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Kamikaze emienme

  • Kamikaze - MAJOR SPZ
    "Utwór „Kamikaze” pochodzi z płyty Major SPZ "Lustro" – premiera 17 maja 2019 roku."
  • Kamikaze - PJ Harvey
    "How could that happen? How could that happen again? Where the fuck was I looking When all his horses came in? And he built an army Of kamikaze Ten thousand willing Pilots flying Interfacing Space and beyond Built"
  • Kamikaze -
    "Let it all go Come on and I already know We gotta go, pick up and ride it If we wanna fly free, if we wanna fly free Barbies and dolls, I wanna be facing them all Light up a fire, I need to get in too"
  • Kamikaze - Ambrosia
    "(Puerta - Pack) I've heard them say the war is over But here am I, out flyin' again Who knows if I'm wrong or right But when time has ended this flight, This koan of life will be at an end When you're"
  • Kamikaze - Rhubarb
    "Maybe I can get you in Spend my time on you again Leave our tickets, at the door We're not paying anymore (Chorus) When it's time to go I'll meet you in the parking lot We'll escape, like a Kamikaze But"
  • Kamikaze - PJ Harvey
    "How could that happen? How could that happen again? Where the fuck was I looking When all his horses came in? And he built a whole army Of kamikaze 10,000 willing Pilots flying Interfacing Space"
  • Kamikaze - Walk The Moon
    "here in this room I’m chasing down my demons I can hear them breathing but who knew you would be my comfort you could bring me healing well if my friend’s gonna llet me slide how come you never left my"
  • Kamikaze - Netka
    "Ja – uczuciowy kamikaze Spadam, ryzykując wszystko Nieważne ile stracę Bo wiem że jestem blisko Pierwsze spojrzenie dobrze wiem, Jak rozłożyć karty, zapędzam się Jeno spojrzenie, jedno może dwa Zgarniam"
  • Kamikaze - Young Lungs
    "They all just wanna copy there’s going Kamikaze but they won’t gonna stop me, bitch I am chasing down this money their eyes all upon me my eyes is like cocky I am feeling kinda lucky I be puppy lie his"
  • Kamikaze - Eminem
    "how do i say this? FACT Last year FACT didn’t work so well for me FACT 2018 FACT Yeah FACT I;m a fucking kamikaze crasing into everything you beat me Islamic Nazi that means tere is no such thing I’ve"
  • Kamikaze - Five Iron Frenzy
    "I'm going in (1 2 3 and go) Like a kamikaze (Like Geronimo) A leap of faith (And I finally feel alive) 3 2 1 I'm going in I don't know if it's just me But it seems that things aren't changing Every day"
  • Kamikaze - Lucio Dalla
    "gi tardi, lalba lo so, anchio apro gli occhi e ci sei, plano so che ti piace far piano annuso un poco il tuo odore, sai di pane domenica e ho fame, prendo il casco e parto sicuro io pilota e tu lass"
  • Kamikaze - King Adora
    "Alone is the place I've made my home And it's all I've known Learn to like myself Before I start Please, I've been too long on my knees And it cuts, cuts deep I deny myself To hang my heart Tell me am"
  • Kamikaze - Amaral
    "Para ahuyentar la soledad Para espantar la decepción Porque estas ansias de vivir No caben en una canción Porque no importa el por venir Creímos en el rock and roll Por eso estamos aquí Equivocados"
  • Kamikaze - MC Lyte
    "Outside of me, you try to picture me Young and black, that ain't no mystery But inside runs deep like an ocean You couldn't understand if I spoke in slow motion I'm tryin like hell to get some results But"
  • Kamikaze - Liars Academy
    "It's news to me With my head against the wall Feeling beat But not beaten up at all Right now I remember these things That make me think about you Right now I remember these thins They all connect Let"
  • Kamikaze - Oxymoron
    "Living in a shell had never been a thing for me Safe in private places you just ponder what's to be I'm in need of action but you rather fade away Living in your own world where you keep to things you"
  • Kamikaze - Quincy Punx
    "My life is such a fucking bore I laugh so hard I'm gonna choke I think I'm gonna end it all By shooting up a shopping mall I'll go out in a blaze of glory I'll be a front page headline story Take"
  • Kamikaze! - Samsas Traum
    "Mach' mal Deine Augen auf, Hey, dies ist kein Traum! Hinter Deinem Wandschrank Existiert ein zweiter Raum! Und aus jeder Zimmerecke Macht Dich so ein Wesen an und sagt: Sprenge Deine Ketten, Du alleine"
  • Kamikaze - D'espairs Ray
    "Heion ni naresugite tousou honnou mahishiteru Yukan na ijin no chi wo tsugu mono yo Motto motto I want to fly so high Kitto tadoritsuku hazu Im leaving Itsuka dare mo mugen no kaze ni naru Dakara ikita"

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