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K Koke - Down On Me

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K Koke - Down On Me

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K Koke - Down On Me
  • Chris Hill Sekret (ft. K Koke & Kamil Bednarek)
    "Jestem tu znów by poczuć wartość Wraca tu by wydobyć światło I grow up poor My mummy show me love I remember feelin’ .. My mummy gave me hugs I remember even more My mummy sellin’ drugs She can change Give"
  • K Koke My Time (feat. Bridget Kelly)
    "And I swear the stars are falling faster than they ever did And the sun is burning harder than it has before And the moon is closer to my reach than it has ever been My time is coming, my time is coming And"
  • K Koke Lay Down Your Weapons (feat. Rita Ora)
    "Lay down your weapons, weapons for me That means everything Listen little manna, done told you __ the hype ting I done told you road life aint what it might seem Where I’m from we do wrong for the right"
  • Malik Montana Lizzy (Ft. K Koke)
    "Utwór „Lizzy” pochodzi z albumu ”Import / Export”, drugiej solowej płyty rapera Malika Montany. Premiera krążka została zaplanowana na 27 września 2019 roku."
  • Sesame Street K
    "K! You're OK with me, oh K K K Kindergarten kids in the nursery school Kissin' and huggin' with K K! You're a kissable letter, oh K K K Kangaroos and kittens, Kathy and Kate, K K K K! I'd like to keep"
  • Jana Hunter K
    "Mix me with a stereo song Promise me a heartache Just like you were King Kong I'd fill you up and then some I'd love to see you Saturday afternoon I'd spin you out and show you what you're worth I'd love"
  • Abingdon Boys School Fre@k
    "TV is on, and Im talking on the phone. PC left on too, all at the same time. No space on the floor, I could open a store. Its almost 4, questions on my mind. If I lose em all, what would happen to me? Aint"
  • Kyl K
    "Mitenk s jumalauta jaksat kiert noi kaikki raksat Koukeroita seinn vnt, joita ei voi suomeksi knt Kurahousut ja jrjetn palttoo, sprayhuuruissa koko poppoo Ylikraja viisitoista, seinn vnt yht ja toista Ja"
  • Uniklubi Koko talvi kes
    "Jos pilkon pienemmiksi halot Niill lmmitt voi mkin Kun saan kytketty valot Seinn tpseli tkin Ksikopelolla salaa Siin lapasetkin sulaa Koko saunamkki palaa Taas kun saatoin meidt pulaan Oh no... Miten voimme"
  • Leevi And The Leavings Koko Talvi Kes
    "Jos pilkon pienemmiksi halot niill lmmitt voin mkin Kun saan kytketty valot seinn tpseli tkin ksikopelolla salaa siin lapasetkin sulaa Koko saunamkki palaa taas kun saatoin meidt pulaan Oh no! Miten voimme"
  • Eppu Normaali Nyt K
    "Pissn oli valkolakki Miehet sillan alla kakki Kun Hmeensillan valtasi tuo sakki Valitsivat Hmeensillan vuoksi valkolakkikillan Kakkivatkin melkein koko illan Edes pissn valkolakkia piten ei saa kakkia"
  • Boogie Down Productions Original Lyrics (featuring Special 'K')
    "Extra extra, read all about it! KRS-One's rhymes, have been doubted Suckers stepped up, and got MURDERED!! Pump pump pom pom POING! Yo, this goes out, to George Bush Get off my... diggi-diggi-diggi-dick,"
  • Al Jarreau 10 K High
    "Al Jarreau Miscellaneous 10 K High Would you like to come along We can sing a simple song If you want to name the tune, you're invited I'm so glad that you're my friend Did I say I think we'll win"
  • Abingdon Boys School Fre@k $how
    "TV is on, and Im talking on the phone. PC left on too, all at the same time. No space on the floor, I could open a store. Its almost 4, questions on my mind. If I lose em all, what would happen to me? Aint"
  • Doyle In(k)ject
    "All these killers touch your skin Like my blood running on your cheeks Now tell me what's going on and turn off the light You're screaming help 'cause you feel so alone this nasty night Tonight I'll go"
  • K-Maro Rolling Down
    "Yes Bienvenue dans mon monde. Come on K-maro. Sun Black. K.pone Inc 1. Tiens ouvre la porte que je dbarque moi je suis prt Que je prsente que je dise un peu ce que je fais Si t'en as toujours pas entendu"
  • Pleymo K-ra
    "K-ra, shin zidai no kibo ole tachi ni kagayaki wo Watashi tachi, fune ni nolu kikai wo ataete kule tamae Visage ple, dballe dtalle ta ribambelle des plus belles ries-conne Des bas fonds d'une nouvelle"
  • Aaron Mister K.
    "My goldfish died today Little heart in a bubble Ray of Light in my kitchen The only livin' piece on my mind Since you crossed the line Mister K, Mister K They told me not to be sad It is just a matter"
  • Placebo Special K
    "Coming up beyond belief On this coronary thief More than just a leitmotif More chaotic, no relief I'll describe the way I feel Weeping wounds that never heal Can the savior be for real Or are you just"
  • Joseph Arthur Mikel K
    "I've been watching you I liked you right away Cause you looked like you Might have something to say That I would want to hear Like you looked at me And liked me right away You're easy for me To bleed on I"

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