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Just llittle bat

  • Stay (Just A Llittle Bit More) - The Do
    "He was a bore, a true chore and I still wonder why I ever wanted to see him more I know it is useless to complain all these years after, well... Thanks for asking now I'm fine I should have muffled my"
  • Pink Bat - Melvins
    "My batteries are low. Please change my Triple A batteries. Peace sign be a time be a part of the grind. And If I'm gonna say it with a hole in the bottom what I want said I really want it in line even"
  • Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold
    ""He who makes a beast out of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man". Caught here in a fiery blaze, won't lose my will to stay. I tried to drive all through the night, the heat stroke ridden weather,"
  • Bat A Bitch - B.G.
    "B.G. Chopper City Bat A Bitch I back the fuck out the bitch quick Cause these hoes ain't shit They good for open mix shit I put they mind on my dick Gotta put my ???, keep my hoes in check If i let them"
  • Bat You'll Fly - Animal Collective
    "And my lady said, When you're with a maid, Found your velcro shoes, It's a holiday, And run up to the village of our love, 'Cause happiness ain't being a swallow, Don't you worry, I'm your brother, Page"
  • Bata Motel - Crass
    "(Little girls, of about six or seven, were asked what do they like to do. And then sometime later the same question asked in a slightly different form; they were asked what do little girls like to do."
  • Blind As A Bat - Meat Loaf
    "(Child/James Michael) I'm not afraid to show you who I am And I am not ashamed of my life Though I've walked alone down this cold and soulless road I've always felt your heat in my bones With every step"
  • Bat For a Heart - Ashlee Simpson
    "I'm gonna bang bang, fu* you up Twist you out inside of my head I'm gonna bang bang, fu* you up Twist you out inside of my head I'm out of my mind running towards danger The lights on the street are blinding"
  • The Proclaimed Bat Hunter - Curl Up And Die
    "Broken in sections. My breath is losing it's rhythm and my pulse is the center of attention. Render these arms useless. I tried not to hear her voice, but it is everything. This was the goodbye I never"
  • Dance on Llittle girl - Paul Anka
    "Dance dance on little girl In the arms of someone new As you dance as you twirl My heart dances with you Dance dance on little girl Tell me what I've done wrong Why should he hold you tight While they're"
  • Bat Macumba - Os Mutantes
    "Bat Macumba , Bat Macumba ob Bat Macumba , Bat Macumba ob Bat Macumba , Bat Macumba ob Bat Macumba , Bat Macumba ob Bat Macumba , Bat Macumba ob Bat Macumba , Bat Macumba ob Bat Macumba , Bat Macumba"
  • Don't Beat My Ass (With A Baseball Bat) - The Goo Goo Dolls
    "Things don't look too good to me I feel I'm out of luck (stop it!) And all because of swollen glands And just one stupid fuck This wacko came from Alabama and That's not where it's at And now your jock's"
  • Il Bat - Calogero
    "Il en a vu Tomber des hommes au sud au nord Il en verra De toutes les couleurs encore Il est le mme Que l'on soit d'ici ou d'ailleurs Il est le coeur de nos problmes Mais, tant qu'il bat Comme le sang"
  • Ding Bat - Screeching Weasel
    "ding bat she's a ding bat always walking into trees wakes me up to ask if im asleep sits around, stares into space oh god i hate her face cuz she's a ding bat she's a ding bat the dumbness really bothers"
  • De bat - Carly Simon
    "Fly in me faceFly in me faceFly in me faceFly in me faceWell I hope de bat don't come out and fly in me face tonightWell I come home from a partyAnd I'm feelin' a little spacedAnd I walk on in the kitchen"
  • Leatherwing Bat - Peter, Paul & Mary
    ""I" said the little leatherwing bat "I'll tell to you the reason that The reason that I fly by night Is because I've lost my heart's delight." Refrain: Howdy dowdy diddle-dum day Howdy dowdy diddle-dum"
  • Bassball Bat - Dub War
    "step to the vibe gorra be strong in this time life is kinda short so ya got ta gerrit right we don't want to see this no more police kicking off kicking off my door all this madness got to lead to something in"
  • Like A White Bat In A Box, Dead Matters Go On - Melt-Banana
    "Check out if you see one just in case, Dead matters go on and on and on Check if you see one Check just in case It's dead See, a white bat in a box it's skinny like a bone His name is "pain" what a name"
  • Vamo Bat? Lata - Os Paralamas Do Sucesso
    "Vamo bat lata, tonel, garrafa d'agua Vamo bat no pulso da artria da rua Vamo bat palma at de madrugada Vamo pr'aquela praa da verdade nua Vamo de tamanco pro cubano No aperto do abrao do suvaco do po Quatro"
  • There's A Bat - Heavy Heavy Low Low
    "there's a bat crawling on my neck and it's a big one and it's got your number and it's got mine too and it'd be quite content to feast on you oh my oh my oh my word crawling on my neck crawling on my"

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