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  • Junior - John Mellencamp
    "They call me Junior. I live here on the street. I earn two hundred dollars a week. I'd like to say "Hey, thanks a lot." I know I'm missin' something But I don't know what it is That I don't got. I sit"
  • Junior - Buck-O-Nine
    "junior's got the groove he don't need to go to school his musical insperation comes from his soul and all the other kids envy his ability to play if you can catch him live then this will make your"
  • Junior - Terrorvision
    "Junior was walking out with a friend, When he turned around and said "Stop me I might just do it again", Try stop me, try stop me, try stop me, try stop, I want to live my life not survive my existence"
  • Junior - Widespread Panic
    "Hold me tight, if you want me to Hold me darling, you want me to I love you child, I love you babe I love your mamma, your sister too I love your dog, I hope he love me too I love you child, I swear"
  • Junior - Natural Dread Killaz
    "Dzień po dniu betonowa dżungla wzywa szukając króla w słońcu ma lśnić jego grzywa, chyba jak na razie polowanie się zaczyna który to mysliwy, a który to zwierzyna wystawiasz swojego syna na pewną męke"
  • Junior Senior - Junior Senior
    "I can't stop, (can't stop) can't stop the beat I won't stop, (won't stop) won't stop the beat 'N' GO Everybody, move your feet, and feel united ohohoh Everybody, move your feet, and feel united ohohoh Yeah,"
    "(Urwis kochany jest moje dumę bez niego bym runął, MJR Junior Urwis kochany jest moje dumę bez niego bym runął, MJR Junior) wstaje rano,. 6 rano pije kawę Maks pije kakao oglądamy bajkę za bajk patrzę"
  • Charles Junior - Jorge Benjor
    "La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la Eu me chamo Charles Junior vai vai Eu tambm sou um anjo vai vai Mas eu no quero ser o primeiro vai vai Nem ser o melhor do que ningum vai"
  • Junior Suite - Vanessa Paradis
    "La mer, c'est la mme tout l'temps Avec le mme vent J'dis a, j'suis pas l'marin J'suis pas l'vent J'connais des poissons contents Ils ont l'air content Mais qu'est ce que j'pourrais bien Faire dedans Toutes"
  • Junior High - The Magnetic North
    "With times changin', people come and they go. Things will happen in life that'll get you low. And I know that this is all just a game. I try to be just the same and I see that ... I failed out of school"
  • Junior Cowboy - Cliff Richard
    "Looking down on a Junior Cowboy I see myself at the end of each day I'm feeling sad somehow My rumble tumble days are over now Took Loopy Loo to a paper hat party And fought the kid who tried to take"
  • Junior Mint - Heatmiser
    "junior mint draws the line shakes his stick overbites and proves he's got a critical mind born again cashing in must be deaf going blind but he's still got a critical mind you attack like a cop lay down"
  • Junior Panthers - Sloan
    "You touched my hand I'm not a fan You held a dance in your basement The mirror ball The horse's stall There was no arrangement You're so thin Where've you been I never got the chance to tell you"
  • Psycho junior - The Bates
    "I got mad I killed my dad I killed my mom I was their only son Now Im alone I aint got no home I aint got no one Because I killed my mom and Im PSYCHO really psycho I killed my mama ( I killed my mama)"
  • Go Junior, Go Senior - Junior Senior
    "Senior: Are you there, Junior? Junior: I am here, Senior! Both: Let's Go We wanna take you, to outer space We wanna shake you, the human race We wanna take you to the moon and back We wanna give you"
  • Junior Split Intro - Afterburn Inc
    "They call me junior Split Hear this shit that i writ I am a tru brit in an england town Southampton is where i'm found Hear my shit underground Even when that girl comes round Make her scream like a hurted"
  • Hymn Juniorów - Gang Słodziaków
    "idę z tobą tam gdzie ty Słodziak Junior lubi gry jest migaczy, kieszonkowy do fikania wciaż gotowy Słodziaków Juniorów jest z nami aż sześć, to Zajączek Zuzia, daj łapkę daj, daj część jest Pola Pszczółeczka"
  • Junior Saw It Happen - Steve Miller Band
    "(Jim Pulte) My sweet child was seen across town With some stranger man She had a smile on her face Looked out of place Suitcase was in her hand Junior saw it happen Why didn't I listen to you, hey Whoa,"
  • WorkOut (Junior Vasquez Ultimix) - RuPaul
    "writers: Eric Kupper/ Frankie Knuckles/ Robert Brown/ John Madden I don't need no man to make me understand What I'm livin' for is waiting on the dancefloor I don't know 'bout you, but I know what to"
  • Migracje (feat. Junior Stress) - Chonabibe
    "Każdego dnia obmyślam plan Wiem ze bez tego nie ma nas Wiem ze bez tego nie ma nas Zapach rozżarzonego asfaltu Po krótkim deszczu, który niedawno spadł tu I woń kwiatów, które rosną wbrew temu miastu Między"

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