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Just a Fool The Lotus Album Preview

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Just a Fool The Lotus Album Preview

  • Preview - Juelz Santana
    "- Intro C'mon, Yo Rell, we missed you while you was gone man But you came home just in time, its Dipset season again Its time to go off So Gangsta, So Thug Rap Game, Sewed Up Sold Guns, Sold Drugs (juelz)"
  • Preview - Diplomats
    "(Juelz Santana)- Intro C'mon, Yo Rell, we missed you while you was gone man But you came home just in time, its Dipset season again Its time to go off (Hell Rell) So Gangsta, So Thug Rap Game, Sewed Up Sold"
  • Lotus - Cage The Elephant
    "Woke before the morning sun, I found tucked beneath the hill. I sat and watched it rise, it hit the sky and burst to flames. The lotus flowers got me thinkin 'bout the way that we live. I got this feeling,"
  • Lotus - R.E.M.
    "Hey hey. Hey hey. I was hell. Sarcastic silver swell That day it rained Tough spun. Hard worn. No Ocean flower aquarium Badlands. Give a hand. Honey dipt. Flim flam Hey hey. Hey hey. That cat can walk"
  • Lotus - Tommy Bolin
    "Cool he dies on his own time, Roarin' I won't hear your thunder. Called each other Chinese names, If, oh, the book just has a number. There's a garden where the devil lurks, Such a strange life this. They"
  • Lotus - Crematory
    "Hey hey.I was hellsarcastic silver swell.that day it rainedtough spun. hard won. noocean flower aquariumbadlands. give a hand.honey dipt. flim flamhey hey. hey hey.that cat can walk like a big bad man.So"
  • Lotus - Al Jarreau
    "Without a whisper without a chore All without ambition that awaits 10,000's roar The perfect vision of less is more Awake in me lotus flower Without conditions without a door Me and my religion seekin'"
  • Saint Dominic's Preview - Van Morrison
    "Shammy cleaning all the windows, Singing songs about Edith Piaf's soul. And I hear blue strains of "no regredior" Across the street from Cathedral Notre Dame. Meanwhile back in San Francisco We're trying"
  • Lotus Eater - Foster The People
    "I can never be like you, I don't ever talk like that You smile with a sparkler drink and stumble in your lipstick mess Well, Hollywood philosophies, yeah, it's a tragedy But you keep hanging on with a"
  • Preview Of Tomorrow - Luckdown
    "time is running out, an interest deluded. my memory, it fades. a falling star, a falling light. i can see just for this time. it's all clear now. (you're gone) like a sequel you'll return, half as good"
  • Lotus Flower - Radiohead
    "I will sneak myself into your pocket Invisible, do what you want, do what you want I will sink and I will disappear I will slip into the groove and cut me up and cut me up There's an empty space inside"
  • Black Lotus - Kwan
    "It would have been easier and clever to just pass by but I had to try the taste, get a sample for the collection of mine It's luring me from my misery, making me strong in my dreams should not let"
  • Lotus Flower - Blackalicious
    "(feat. George Clinton) Be alive now Let me open the door Let the music captivate and make the voices still And See the light See the lotus flower Spinnin' around within Openin' up all new worlds to"
  • Lotus Eaters - Moloko
    "Spikey lady shiny queen don't you tell them what you've seen, Plastic people silicon never let them in your home, Don't become a middle man keep your mouth shut if you can, Don't you tell them what you"
  • Just Your Fool - The Rolling Stones
    ""Just Your Fool" to piosenka The Rolling Stones, która pilotuje ich album planowany na 2 GRUDNIA 2016. Tytuł płyty to "Blue & Lonesome". I'm just your fool, can't help myself I love you baby, and no"
  • New York City Preview - Paul Van Dyk
    "I watch the sky turn black to blush Head still spinning from the rush Of all the things I did the night before And looking down from my hotel These dawn-lit streets begin to fill With memories of you"
  • (Preview) Streets On Lock - Young Jeezy
    "verse 1 these niggas jus hatin they aint talkin bout shyt(shyt) ima grown azz man I flip my own bricks(eyy) I dont need yo help I can own my own dick(haha) aint no muthaf**ka help me write my rhymes(nope) aint"
  • Just A Fool - Jasmine Trias
    "Lalalalala... I'm just a fool in love with you When I first fell in love He was 10 plus 8 But stood me up on our very first date Now here I sit No change for the phone I'm looking my best, but I'm here"
  • Labyrinth (Lotus Version) - Elisa
    "Just like a spy through smoke and lights I escaped through the backdoor of the world I saw things getting smaller fear as well as temptations now everything is reflection as I make my way through this"
  • Just Me Album - Bonnie Bianco
    "Just me Miss you so I look across the water a picture comes to mind of days when we were wiser now washed up with the tide Now I miss you so (I miss you so) whoa - now I miss you so I feel the wind"

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