yourself it's never"
  • Getting By - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "We're caught in a cross roads me and my friends just trying to figure out now what, to do with ourselves working my day job I feel I'm selling out steppin up to take my role as a consumer and nothing"
  • Kins And Carrol - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "I sit around and think about all the times we shared All the time I wonder what you dream about Where you go and have been All the time You broke my heart You broke my heart again And now I know If this"
  • Angels Cry - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "Well its hard to explain but Il'l try if you let me, Well its hard to sustain I'll cry if you let me. This doesn't change the way i feel about you or your place in my life. (please don't cry) Cant"
  • Twenty Hour Drive - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "Yeah! Now it's falling around you pickup the pieces you know they wont fit tear drops are falling down like rain ocean water around you I see it coming round again, I know now I realize that I'll be fine and"
  • Disconnected - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "You know that you are the center of my attention and you leave me no choice. Tripping on to the floor looking at my reflection as I follow the chord to your voice as it rings on through your voice"
  • The Acoustic Song - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "When I see your smile tears roll down my face I can't replace. And now that I'm strong I have figured out how this world turns cold and it breaks through my soul, and I know ill find deep inside"

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