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Kaluch x xovin hot

  • Hot - KALUCH x COVIN
    "Kiedyś ponad prawem dziś nie latam już z towarem po co ziom po co nas policja szuka dalej Wixa na mojej plaży Covin znowu coś smaży każdy jest w stanie, o którym zawsze marzył (x2) Policja nareszcie"
  • X-tra hot - Benzino
    "MT Benzino Daz Dilly Yeah... : Hey I'm back with a hit at then dumpsters plus your speakers dump that real shit to blow out your tweeters pull out your heaters if your cold warm it up get it up"
  • X - Xzibit
    "(feat. Snoop Dogg) Yeah, ladies and gentleman Broadcasting live to you and yours It's Mr. X to the Z, Xzibit Yeah, bounce it Come on The first day of the rest of my life X stand behind the mic like Walker"
  • X - Ja Rule
    "(feat. Missy Elliott, Tweet) C'mon, let's get Pop in love I know you pop-u-lar Admitted the club But I just wanna toss you up Before I Swallow you whole I need to wash it down Tell your girls Avion"
  • Too Hot - Hot Boys
    "(B.G.) I took off, fuck the law Lookin for B.G. Sayin that I killed a nigga around the club last week Left the scene ridin in a big body So I flip and scrip now i'm in da EF three Playin by different bitches"
  • Rated X - Pat Benatar
    "She's a personality, enjoying popularity For making movies Rated X Posing for a magazine, picture in a limousine Someone simulating sex Never thought that she could be Lonely with her vanity Wasted days"
  • X Girlfriend - Mariah Carey
    "X-girlfriend you cant have him Its about time That you found you a new man Hes moved on Dont you know? Dont you know? You gotta let him go Let him go Let him go X-girlfriend you dont listen (X-girlfriend) Stop"
  • X-Files - Terranova
    "Well let's open the fouls on the styles unknown to full blown Brothers that front can get their headblown from the back The turntable terranova hook the track We came to drop the rhymes ill with no slack Came"
  • X-Caliba - Brotha Lynch Hung
    "That motherf**ker kept sniffin for goods Put the plastic in his mouth the back of his neck left And you don't know nuthin but the killa gotta away Before 4.30 in the morning I'm gone in the 6-Tre Wit the"
  • X Pills - Hi-C
    "Ecstasy, ecstasy, ahh Ecstasy, ecstasy, what? Ecstasy, ecstasy, huh Ecstasy... Now it's this little bitty pill that be doin the most Throw it down your throat, chased by Remy and Coke Give it a few"
  • Mister X - Hurriganes
    "Well im lookin at you mama Give a bit your coke Gimme just a little Im fit to take a toke Im leaving for Muskogee An if you wanna go Just tell it to me darlin An we can just blow Well when you sock it"
  • Miss X - Mc5
    "Oh now Yeah Yeah, hey, hey, hey, hey, yeah yeah I, I, I, I, I See you lyin' here You're so close You're so near Causing sensations rollin' through me Comes on strong, feels just like a spell Sensations"
  • Hot Lips - Kelli Ali
    "Hot lips - hot lips - hot lips - hot lips. Shake your voodoo baby Hot lips - hot lips - hot lips - hot lips Shake your voodoo baby Ow you make me wanna call the doctor You're a new disease and i think"
  • So Hot - DJ Clue
    "(feat. Foxy Brown) (And I!) Oooh, Nana (New shit! Foxy Brown!) FO wit the X (So Hot!) Whoa, Brooklyn Alright (Oh!) okay, alright, c'mon Mmm (Fresh out!) I said it's gon' butter (My nigga pretty boy!) Bitch"
  • So Hot - Foxy Brown
    "* the original from dj clue's "professional 2" didn't f/ young gavin Fox so hot.. ya can't f**k wit me Fox so hot.. ya can't f**k wit me Fox so hot.. ya can't f**k wit me Fox so hot.. ya can't f**k"
  • Hot Topic - Le Tigre
    "Hot topic is the way that we rhyme Hot topic is the way that we rhyme One step behind the drum style One step behind the drum style Carol Rama and Elanor Antin Yoko Ono and Carolee Schneeman You're"
  • X-Ray Hamburger - Network
    "(German talking throughout) As they stare into our flesh At the end of what comes next Peering deep into the light X-ray hamburgers tonight Evolution of a race In outer space Running tests upon our"
  • X ray Hamburger - The Network
    "As they stare into our flesh At the end of what comes next Peering deep into the light X-ray hamburgers tonight Evolution of a race In outer space Running tests upon our scars Bits and pieces of our hearts Burnt"
  • Symphony X Major - Xzibit
    "Time to snap out of it, welcome to the real world My life like a Hitchcock flick, stick to the script If she can't stick to the script, stick to this dick How she actin off of the fifth? Ridiculous"
  • Italian X Rays - Steve Miller Band
    "(Steve Miller and Gary Mallaber) I went to bed late last night Pulled down the shade And turned out the light I fell asleep, and I began to dream The most extraordinary beautiful dream Incense and perfume"

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