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Kari Amirian Fightback

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Kari Amirian Fightback

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Kari Amirian Fightback
  • Kari Amirian Fightback
    "You have to be successful Must outperform the rest Have brains like a rocket scientist You've got to be the best You must be fit and perfect Got looks like a TV star Have a thousand friends on facebook And"
  • Stephen Bishop Kari
    "Song: Kari Artist: Stephen Bishop Album: Bowling in Paris (1989) Composer: Bishop/Spiro Every time I get close to you You pull further away Don't say you got something better to do Y' know I want you to"
  • Asia Kari-Anne
    "Heart and soul You took me in a special way No time at all My feelings were just blown away Angel in red I couldn't take my eyes off you A golden chance Into the light out of the blue This is the time The"
  • BARTAS x KARI Podziemie (PROD. KARI)
    "Ja nadal bragga nie składam Bo nie mam prawa do bragga I to jest taka uwaga Ta sprawa wymaga mnie Mam tu dramat od rana Bo słyszę … A dyskografia podziemia To ja się pytam: gdzie? Tak się składa, zakładam Ze"
  • BARTAS x KARI Ściśle (prod. Kari)
    "Ka do A do eR do i na majku, rok kolejny wypełniam te kartki każdy ma swe IQ, kmiń te wersy, propsuj albo zadrwij wokół te gwiazdy, robią swoje, chuj mnie to tak jak to za kogo masz mnie, robie rap a"
  • Miyavi Jingle Bell (Kari)
    "Mou fureru koto naindayo. Datte konayuki no ouchi ga aru desho. Sore ni, makka na ohana no SANTAsan ni higemukui nara no tonakai ga. Sore jyaappari yakubushoku desuka? Yuki ga konkon to. Anata ha kongon"
  • Kari Amirian The Winter Is Back
    "Helpless like a dying tree Dried out of hope and tears She's grieving over What was meant to last Now's crashed into iceberg Crumbled to the dust Trapped under ice Losing the will to fight She isn't crying Just"
  • Kari Amirian Jump Into My Heart And Stay
    "I feel empty like a robot I can't smile or even cry But something moves me from the inside Oh, it's started Yeah, it's started I see desert all around me Blank space that only you can fill Strong wind's"
  • Kari Amirian Stronghold
    "I hear the warrior's drums Rolling like a distant thunder Oooh oh oh they're waiting Oooh oh oh with me Crows with their beating wings Roaring from every angle Oooh oh oh they're coming Oooh oh oh for"
  • Kari Amirian Saving Grace
    "There are the times When I fell like music has a hollow ring There are the days When the air is solid as a stone You are the saving grace Though day is over I've got your love Love to keep me warm Everything"
  • Kari Amirian Paint The Sky
    "Rainbows and northern lights I made to awe you Mountains and waterfalls To elevate your scope I gave you a pair of eyes So you could see the wonders And walk so full of life Power and hope Paint the sky A"
  • Kari Amirian My Favourite Part
    "I like the california sky I like the people passing by I like to shout on New Year's Eve I like the way we live and the ice cream bars I like you playing your gitaur and when you call from afar I like"
  • Kari Amirian Dreamer
    "When it snows or rains Through his eyes it's still a sunny day I never know What my dreamer will come up with this time Money's short tough time He buys candies for our only dime "God supplies" says"
  • Kari Amirian Anew
    "I stand still face lashed by the rushing wind Try to pray but my voice evaporates I just said the words never to be said Made my baby cry I stand against the wall Looking up for hope Mercy comes again Everytime"
  • Kari Amirian A Poem
    "I've been staring up at the sky Spotting a place I could hide in Without a reason or rhyme I found your eyes looking at me Now you're lying here beside me And you feel my beating heart Love's a poem,"
  • Kari Amirian A Little B.
    "She walked a foot above the ground Seldom stuck her head out of the clouds Dreaming life while awake She'd drift away and talk to stars Give answers after count to five And dance her longing away She"
  • KARI Whispering Trees
    "("Whispering Trees" to piosenka, którą KARI wykonuje podczas koncertów. Utwór nie został dotąd opublikowany na żadnej płycie.)"
  • KARI Talk To Me
    "„I Am Fine”, trzeci studyjny album Kari ukaże się 9 czerwca. Znajdzie się na nim 11 utworów nagranych w jednym z najlepszych studiów w Europie – Custom34. Już 29 maja premiera teledysku do pierwszego"
  • Kari Peitsamo Koottava Lasinen Muurahaispes
    "Kun tytin kymmenen muut pojat lahjaks saivat lennokin vaan mulle koottava lasinen muurahaispes heti aamulla sen kokosin ja kannan siihen istutin ja illalla jo nhd sain kun muurahaiset parettain lauloi,"
  • KARI Hurry Up
    "You’ve been waiting for too long You need to hurry, hurry, hurry up now Now I am standing on the edge I’m not afraid, I should jump Tell me why you stopped fighting Now I can let you stay I am afraid"

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