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Kagamine Len ah, it

  • Ah-Ah - Bertine Zetlitz
    "Who'd you gonna talk to, who'd you gonna see about it Some of us cannot imagine having fun without it Some of us decided we just wouldn't make a mess Baby, baby, baby, why'd you put on mama's dress now Ah-ah"
  • Ah - After School
    "Ireoke duri neowa dan duri Eonjena urin dalkomhan iyagil hagopa Duri duri oneulbam duri saranghae uri duri duri baby Jalppajin dariwa oemo neoneun naege banhaji Geudaereul hyanghan wingkeu hanbeon naege"
  • Ah Ah - Anna Tsuchiya
    "All the girls, wish to be sexy Pretty red dresses & high heels Put lip stick on and me high How gorgeous I am I really love myself Let's just be super cute girls I don't need expensive things You want"
  • Song For Len Shakleton - Chumbawamba
    "I'm not the kind of man Who'd live a quieter life Just for a minute's silence One, two, three, four Some say it all without a word Silence can be mightier than the sword They took the two three five They"
  • Len - Beth Carvalho
    "Se o teu amor fosse um amor de verdade Eu no queria e nem podia ter maior felicidade Com os olhos rasos d'gua me chamou Implorando o meu perdo Mas eu no dou Pega este leno Para enxugar teu pranto J enxuguei"
  • Ah Leah! - Donnie Iris
    "Yeah it's been a long long time. You're such a sight you're lookin' better than a body has a right to. Don't you know we're playin' with fire? But we can't stop this burnin' desire Leah! Ah! Leah!"
  • Ah Ha - Under The Influence of Giants
    "Nice to meet you, i'm losing my head Not my future, not even my bed You're the human I came here to see Not to mention, It got back to to me Got me thinking, thats all I can say Little moment the"
  • Ah Ha - Esham
    "felatio felatio felatio felatio felatio baby it feels so good yo twelve gauge road rage watch me dive right off the stage into the sea of life where you will never age body hemorage street labodomy sodomy cut"
  • Ah Me - Griffin House
    "I was just a-thinkin we could work it out, maybe get around to take the trip Down South But she had had enough. So I stormed out of the bedroom to the mornin light. I was missing Cincinnati, so I booked"
  • Ah Ha - B.G.
    "B.G. Checkmate Ah Ha Ah ha, look You'll never see me hangin' from no tree You would see me hoppin' out a new bentley You'll never catch me broke on my ass You would catch me gettin' head in a jag Won't"
  • Ah, Mary - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
    "She's skilled at the art of deception and she knows it She's got dirty money that she plays with all the time She waters the garden but maybe she just likes the hoses She puts herself just a notch above"
  • Body ah - Montell Jordan
    "Body, ah Body, ah Body ahdy ahdy ahdy ahdy ya Ba da bop bop bop Body, ah Body, ah Body ahdy ahdy ahdy ahdy ya Ba da bop bop bop Ooh, there's something sexy About the way that dress is wearing you tonight"
  • Ah Life - Ryan Adams
    "Principal Victoria she whistles while she types She reads the editorials of people she dislikes It went so fast, it was your life Michael and Victoria they live in Central Park The got the money from"
  • Ah-Yeah - KRS-One
    "Intro: KRS-One Ah yeah, that's whatcha say when you see a devil down Ah yeah, that's whatcha say when you take the devil's crown Ah yeah, stay alive all things will change around Ah yeah, what? Ah yeah! Verse"
  • Ah Yeah - Buck-O-Nine
    "all of out lives and all our dreams seems to come apart at the seams but in the night we dream of better things to come there's gotta be a better way we tend to fantasize even though reality"
  • Ah Who - Mr. Easy
    "Intro: Dem a one dem a two dem nuh more than you Dem a fight dem a screw Caan walk inna yuh shoe Cho Man a seh a who People seh a you Big tings a gwaan Dem nuh have a clue Seh dem inna fashion but da"
  • Ah-men - Chumbawamba
    "A visionary pause in the cycleWhen she refused to buy or sellWhen the daughters of perfect wivesSaid there must be more sacrificeNeeded more than symbolic changeMore than silent wasting awayIn factories"
  • Eep Opp Ork Ah - Ah - Violent Femmes
    "Transcribed by bryson meunier Chords used: Gm7 d7 e7 E---10-----10-----12------| B---11-----10-----12------| G---10-----11-----13------| D---12-----10-----12------| A---10-----12-----14------| E----------10-----12------| Strum"
  • Ah, lets get it - LL Cool J
    "I'm the Ladies Love, legend in leather Long and lean, and I don't wear pleather Last of the red hot lovin MC's Lookin for a little, that's my theory It goes quick like lightning, too exciting Lover"
  • Think Ah So It Go - Shaggy
    "Blessing again to all mi DJ friend Have a mek dem know you understand Hard work and dedication You think a so it go no when a DJ work hard Bus all him sweat fa sell a million record While some people"

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