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KYLE Hey Juli3

  • Hey Now (feat. Kyle) - Martin Solveig & The Cataracs
    "I’m all alone now, check it out Me and you should take a vacay I got a plan now, we’re going out See you waiting for another day Here’s the thing I wanna talk about Listen all you got to hear me out We"
  • Kyle - Cyclefly
    "You watch, staring from a distance Cover up my eyes There to test my sanity Maybe break a smile Ohhhh kyle Is it just the way I feel Conjure up some hope Is it just the I stand, naked in the distance Cover"
  • Kyle - A Hope For Home
    "On the day you left i packed my bags and went home, because fear has no place here. so i'll follow your lead and live my life like you. always pushing forward with the weight of the world holding me back. its"
  • Kyle Quit The Band - Tenacious D
    "Last week Kyle quit the band Now we're back together Misunderstanding Didn't understand It doesn't matter Now we're back together again La la la la la Couldn't split up Kato and Nash (That's true) Couldn't"
  • I Love You Kyle - Emily Falden
    "Have you ever seen such a beautiful night, I could just kiss the stars for, shinging so bright, I love you kyle, and I'll never let you go o o, I'm waiting here for you so just let me know... I love you"
  • Kyle Took A Bullet - Tenacious D
    "Jack Black: Kyle took a bullet for me now I've got to rock for three. KG and me, don't forget about Tenacious D. KG: I took a bullet for JB, now I'm in heaven and I can see Jack Black: your decision to"
  • iSpy (ft. Lil Yachty) - KYLE
    "Man, fuck What's wrong Kyle? Man, these kids, man, talkin' shit, makin' me feel bad Man, fuck them kids, bro! Look around, bro, look at life Man, you're right Mmm, you see? You see these fine bitches over"
  • Kyle Petty (Son Of Richard) - Soundgarden
    "lyrics by Chris Cornell music by Kim Thayil Heat is rising Feeling high and I'm on my way Tell me if you wanna take a hit Right beside you I came to fight so get out of my way Cause Daddy told me don't"
  • Kyle Petty, Son Of Richard - Soundgarden
    "Heat is rising, feel it, I'm on my way Tell me if you wanna take a hit Right beside you came to fight so get out of my way 'Cause Daddy told me don't you ever take no fucking shit So get it right I'm"
  • Kyle`s mom is bitch - South Park
    "Weeeeeeeeeellll Kyle's mom is a bitch, she's a big fat bitch, She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world She's a stupid bitch, if there ever was a bitch, She's a bitch to all the boys and girls.Monday"
  • Hey Stoopid (Live) - Slightly Stoopid
    "(skank it skank it) Hey stoopid step inside Hey stoopid come on and join the ride Hey stoopid step inside I said a stoopid dumb shit god damn motherfucker Here a come a johnny with a pecker in his hand I"
  • Hey Young Girl - Lloyd
    "(Verse 1:) Hey young girl how you feelin today Girl Yo body just brighten my day up See you have now been approached by a playa but baby i wont play ya, lets have a conversation Like, Iz you in school"
  • Out At Night (feat. KYLE & Big Boi) - Clean Bandit
    "wakes up early walks herself to work she’s all alone form 8 to 5 keeps her eyes down doesn’t say too much and all her colleagues think she’s shy watching the clock on the wall watching the clock on the"
  • Hey, hey, hey - Elvis Presley
    "All right girls, I'll show you what to doThis boat will sparkle like a diamond when we get throughBy the numbers there ain't much timeWe're gonna start an assembly lineHey! Hey! Hey! Hey!Hey! Hey! Hey!"
  • Hey - Chalk Farm
    "Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, yeah I shot a man the other day The morning sun, it shined on me anyway I took a breath and walked away But I lost more than he could save If I was strong it would be wrong But"
  • Hey, Hey, Hey - Waterdeep
    "I been plumbing the depths with a plumber friend of mine. We been takin' the time to break the bread and drink the wine. I been gathering wisdom I can give away. I been gettin' ready for the final day."
  • Hey Hey Hey - Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand
    "I want to know what makes your tock tick I want to know what makes your clock click All them gears going round and round inside your head don't make a sound I want to know what makes your boat row What"
  • Hey - The Stranglers
    "Hey! (hey, hey, what do you say?) Get out of their way (hey, hey, what do you say?) Hey! (hey, hey, what do you say?) Of get way their out (hey, hey, what do you say?) They're gonna want a union soon"
  • Hey hey hey - Carola
    "When I picked up the paperI saw her smiling at meI thought I might aswell rape herBut no, that wasn't like meGotta give it awayShe shocked me, thrilled me all overShe gave me chill down the spineMy heart"
  • Hey - Roy Orbison
    "Ah... hey, ah... hey Hey, do you know that your eyes have a glow That i know will melt your heart away? Hey, do you know you got lips soft and warm And in your arms i wanna stay I am yours come what"

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