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KILLY - Killamonjaro

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KILLY - Killamonjaro

  • Killamonjaro - Killy
    "I can introduce you to this life we live forever Live forever, yah Live forever, yah I can introduce you to this life we live forever Live forever, yah Live forever, yah I can introduce you to this life"
  • Killy Nem See - Buck 65
    "Perchance he for whom the bell tolls knows Not of the promise engraved in my prose I'm fully equipped with the Critical cryptic Decipher the prediction of the apocalyptic Showdown - and win, lose or draw"
  • Risin' High - H-Blockx
    "It's a loffer, poffer ding dong, bigger than King Kongs, without a doubt, that ain't nothing to discuss about when I see you, my friend you take it in your hand do you like it like I always like it, like"
  • Beausoleil - Current 93
    "Beausoleil, soleil soleil soleil soleil Beausoleil, reaping Nirvana in a desert land Beausoleil, Thine anger rising like a scorpion Beausoleil, dune buggy baby on a fairground slide Beausoleil, the taste"
  • Rappers, Rappers, Rappers - Aceyalone
    "Artist: Aceyalone Album: Accepted Eclectic Song: Rappers Rappers Rappers Typed by: jostmatt@bluewin.ch (What I mean is basically there's no one The hunt for an MC brings investigation) This goes to"
  • Get Up And Jump - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Get up and jump, get up and jump, get up, get up, get up and jump Jump on up Jump on down Just jump a jump a jump a jump a jump around Jump the day away Jump all over town 'Cause jumpin' is okay in a jumpin'"
  • Lips To Find You - Teena Marie
    "So you say you're leaving for the Southern tip of Spain To soak up local color and forget my name To live inside the major, not the minor chord And forget how we made love in a '57 Ford Lips to find you,"

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