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K��k�� quebonafide say something


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K��k�� quebonafide say something

  • K@#O%! - Korn
    "Fuck you, titty-sucking, two-balled bitch, With a fat green clit, my big Komoto bitch. Oh, shit-fucking, ass-licking, piss-sucking cunt, These nuts on your lips, Kentucky Fried Kung-Pao clit. You're ugly...So"
  • Mikel K - Joseph Arthur
    "I've been watching you I liked you right away Cause you looked like you Might have something to say That I would want to hear Like you looked at me And liked me right away You're easy for me To bleed on I"
  • K - Kent
    "Brinn pengar brinn Jag lovar du betyder nnting Du orkar ta dig igenom det hr Du rcker till, s var den du r Brinn pengar brinn Jag vet att du r vrd ngonting Du r hoppet i ett IQ-fritt land Du r drmmarna"
  • K - Fame Factory
    "I don't wanna lose you I don't wanna use you just to have somebody by my side But I don't wanna hate you And I don't wanna take you But I don't wanna be the one to cry And It don't really matter to anyone"
  • Everybody Feeling Something (ft. K Stewart) - Marlon Roudette
    "Hey, now let me tell you something We got the place erupting We got the place erupting, This is the mood we wanting Everybody feeling something We got the place erupting, erupting Street light feeds"
  • F**k The Pope - Denis Leary
    "We're making the key decision now for our kids. It's religion decision time, you know, and I'm not bringing em up Catholic, I've made that decision, cause I was raised Catholic and NO WAY! Eh-eh. Nope."
  • Say Something - Beth Hart
    "20 days, and 20 nights Just the silence, and the neon lights Hungry for, the sight of you Yeah I'm starving, in this empty room Who is she, what's her name? Yeah talk to me, say something (Chorus 1) I"
  • Knockdown (K-Gee Heat remix) - Alesha Dixon
    "When I lay it all out on the table Don't know what is stopping me From feeling like I might be able To enjoy my own company Sitting up by my window Watching the summer rain The world is moving faster"
  • H K - Fear Factory
    "The conscious man is dead And I buried him Beneath this scarred tissue Armored skeleton The machine is now alive Desensitized with open eyes Powered by an angry mind And is refueled by those I despise I've"
  • Say Something - Something For Kate
    "tonight is like space invaders there is nothing at work the faces have become like traffic multi-purpose conversation i stand like a lighthouse i have become a lighthouse but if we met we would exhaust"
  • It's O.K. - Alih Jey
    "I saw your face and I could tell You were hiding from me What is it? It's O, K., you can tell me, it's O.K. Excuse me, you need more space? What kind of space? Don't turn your face Well, that's a relief"
  • K - M&K
    "1. Codziennie mnie zwodzisz Codziennie mniej obchodzisz Uciekasz, gdy trzeba pomóc Wysłuchać pocieszyć, zranione łzy cieszyć Wszystkich ludzi wnet speszyć Twoim celem życiowym jest życie ich spieprzyć Byś"
  • T.U.C.K. - Big Tuck
    "(Big Tuck) It's the big T - U - C - K chew on mics like a mic buffet Album drop soon cop da hoe soon Sippin' hypnotic in a purple lagoon Trench made house wit a damn boom Yellows dance there in cat costumes Say"
  • 2nd round K.O. - Canibus
    "Hey Mike Tyson here speakin with the Canibus man over here Yo Canibus your main objective out here is to do nuttin but eat eat eat eat MC's, for lunch, breakfast Hey man they been playin me all my life"
  • Pretty Mary K - Elliott Smith
    "Almost forgot Started to say Rode into the sun Past everyone Hallelujah, pretty Mary K I found faith in the infirmary There's a soldier lying in bed With a wound to the head Calling out to pretty Mary"
  • 10 K High - Al Jarreau
    "Al Jarreau Miscellaneous 10 K High Would you like to come along We can sing a simple song If you want to name the tune, you're invited I'm so glad that you're my friend Did I say I think we'll win"
  • F**k You - Drastic Actions
    "Well it all goes back to 1976 Just some kids, tired of hearing the same old shit They played their music fast They played their music loud With two fingers in the air Well this is what they said Said"
  • F**k You - Lily Allen
    "Look inside, look inside your tiny mind, then look a bit harder Cause we're so uninspired, so sick and tired, of all the hatred you harbor So you say it's not OK to be gay, well I think you're just evil You're"
  • U Plus K - Gackt
    "...shalle a le rilla ... ... ... ...shalle a le rilla {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romaji== dakara... nani mo iwanaide kimi wa tada sukoshi ima wa obieteiru dake dakara, nani mo"
  • K A N - Field Mob
    "field mob, i'm shawn J and him, thats boondoc i represent the south, and thats the way i'm a keep it if u got game then peep it, its the southern way i wouldn't have it no other way, so mutha fuck what"

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