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    "Where do we go when it’s over How do we trace our life in time? When the snow comes in October What do we leave behind? Crying Loving Dancing Fighting All of this time All of this time * * official lyric"
  • Monument - The Frames
    "I built a monument to every word that's passed between us I built a monument to stand through history And I'll watch the hourglass the time will pass And you'll rue the day love you ever strayed so far"
  • Monument - Decoded Feedback
    "Lost in my own world I surely won't deny I wanted to be free... One more time. This sentiment collapse Astonished... Now. i've realized It wasn't me It wasn't you This time This monument called life It's"
  • Monument - Fates Warning
    "there's a blind desire there's a drive there's a need to leave some lasting feat something to hold, something to keep a monument to complete there's a written page there's a book there's a search for"
  • Monument - Gus Gus
    "When the site was found, we laid the foundation down. It didn't take long before they came back tumbling down. Don't build at night. You need a little light. How else are you going to see what it's going"
  • Monument - Depeche Mode
    "When the site was found We laid the foundations down It didn't take long before They came back tumbling down Don't build at night You need a little light How else are you going to see What it is going"
  • Monument - Röyksopp & Robyn
    "Make a space for my body Dead or whole, Push this sides apart This is what I'm controlling, It's a moat The inside that I carve. This will my monument This will be a beacon when I'm gone Gone, gone When"
  • Monument - A Day To Remember
    "It's Monday morning and I would kill for a chance to drive Get so far away from here with you my dear that I'll never leave your side Nobody knows the troubles I've seen in a van, on a soapbox for the"
  • Monument - Utopia
    "I got the message in my mailbox Nobody goes to church no more They're closing down your little altar They've locked the sanctuary door Don't fight it Who can say that you didn't try Don't fight it Old"
  • Monument - My Insanity
    "Hello next century - next millennium hello Should we be afraid Should you be scared of mankind A skin protects us but it will be a sieve The pores will expand fantastic gates We have the chance to"
  • Monument - Voyager
    "A monument of grievance Stands proud and tall at night For I am the deceiver Im the one who never died Burn the light of treason Stand proud and tall at night For I am the deceiver Im the one who never"
  • Monument - Carina Round
    "Windowsill, Paris, FranceCast a shadow of this chanceHanging over Gare du Nord like I never asked for moreStatues on the building topsStooping for the fire we gotHeart's new incantationYour face bared"
  • Monument - Calla
    "So far and gone Sleepwalk, wake or run Come back or leave me out You can leave me out Last night I swore I saw her come to me in a dream Like a storm forming Father, will She come again? I've seen"
  • Monument - Jebediah
    "I'm really gonna pack in This new job I do It's gonna be the death of me I went to a party of Some girl that I knew At least the alcohol was free With all the family around We couldn't find a common"
  • Monument - Burst
    "Inching closer Corrupting my ambition, Saw your wretched incarnation Growing colder Retire my frustration, Turning fire into stone Decimation, Biding time in apathy, We partake in betrayal Invite"
  • Monument - Champion
    "When I walk through these doors. I see the face from thousands of nights before. And the light in their eyes makes it more than it's ever been before. Our blood our sweat, and all of the tears that are"
  • Monument - Efterklang
    "We turn the bed - a couple They go to bed alone A moving quest awaiting We go to bed alone Cynical cries for make-up love Fighting best in the know He's in the bed below me A man possessed with guilt I'm"
  • Ashtray monument - Jawbreaker
    "Free, alone. The predawn white light's coming on.Bottle on the night stand.I count disasters on my free hand now.Run for cover there's a big on e coming.You'll be lucky if you're at ground zero.You'll"
  • Pale Monument - Sigh
    "I close my eyes in the colored wind I used to feel I close my eyes with an angel impaled that I have sealed I gouged my eyes, so filthy as me, you cannot see I gouged my eyes to not see what I have to"
  • Monument Of Destruction - Lights Of Euphoria
    "Searching for an answer (Wollen die Wahrheit wissen) We need a revolution (Nie mehr diese Welt misbrauchen) What are you looking for? (Diese Welt herrschaft) I'll have to disappoint you (Trume werden niemals"

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