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Kaiber 666

  • 666 - Brujeria
    "Seor Perdoname Por mis pecados Vendi mi alma Pa' Protejerme de Nio. En el nombre del padre Del Hijo Del espiritu santo El dia biene del rey obscuro Despierta o te pica el culo 666 666 En junio nacio un"
  • 666 - Acheron
    "Misguided ones open your minds Leave the past behind Take the powers from beyond And accept the sacred bond Feel a surge pierse your soul Try and grasp what christ stole Recieve the mark from Styx The"
  • 666 - Rick James
    "(ha ha) bringin me up in life brake it down sonn........ 6....6....6.... verse 1 : niggas listen, and they be wishing, on my death! But wait until that day you'll be taking your last breath, wishing apon"
  • 666 - John Frusciante
    "Something these days in the air I'm afraid to sing this song 'Cuz no one answers me Got in the way of this one chance of mine I throw it back It wasn't gonna last I jumped ahead There was a slipstream One"
  • 666 - Lil One
    "(Mr. Lil One (Talkin)) Ha Ha, mothaf**kas It's mothaf**kin Lil One Up here with my dawg G to P to A We fin to f**k up all 5 of you And the rest of the world Listen, and learn Before you get burned I bring"
  • 666 - Fisz
    "to prawdziwy psychodeliczny odlotjak pink floydwięc proszę zapiąć pasychoć nie jestem roger watersktóry pożarł kwasikwitamy raczej w podrzędnej restauracjispeluniepachnie spalonym tłuszczemkoszmarjak freddy"
  • 666 - Angeles Del Infierno
    "Esperndote esta noche siento algo especial El latido de mi corazón a toda velocidad no te Puedo olvidar ni un momento has provocado la locura en mi, tan Solo espero que tu llegues pronto solo quiero estar"
  • 666 - Kat
    "Devil Szatan, Szatan! Zagładą hien Zagładą strugi lat Modlitw na cześć W krwi skąpanych ciał Devil Szatan, Szatan! Myśl słowa draży łeb Twój łeb Szatan, Szatan Z nim konać Nawet żyć Szatan"
  • 666 - I Killed The Prom Queen
    "I curse your name, I curse the earth you travelled With a heart so serrated it draws lacerations across the hands You used to hold so tightly up until now I'm glad farewells were exchanged before today This"
  • 666 - Opał
    "tak wpadłem i pozamiatałem ryzyko popłaca ja się go nie boje bo jeśli upadnę to i tak ma obiecane że i tak zostanę upadłym aniołem barwy czerwone nim ciało zdobione zakładam koronę by potem nawinąć że"
  • Escalation 666 - Helloween
    "Black you stripped me Reveal me the secrets of your pain - painful lies? Life itself that feeds your wisdom Almost everyday you put yourself high on a shelf Whatever you do, whereever you go Never turn"
  • HWY 666 - Corey Taylor
    "I was standing on HWY 666 When the Devil ran me down I was ready to burn Ready to fix When the Devil ran me down He said ‘son Your sou’s as good as mine Just give me more and you’ll be fine I turned"
  • 666 Packs - Tankard
    "We have a deal with Satan A contract signed in Hell We sacrifice a virgin He makes our record sell SATAN! - To Antichrist we pray EVIL! - To hit the charts one day 666 Packs - Seven days of death and pain"
  • 666 Conducer - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    "No one knows her name but they see her youth and use her She's feeling free and everything she sees is truth She's seventeen she's got everything she needs to lose Yeah yeah yeah oh no She's got everyone"
  • Route 666 - L'Arc~En~Ciel
    "Accelerating the revolutions on a burnt out road the engine seems to spit out the fires tandemu and the reaper in turns this feeling of doom at my back, is looking for a chance to get me my deep red girl's"
  • Episode 666 - In Flames
    "Welcome here, the squirrel-wheel begins fasten the left hand belts Remember not to think too much and your trip will be numbingly pleasant Non-caring is the easiest way but to secure a passage to the second"
  • Highway 666 - Knightowl
    "(Host:) Tonight I'm standing on highway 666 Running pretends like the Cortez shipwreck (Mr. Lil One) Stimulated by the slow track, I think I need to go back While I consume many ounces of the con'ag who"
  • Generation 666 - Nekromantix
    "Standing by the alter soaked in sweat Throwing myself into the unknown Jesus leaves his crucifix & comes to life That's when I know I'm not alone Chorus: Bargain with devil to achieve my goal Begging"
  • Auswurf 666 - Untoten
    "Auswurf 666 da hat sich die Klte In ihren morgendlichen Atem eingeschlichen Und als du deine Augen aufmachst Da legt sich ihre harte Hand Wie Eis auf deine Augen, die so blau sind wie die Hoffnung Sie"
  • Agent 666 - Vassago
    "(Lyrics: Turner) (Music: Pepa) In mortal flesh attired, walking on man-made streets Human tongue and human conduct, human manners and human ways Yet the warm white breast holds deep in the chest a ravenous"

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