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KREATOR Metalla Interview

  • Kreator - Babayaga Ojo
    "Pierwszym krokiem do zdobycia władzy jest zabicie w sobie siebie, by nic nie krzyczało spod przyrosniętej maski Uważaj, uważaj, prawda kradnie spokój prawda jest gorzka, wypij słodkie kłamstwo, to co trujące smakuje"
  • Interview - Buka
    "Halo? (Halo) Halo? (Halo) Łącze się z centralą x2 Halo? (Halo), łączę się z centralą Interview, proszę mówić śmiało Halo? (Halo), słucham, co się stało? Dziś mam interview z twoją starą Dzień dobry"
  • Interview - Carly Simon
    "(Carly Simon/Don Was) A sweet young man sat on my chair With a tape machine and a face of fear He asked how does it feel to be who you are I thought, this boy really thinks I'm a star I answered him with"
  • Interview - Iam
    "Si c'est une interview que vous voulez, je vais vous la donner Attendez, j'dclenche le magnto, l Euhh voil, tous d'abord merci IAM De m'avoir invit dans vos locaux pour cette petite interview quoi C'est"
  • Interview - Insane Clown Posse
    ""Hello! How ya doin? I'm here with the Insane Clown Posse ICP. How you guys doin?" "Bblblblblblblbl!!" "Well uh ok... I understand that you guys are from Detroit." "Wwaaaaaaaahh!" "Uh yeah ok. Why"
  • Interview - Gentle Giant
    "1. Yes it's been hard, going a long time and we're together even now. Why do you ask? Surely you know it! Isn't it clear just when and how. What can we tell you? At the beginning had no direction, any"
  • Interview - Sido
    "Hallo, ich bin's wieder Frank Furz vom Schulradio Schlaue Welle des Sindelfinger Gymnasiums am Karl-Marx-Platz Heute gibt's in der Mensa Kartoffeln mit Speck Unser Direktor ist krank Und wir haben ein"
  • Interview - Body Count
    "(knock knock) Yeah 1,2,1,2 let me get this tape recorder rolling Eh yeah this is eh Danny from Big Hair rock magazine, i'm here with Ice T, eh Ice can we ask you a few questions about the new Body Count"
  • Interview Rooms - Kajagoogoo
    "Don't I get this over ya? Ooh it gets all over ya In interview rooms (interview rooms) Now wishing I could pass it again To say anything to please the man In interview rooms (interview rooms) I'm counting"
  • Monica Interview - Chris Rock F/ Lil' Kim
    "Chris Rock F/ Lil' Kim Miscellaneous Monica Interview What's the first thing you said when you met Vernon Jordan? "It's on nigga what? Pussy greased up Stack the G's up, keeps the knees up.." So"
  • Introduction (Interview) - Helloween
    "Hello I'm Johnny and I thought we were going to do the interview at your place. Well, hello there Well, actually this is my place. Now just come in and let's sit down over there. Yeah but weren't we"
  • Monica Interview - Chris Rock
    "(feat. Lil' Kim) Thanks for the interview Monica Now Monica, everyone seems to think they know ALL there is to know about Monica Lewinsky -- but Monica, could you tell us one thing that people would"
  • The Interview - Judy Garland
    "(Reporters) We are here to interview a lady known to you because of her ability as the glamorous, amorous lady they call... (Butler) She's expecting you gentlemen, won't you please come in? (Reporters)"
  • Grandpa's Interview - Neil Young
    ""Grandpa here's your coffee," Said Edith as she filled his cup, "nobody'll find you here And Earl is glad you guys showed up The way things are downtown You might have to stay for a while There was a"
  • The Interview - Slim Thug
    "(Woman interview) What's good everybody? It's your girl Alana D. Chillin' with my boy the boy slim thug He's from Texas Now son you've been doin' it real big for awhile But please, tell us what's"
  • Grandpa's Interview - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    ""Grandpa, here's your coffee," said Edith, as she filled his cup. "Nobody'll find you here, and Earl is glad you guys showed up." "The way things are downtown, you might have to"
  • The Interview - Artifacts
    "(El Da Sensei) My characteristics be mistic, you ask who is it doin it, with the next type of tecs running through it The bullshit, I mean, rap style clean while I lean my 6 foot frame, Tame's the other"
  • The Interview - Saga
    "Good afternoon! May I introduce myself? With a story to be told you may need help I know you were a headline for some time But now you're part of a motionless mime Lights have dimmed and times have changed And"
  • The Interview - Montell Jordan
    "Keepin' your nights warm whether you're playin' or layin' It's Josepha Salinas Your angelita de la noche Kickin' down the hits the way you like 'em In the studio tonight I've got Montell Jordan How ya"
  • The Interview - AFI
    "Forever waiting for disaster. What David calls servant and master, will you play it too? As this displacement begs for water, swimming, bathing, drowning in sorrow, scream with me. I crawl across this"

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