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Kailee morgue fke

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Kailee morgue fke
  • Kool Keith Morgue
    "Party at the morgue Party at the morgue Party over there! Women know the flame, I can't shame your fame We bought the bottles, club bring in the reign Don Don of Pino, bottle up first Call Vegas"
  • Nasty Savage The Morgue
    "The fear of evil lurks around It's dark it's quiet There's not a sound The dead among you You must be still For when they arise They're out to kill The morgue The morgue The caskets open, you hear them"
  • Sanatorium Dunwich Morgue
    "Bodies laid upon cold steel slabs blood and urine drenching the floor the stench of decay over helms the living as pus seeps from every pour Rusty instruments of healing now devices of torture and suffering as"
  • Lord Gore Morgue Whore
    "You'll never know what I've done. There's no witnesses. Nothing can touch me here, it's my church. Women and children they are my playthings, worship their dead bodies, this is my church. Incision begins"
  • Avulsed Morgue Defilement
    "I Love Dissecting Dead Girl Bodies Their Naked Corpses Excite My Mind The Aroma Of Decomposition Is The Best Aphrodisiac You Can Find With Forceps I Twist Her Nipples I Touch Them Thru My Rubber Gloves I"
  • Wednesday 13 Morgue Than Words
    "Morgue than words When the ambulance arrived There was nothing they could do to save your life There were pieces here and pieces there Found some bubblegum stuck in your hair So much morgue to see So"
  • King Diamond To The Morgue
    "To the morgue... Take him to the morgue To the morgue... Take him to the morgue At Devil Lake Sanitarium Many a patient had died in vain Never a question to be asked, no no Never a thing to explain So"
  • Haemorrhage Morgue Sweet Home
    "Here again ... on my cold mortuary slab In my Anatomy theatre for the final act At the medical scaffold ... I commence My last clinical Opus of Revenge Kept alive for Dissection Methods of surgical brutalism Bizarre"
  • Haemorrhage Unlock the Morgue
    "Inheritor of a hideous past Repulsive legends of forensic autcasts Post-mortem wisdom - ancient legacy The forbidden secrets of pathology On the stage of my psychotic dreams I unlock the insanity ... A"
  • Necrophagia Rue Morgue Disciple
    "Haunting visions Addicted to gore Crimson images Living for horror Fucked up mind (I was) born this way Nightmare concert Cat in the brain Cannibals, torture Blood, guts, gore Giallo, slasher, horror Spiders,"
  • Kool Keith Party In Tha Morgue
    "C'mon, like that y'all C'mon, like that y'all (Party in the morgue) like that y'all (Party in the morgue) like that y'all C'mon (Party in the morgue) like that y'all C'mon (Party in the morgue) like"
  • Night In Gales Right From The Morgue
    "This words cuts deep Right thru the bone Though I've never ever been what this damn rotten word has shown I'm bleedin' backwards Been dead for a while Don't give a fuck Cause I'm dyin' with style And"
  • Exhumed Dinnertime In The Morgue
    "Purulent necromorphism takes hold As curdled innards turn yellowish with mold Autodigestion of entrails and liquefaction Decaying viscera collapse in colonic compaction Sludge and grume - Viscous gore Pyomorphism"
  • Unholy Bands From The Holyland Morgue - The Second Coming
    "As you put your head on your final night Something is wrong, a gloomy light. From the inside comes subconscious cries Now, it's time to close your eyes, The same odd chilly feeling You know so well from"
  • Iron Maiden Murders In The Rue Morgue
    "(Steve Harris) I remember it as plain as day although it happened in the dark of the night. I was strolling through the streets of Paris and it was cold it was starting to rain. And then I heard a piercing"
  • Haemorrhage Set the Morgue on Fire
    "Night has come, It's the right time to escape They are slept...they will never awake Dark Revenge...I will destroy this place Burn it down and run away!! I'll finnish this insanity Incendiary hate inside"
  • Kool Keith Party In Tha Morgue (Club Mix)
    "Party in the morgue.. Party in the morgue (party in the morgue) party in the morgue.. (party in the) Party in the morgue (party in the morgue) party in the morgue.. (party) C'mon! (Party in the"
  • Eric Woolfson The Murders In The Rue Morgue
    "(Extra, extra, read all about it!) They found another victim but she's barely alive (Murder! Murder!) She must have known who done it but she didn't survive (Murder! Murder!) There might have been a dozen,"
  • Dog Fashion Disco 9 To 5 At The Morgue
    "Within the pale white walls, From 9 to 5 Day after day I feel no more alive, Than the stiff that lies the table before me. Wake up too early to twist the key. Stumble on over to the Mr. Coffee."
  • WASP Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue)
    "O.K. boy now here's your deal Will you gamble your life? Sign right here on the dotted line It's the one you've waited for all of your life Ah - will it feed my hunger If I swallow lies right down my"

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