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Just say you let go

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Just say you let go

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Just say you let go
  • Mae Just Let Go
    "We've got all night just to make it all right Would you take a walk with me? I'll give you all I've got just spare me your time And I promise you won't want to leave Are you, are you falling for me?"
  • Machine Gun Kelly, Camila Cabello Say You Won't Let Go
    "MGK: I met you in the dark You lit me up You made me feel as though, I I was enough We danced the night away We drank too much I held your hair back when You were throwing up Camila: Then you smiled over"
  • Ambrosia I Just Can't Let Go
    "Oh, what's the matter baby? Is the truth too hard to hear? Well, I think you know I'm not the one who lied And now it's all behind us and we both play out our lives But the years don't change the way I"
  • Fischerspooner Just Let Go
    "Deep in this anatomy Buried Deep in this anatomy Buried All is determination, To make it make sense All is determination, You can find it if you. Just let go, just let go, just, let it go Stripped to the"
  • Honeyz Just Let Go
    "The things we want and the things we need Can be two different things Instead of the same When we hold on to what's dear to us When it don't belong to us Who is to blame? And when we think we get"
  • Rhesus Just Let Go
    "If you ever get scared alone in the dark when the night's calling out Play this song and let it lull you to sleep If you're worried about conversation we have Oh no, just let go Play this song"
  • Megan Rochell Let Go
    "Wha? (we dont even talk no more) Wha? (i dont feel no love no more) let go let go let go let go Wha? (you dont even try no more) let go let go let go let go Wha? (i wish I met somebody before)"
  • Colby O'Donis Let You Go
    "Konvict It's so hard to let you go I'm not so good at breakin' up But I'm so good at makin' up Why don't, baby, you make this easy It's uncomfortable? And I'm the type of guy Who would hate to see you"
  • Paul Van Dyk Let Go
    "I can't get it out of me it's breathing inside of me it' s reaching inside of you you're feeling infected you're being infected it's just like the cold a kiss on your lips now you're taking control"
  • Lawson Let Go
    "Last time that I picked up my phone Her your voice on the end of my 9 0 1 You say you needed to talk But you didn't care, before 4 weeks since you broken my down See your face on a picture beside my bed And"
  • Midtown Let Go
    "i know you'll never lose what's lost inside you you're burning down the bridges you've crossed and you're still around so nothing's certain just let go we deserve it if i could chose to start it over i'd"
  • The Pierces Let you go
    "Passion can beAs quiet as a whisperIn your headPain can beSo silent you won't evenKnow it's thereIf rage could beSo softI might stay hereWith youIf you could see my heartIt might turnYour eyes to blueBut"
  • Joanna Pacitti Let go
    "Wonderin' who I would be If you were sleeping next to me Would this room feel alive? Empty walls are closing in Feel your breath dance on my skin Shut the doors in my mind You never know what you might"
  • Grey Holiday Let Go
    "I've been holding on, to things like dreams that never seem to die And I'm not so strong, to lay them down and say my goodbyes How do you say goodbye? If there's a remedy, a break from all my vanity Then"
  • Kiros Let Go
    "just say what you're gonna say it doesn't matter anyway judge my heart my soul my all but i will not fall down to where you stand instead i'll offer you my hand you only see with hate and fear i'll move"
  • Ingrid Michaelson Let Go
    "Hey I move out of the way Hey I'll move out of the way for her too I never thought we'd end up here in separate cages It doesn't go like this you've left out some pages Hey when was the last time you"
  • Kane Just go
    "Hold on to your wings And never let them go (2x) Fly on to the wind To where you wanna go (2x) Why don't you just go baby Live it and fly oh live it and fly Just do it Baby just go Live till you die oh"
  • James Arthur Say You Won’t Let Go
    "[9 września 2016 roku w sieci zadebiutuje nowy singiel Jamesa Arthura. Nagranie nosi tytuł "Say You Won’t Let Go". Za tekst utworu odpowiadają James, Neil Richard Ormandy i Steve Solomon. Singel będzie"
  • Let Loose Everybody Say Everybody Do
    "It would be good just think about it To think aloud sometimes let it go God knows we've got it all, God knows, let's get ourselves together Everybody say, everybody do, we've got so much to shout about Everybody"
  • Loose Let Everybody Say Everybody Do
    "It would be good just think about it To think aloud sometimes let it go God knows we've got it all And God knows let's get ourselves together chorus: Everybody say everybody do (we got so much to shout"

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