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Kardinal Offishall Ft. Pitbull

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Kardinal Offishall Ft. Pitbull

  • Sooner Or Later (feat. Kardinal Offishall) - Raghav
    "Yeah Don't know sooner or later Everything is greater you know Raghav Kardinal Offishall aka celebrity face is on the place Se that own that see me black chase is the chain stupid Yeah Lisa likes my ride"
  • Kardinal - Aeternitas
    "Ecclesiae gratus fui per papam piliatus Mortis protervam nunc stringor adire catervam 'Springet auf mit euerm roten hut Her kardinal, der tanz ist gut Ir habt gesegnet wol die leien Ir mst nun mit den"
  • Helpless ft Pitbull - Backstreet Boys
    "I wake up every morning and see your face lying right beside me it fills the space in my heart I can't live without you don't wanna figure right how to and every time I lay my head down to sleep the emptiness"
  • Exotic (ft. Pitbull) - Priyanka Chopra
    "Cool Me Down I'm Feeling So Exotic Yaa Right Now I'm Hotter Than The Tropics Take Me Down Oh My Cuba Baby Let's Go La-Love Me All The Way O Rio Desi Girl I'm Feeling So Exotic Baby It's So Beautiful, Must"
  • Booty (ft. Pitbull) - Jennifer Lopez
    "Big, big booty What you got a big booty Big, big booty What you got a big booty Big, big booty What you got a big booty Big, big booty What you (Ain’t that a freak) Big, big booty What you got a big booty (My"
  • Lady (ft. Pitbull) - Austin Mahone
    "Lady Hear me tonight 'Cos my feeling Is just so right As we dance By the moonlight Can't you see You're my delight Lady I just feel like I won't get you Out of my mind I feel loved For the first time And"
  • Bedroom (ft. Qwote & Pitbull) - REDD
    "Can I get a bedroom Manco? just can't get enough girl I want more from when you feel between the seas tonight is more than I can ask for Can I get a bedroom on board just cant get enough girl I want more from"
  • Feel Alive (ft. Pitbull) - Fergie
    "I tell truth even when I lie Take a deep look in my eyes All you know and see is fine Let’s wake up the world, let’s ride, dale Wake me up in the morning Slow me down in the evening Get me whatever you"
  • Can't Believe It (ft. Pitbull) - Flo Rida
    "I Can’t Believe It White girl got some ass I wanna see it Black girl got a ass It ain’t a secret Baby turn around I wanna see it, tryin’ to see it, gotta see it I wanna see that babu I am bam, baram bam"
  • Live It Up (ft. Pitbull) - Jennifer Lopez
    "From the streets of Miami, to presenting at the Grammys Con el multito de Jennifer, maybe now you understand me Clap your hands, go clap your hands, go clap your hands to the beat /2x Mr. Worldwide,"
  • There She Goes (Ft. Pitbull) - Taio Cruz
    "There She Goes Looking Like A Star With Her Body Shaped Like A Rock Guitar There She Goes... Like A Shooting Star Make You Wanna Play Makes All The Boys Them Say Redone, Taio Cruz Mr. Worldwide Yeah,"
  • I'm All Yours (ft. Pitbull) - Jay Sean
    "I’m all yours tonight Got a feeling that I can’t deny Everything about gets me high Girl I want this for the rest of my life I’m all yours Success is here, and she don’t play I’m ready for her, though,"
  • Can I Get (ft. Pitbull) - T-Pain
    "Can I get that? I know I said I’ll never ever drink again (again again) But now I feel like I never had before I’ll get out on the floor and show them what is wrong Draw to get that Grammy Can I get that"
  • On Wid Da Show - Kardinal Offishall
    "It was a cool and lonely Offishall style that coerced her to smile Chalk another to the file Quest for breasts, my intent to impress the mistress So cess broke the ice like Gretzky I told she give me your"
  • Numba 1 (tide Is High) - Kardinal Offishall ft. Rihanna
    "(Kardinal Offishall) Life is up everybody (Rihanna) The tide is high but I'm holding on I'm gonna be your numba 1 I'm gonna want numba 1 (Kardinal Offishall) She just my one time lover Pretty little thing Nothin"
  • Only Love (ft. Pitbull & Gene Noble) - Shaggy
    "(Yo it's Pitbull) Mr. Worldwide Let's tell the world how powerful love it (Now we spread love around the world) Round and round and round we go Waiting for the wind to blow As we walk the streets alone Only"
  • We Run The Night (Ft. Pitbull) - Havana Brown
    "When the sun goes down down down down Boy you’re afraid of die die And when the lights go out out out out Tell me do you know where to start. And when the gets loud loud loud That is when i feel apart And"
  • Mr. Put It Down (ft. Pitbull) - Ricky Martin
    "I'm not tryna get in your head And I'm not tryna push your limits Cause I just wanna make you feel special A ittle fun, little love, little dancing Who has to love to live in We got the nigh right now We"
  • All Of The Girls (ft. Pitbull) - Cris Cab
    "When It comes to girls They say: If you turn down, you can only get one But if you walk down you can get them all Imagine if you crawl\all of the girls say Ooooo It’s Mister W.W. ohhh Putting ot down"
  • Sexy People (The FIAT Song) (ft. Pitbull) - Arianna
    "When I hear the ocean calling and I feel my spirit falling I remember old.. where I'd fall in love with you. Lovin' romance in the garden Yes! It's the immigrants, taking over. Mister World Wide, fly"

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