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Kaian - GTR ft. SashaRecords SASHA

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Kaian - GTR ft. SashaRecords SASHA

  • GTR - White 2115
    "Utwór ”GTR” podchodzi z płyty rapera White 2115 “Młody Książę”. Premiera wydawnictwa została wyznaczona na 25.10.2019 roku."
  • This Town (ft. Sasha Sloan) - Kygo
    "all of my friends are settling down they’re all kids but they’re married now let’s follow the light let’s follow the crowd baby we got to get out let’s get out of this town I want an ocean view, somewhere as"
  • Consequences of Love (ft. Sasha Grey) - Death In Vegas
    "There’s a mirror But you don’t see it There’s a mirror But you refused to see it There’s a mirror Your reflection Everything now you fight My love You don’t see your reflection Can’t feel my vibration What’s"
  • Workin' On It (ft. Lennon Stella, Sasha Sloan) - Meghan Trainor
    "never been asked to dance cause i never been pretty one never like compliments cause it’s always been so hard belivin’ them you say I am beautiful and I say you’re full of it nothing personal I am still"
  • For Sasha - Joan Baez
    "Here by my window in GermanyA morning bird flies close to meOn his wing I see a yellow starThe lights are on in the factoryThe frost is hung on the linden treeAnd I remember where we areAnd I remember"
  • Sasha (Sex Secret) - 2Raumwohnung
    "Ich kann nicht aufhren Ich seh dich an Lass dich nicht stren Meine Augen bleiben dran Du siehst so gut aus Zu schn fr den Verstand Und ich wei gar nicht Bist du Frau oder Mann Secret Sex secret Your"
  • Sasha (Sex secret) - 2-Raumwohnung
    "Ich kann nicht aufhren ich seh dich an lass dich nicht stren meine augen bleiben dran du siehst so gut aus zu schn fr den verstand und ich wei gar nicht bist du frau oder mann secret sex secret your sex"
  • Ay Amor (Con Sasha Sokol) - Revolver
    "Fueron tirando cuatro aos de sus reservas de cario Hasta agotar su capital Y un da vulgar como otros tantos el ordinario azul dio paso Al rojo ms dilatador de la verdad No haba nada a compartir ni un triste"
    "stoję na górze narkotyków z której nie wiem jak mam zejść za mną szaleńców stoi kilku w oczy zagląda nam śmierć na złamanie karku znów zaczynamy biec dusze sprzedać brahu, własną krwią napisać test własną"
  • Weekend (Ft. Broono & Ale Blake) - Sasha Lopez
    "I’m feeling love right now, Spinning in and ’round, And it’s getting stronger. I’m giving love right now, Spinning in and ’round, And this can’t be over. I’m feeling love right now, Spinning in and ’round, And"
  • Ray Of Light (Sasha ultra-fiolet mix) - Madonna
    "Verse: Zephyr in the sky at night I wonder Do my tears of mourning sink beneath the sun She's got herself a universe gone quickly For the call of thunder threatens everyone Chorus: And I feel like I"
  • Where The Music Takes You (feat. Sasha Allen) - Ari Gold
    "It doesn’t matter what you do If you go where the music takes you If doesn’t matter what you do If you go where the music takes you Do with the flow Let the music make you you go where the music takes"
  • Na miarę (ft. Paluch) - Pawbeats
    "Kiedyś do szczęście wystarczyły tylko korki Romario Zycie w częściach, Te-tris, Luigi i Mario Bez ciśnienia na (?) Hiltony czy Marriott Wszystko mierzone inną miarą Ziomek – mielone i namiot Rodzice w"
  • Bad Boy (ft. Young Thug) - Juice WRLD
    "Will Smith and Martin Lawrence I am a bad boy (You Pierre, Wanna come out here? Will Smith and Martin Lawrence I am a bad boy Went and got off my ass And got to the clash And got in my bag, boy Please"
  • Just One Last Time (ft. Taped Rai) - David Guetta
    "This is the end, Sasha But I can't move away from you This is the edge of patience But you'll prove yourself to me Still you drain my soul Even though it hurts I can't slow down Walls are closing in"
  • It Ain't That Bad - Sasha
    "Believe in something You careless thing Stop feeling sorry It's worrying Pick up the pieces You've got the time You can deliver Your heart's just fine Get your wreck together, you chilly child You can"
  • Take My Hands - Sasha
    "Come on little Darling be mine Is it true that you worry about the things I do for you I will always be on your side so just move a little closer and everything will be alright Take my hands Won't you"
  • F.T Island - FT Island
    "F-T! I-S! L-A-N-D! LET'S GO! F-T! I-S! L-A-N-D! LET'S GO!! Na jigeum uhri-geh bo-igetjiman Dallayo ddokgatchi bojimayo Ajikeun tumooni ubtge boyudo Naro-inhae nollal nali ojyo Sa-in chaek sog-eh, ggaman"
  • Club C'est La Vie - Sasha
    "They called her Rita But she had another name She danced the Luca And the boys she'd entertain With just one look at you You're under her spell all night, all night And as the curtains opened Rita hit"
  • Get Down (I Wanna Get Up) - Sasha
    "Everybody's vibing together, everybody's down on the floor I'm up and I could dance forever and still I'll come back for more You won't catch me in front of the TV or surfin' on the net for a date You"

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