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Kane widows

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Kane widows

  • Black Widows - Grave Digger
    "Out of the cold, they are rising up Nameless creatures, bent on revenge They follow blind, a senseless idol Their religion is black and suicidal Black is the colour Black is their mind BRINGER OF CHAOS OF"
  • Widows Peak - Dashboard Confessional
    "You will wait in the widows peak And while you watch the ships come in I will take the early train And I will take the back streets Down to New Orleans Before the avenues are swallowed By the morning"
  • Widows' Wead - Laika
    "Waitin" til my dyin' day That's when I pack these tired blues away That's when I go to lay down in my grave That'll be my flyin' day Wondering what I'm workin' for Ain't gonna be your lowdown dog no more Ain't"
  • Against Widows - Amorphis
    "The Devil weds a widow Death another's leftovers Better to lie on a willows Rest on alder boughs Than upon a widow's bed On a used woman's pillow Sweeter the side of a fence Than a widow's flank Softer"
  • Kane & Abel - Kane & Abel
    "Kane and Abel, who you ridin' with Kane and Abel, and who we thuggin' with Kane and Abel strikes back again Kane and Abel, who is this Kane and Abel, who you ridin' with Kane and Abel strikes back again "
  • Fresco Kane - Fresco Kane
    "Ay d'S ..on the line change my life I've been dope boy fresh like my whole life fresh cocaine what the hoes scream got em addicted to me like I'm go game drug shit yeah our whole way told east ain't side"
  • Widows And Orphans - Seven Witches
    "Alone... When it's all good on your horizon Seems you could never lose your tomorrows Born into this world the same as you are now Alone and crying Squirming and sorrow For you I grieve Widows and orphans I"
  • Seven Widows Weep - Sirenia
    "Seven sailors from the North Set their sails for the isle of Rott Then their heading turns southwest For adventure and conquest Seven sailors head southwest as the wind Fills their sails On a journey"
  • Flirting With Widows - Kids In Glass Houses
    "Leave the drunks to the crown please dont leave me on my own wait for crossed fingers some day to afford sad girls crossed legs another teenage bore sad girls please don't leave me on my own wait for I"
  • Candy Kane - Ceasars Palace
    ""Sometimes I feel like im drifting to far I think Im losing site of the shore But my sweet girl she will catch up all And then Im not so lost anymore Ohh My Candy Kane My sugar love ohh my Ohh my Candy"
  • Candy Kane - Caesars
    "Sometimes I feel like I'm drifting too far I think I'm loosing sight of the shore But my sweet girl she will catch my fall And then I'm not so lost any more You're my candy kane My sugar love Oooh my! Oooh"
  • Widows Mite (Chapter Eleven) - Hades
    "Beware of the scribes Parading in robes The heavier the sentence They'll follow in droves You claim you are He The time is at hand The Earth shakes my bones I don't understand If you listen to me You'll"
  • Kandy Kane - Will Hoge
    "this one quiet till she came to town oh but everything was different the moment that her feet touched town the green lights all were red and the boys all should've been we heard her when she said that"
  • Erica Kane - Urge Overkill
    "Erica Kane another Emmy's passed you by Erica Kane if joy was pain you had to cry Erica if I was the man to dry your eyes Erica Kane(3x) See my life flash by just watching Erica Seen the whole world through"
  • Sugar Kane - Sonic Youth
    "You're perfect in the way, a perfect end today You're burning out their lights, and burning in their eyes I love you Sugar Kane, a-comin' from the rain Oh kiss me like a frog, and turn me into flame I"
  • Emily Kane - Art Brut
    "I was your boyfriend when we were 15 It's the happiest that I've ever been Even though we didn't understand How to do much more than just hold hands There's so much about you I miss The clumsy way we used"
  • Erica Kane - Aaliyah
    "laughing ahhh... Erica Kane.. oh, oh, oh, Erica Kane She back on the streets and for the night Fill you grief She cuts like a knife Make you do things that no others could do She'll turn a professor"
  • Citizen Kane - The Byrds
    "Written by Skip Battin and Kim Fowley Fat ugly fat man swam In a red tire made of stone, A painted lady paddled next to him With two poodles on her lap. Garbo quietly picked a flower While the chauffeur"
  • Erica Kane - B5
    "Yeah, Uh Uh Yeah, Uh Uh Yeah, Uh Uh Yeah, Uh Uh You are now tuned in To WBBR The Black Baby Radio Have you ever met a girl that gave you the drop jaw You be staring so hard you could walk into a brick"
  • Nellie Kane - Phish
    "As a young man I went riding Out on the western plain In the state of North Dakota I met my Nellie Kane I met my Nellie Kane She was living in a lonely cabin With a son by another man Five years she"

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