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Just forever susan

  • Susan - Head East
    "You hit me just like a cool breeze Many have said what you say But you said it to me with such ease I'm not sayin' I don't believe you, no I'm just sayin' I don't know you, Susan Susan, we'll have time"
  • Susan - Aimee Mann
    "SUSAN by Aimee Mann Oh Susan, you were clued-in, you knew just how this thing would go. A prognosis that was hopeless from the very first domino. I guess I see it all in hindsight. I tried to keep perspective"
  • Susan - Subhumans
    "Susan finished school at 16 Wants to be a secretary 2 years later she's got nowhere Ends up in a factory Making matches it's so boring She gets sad and so depressed Hears her doctor smugly tell her "Take"
  • Susan - Alimee Mann
    "Oh, Susan, you were clued inyou knew just how this thing would goa prognosis that was hopelessfrom the very first dominoI guess I see it all in hindsightI tried to keep perspective despitethe flash of"
  • Susan Surrender - Kevin Johansen
    "Susan, surrender Susan. Surrender, Susan You know and I know that youve done most of the abusin' This shouldve never happenned, it aint amusin Just say you love me, Susan. You know I do Susan, surrender"
  • Lazy Susan - Bobs
    "She's so lazy Drives me crazy She's lazy Drives me crazy Something about her drives the boys wild Drives me crazy Something about her drives the boys wild She's so lazy Drives me crazy Lazy Susan going"
  • Switchboard Susan - Gary Brooker
    "(Mickey Jupp) Switchboard Susan won't give me a line I need a doctor get me 999 The first time I picked up my telephone I fell in love with your ringing tone I'm a long distance romancer And I"
  • Oh, Susan - Billy Burnette
    "Written by billy burnette. Oh susan, I'm losin' control I don't know what to do 'cause this feelin' I keep feelin' About you, sue I'm gonna leave it up to you Well, I got you on my mind You got me anytime You"
  • Lazy Susan - Shwayze
    "Yeah, Yeah Yeah I don't miss you I'm a dismiss you I'm a kiss you, next time I see you It's true Give all your lovin', give all your war I don't need much of that No, no, I'm a be alright, I'm a be alright Seventeen,"
  • Hey Susan - Peter Salett
    "Hello, how are you?It's been such a long long time.Come in, let's get closer.Flash that famous smile.I've been thinking of you Since we've been apartSweeping up the shavings Off my wooden heart.I know"
  • Inside Susan - Pulp
    "Susan catches the bus into town at ten-thirty a.m. She sits on the back seat. She looks at the man in front's head and thinks how his fat wrinkled neck is like a large carrot sticking out from the collar"
  • Dear Susan - Tweak
    "I keep the letters in my drawer They can't hurt me there I keep the memories in my head Can't get rid of them I went to prove I did not care But I guess I still do She looked so perfect lying there And"
  • Black Eyed Susan - Paul Westerberg
    "Two. Beads of sweat glimmer to the ground Golden tears shimmer soft and round Throwing small shadows I catch those that fall at my feet Black-Eyed Susan dancing in the breeze See your slight body relax Soon"
  • Waiting for Susan - Ani DiFranco
    "Susan is a connotation At less than arms length She has the strength of an opinion Her promises are like the night overcast Like the stars she doesn't show And when she does, she doesn't last You can see"
  • Black-eyed Susan - Laura Veirs
    "Twenty days walking so lonely and talking to myself and the rocks and sandGot me to thinking 'bout going and drinking in a tavern with a clean-shaven man Just when i thought all souls had been bought by"
  • What Susan Said - Rich Mullins
    ""Two lonely-eyed boys in a pick-up truck And they're drivin' through the rain and the heat And their skin's so sweaty they both get stuck To the old black vinyl seats And it's Abbott and Costello meet"
  • Susan Miller Rag - Bright Eyes
    "When all the knots attention keep you from getting loose Relax your love Relax your living And cruise... past the People's Choice and their backwards attitudes. When you're done all sleeping and all your"
  • Susan When She Tried - Elvis Presley
    "(Don Reid) I got over Charlotte Thompson, Goldie Johnson, Lord they done me wrong I took it hard with Peggy Harper She hurt me bad, but not for long There's just one I remember Makes me feel funny down"
  • Oh No Not Susan - ELO
    "Susan spent the weekend at her stately home Crying at the lions on the garden wall And then she'd sigh - sneak away Look at her style - free the day. Oh no not me - I wouldn't Oh no not me - I couldn't That's"
  • Oh No Not Susan - Electric Light Orchestra
    "Susan spent the weekend at her stately home Crying at the lions on the garden wall And then she'd sigh -- sneak away Look at her style -- free the day Oh no not me -- I wouldn't Oh no not me -- I couldn't That's"

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