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KALI desert

  • Kali kali - Kali
    "1. Gdy wypluwam z siebie słowa znika bon ton Kali F.I.R.M.A. a nie Sean Paul Zapnij pasy bo latam wyżej niż Concorde Dla prawdziwych wita , dla łaków homonto By odnaleźć mnie człowieku zbędny Tom Tom Jak"
  • Kali - Mr. Shadow
    "{Mr. Shadow} Yeah, hehe Bow wow wow Mr. Shadow and my diggidy dawg Droopy Check it To all my bald headed criminals breaking the penal codes Rollin' hella deep, when we creep in them Lo-Lo's Locos, jotos,"
  • Desert - Lycia
    "I reflect everything, I percieve it all I surmise just everything, I desire nothing I need to back to the desert so I can feel new again I need to go back to the desert so I can feel fresh again don't"
  • Desert - Verbena
    "im in love with the size of a desert never seen it but id love to kiss a cactus got my hands on a piece of the good earth both my hands up inside of a new world its exactly by the pound i do i do i would"
  • Desert - Moonlight
    "Desert In me , in you In all around Strike into deep Of your mind Feel it , feel it now 'Cose tommorow You'd touch this Under the progress Under the mind Under the love Under the human Under"
  • Desert - Alex Lloyd
    "Walking south along my mouth Through the heart that's hard to start I know it's nothing the woman cried So you're leaving you did not lie The broken light bulb that's glowing still The morning after the"
  • Desert - Trespassers William
    "My feet are trembling alone With the serpentine skins on the floor And while i sleep will you send me a thought While i lean could you build me a rock Or pretend you're my home Touch my lips or are"
  • Desert - The Church
    "I, I am the stranger this time around You, you are the changeless sounds of sand I could be here forever riding this death You, you are the distance, my clown I fall down in the sun I become everyone"
  • Desert - Henzel Och Thors
    "En enda blick och Amor siktar p mig och trffar mitt i prick ett enda ord kan f mig att tappa luft falla verbord jag trr dig som ingen annan kan men jag vet att du r fr bra fr att vara sann Jag mste springa jag"
  • Desert - D'espairs Ray
    "I was alone... I can't get to the sky... Alone for all time! I can't get to the sky... kawaki kuzure ochita hitoaku no negai naguritsukeru suna no ame ga subete wo saratta Alone for all time! I can't"
  • Maha Kali - Dissection
    "Maha Kali, dark mother dance for me Let the purity of your nakedness awaken me Yours are the fires of deliverance which shall bring me bliss Yours is the cruel sword which shall set my spirit free Devourer"
  • Kali-Yuga - Impaled Nazarene
    "Ugra-Karma, Kali-Yaga, Multi-Shiva (x3) Akty taki ta te taa - asti ke se nu pa taa Sa ist ha na sa pun saa - hate tasmin Ugra-Karma (cunt) Keshatan ta nu tatam - tatum ta ma tatum Kehatsan ma Kali-Yaga"
  • Killa Kali - Celly Cel
    "(Talk) Good evening Welcome to channel 187 Murder 1 News Tonight we focus on the city of Vallejo in the state of California Where five black men were found dead at the water front From various gunshot"
  • Kali Kings - opm
    "I come form the West Coast small town south side Born in OC grew up in 805 Flew the nest and ended up in LA Still a villin' still chillin' still smokin' on the challis They're like dogs in this place Other"
  • Killa Kali - Kottonmouth Kings
    "And the Beat goes "Blam" Sweet sunshine climate makes bomb.. smoke that crypto California we dippin through the west im fittin to blaze up the spot representin Killa Kali holdin it down for"
  • Kali Yuga - Aghora
    "Born within a darkened age microcosmic game of life Endless cycles endless dreams dormant beings we've become Moving away from light through karmic conditioning Consciousness self repressed unaware sustains"
  • Soul desert - CAN
    "Youre from the soul, soul desert,Youre from the soul.Youre from the soul, soul desert,From the soul.Youre not thinking, no something,Youre not thinking, no something,Youre not thinking, no something,Youre"
  • Desert Diamond - Alcatrazz
    "Alcatrazz Disturbing The Peace Desert Diamond Lie in Egyptian sands, Ethiopian overlord Royal mountains stand Guardian of the Kings Sleep in your dusty sea Silent shining desert diamond, sleep eternally. Eyes"
  • Desert Island - The Magnetic Fields
    "I'll be the madness that carries you away I'll be the sadness to light your darkest day I'll be the desert island where you can be free I'll be the vulture you can catch and eat Desert island love"
  • Eyes of Kali - Runemagick
    "Your cold eyes In a world of lies Freezing my steps In the halls of the dead Walking the path of the dying souls Your eyes are lurking through the eternal dark You can't capture my soul in your cage You"

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