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Kasia Dereń - Just a few words

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Kasia Dereń - Just a few words

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Kasia Dereń - Just a few words
  • Kasia Dereń Just A Few Words
    "A thousand questions inside my mind though I know for you I always tried only the wind could see my sad eyes and you were the one who couldn’t realise maybe it was a dream that should belong to me but"
  • Burning Heads Few Words
    "what i want is just to talk to you, few words could make a chance. what i need is just to look at you in your eyes, there's maybe a chance what i want is a exchange here i am, still with these walls around"
  • Ben Sollee A Few Honest Words
    "If you're going to lead my country, If you're gonna say it's free, I'm gonna need a little honesty Just a few honest words It shouldn't be that hard Just a few honest words is all I need I don't need"
  • Billie Myers A Few Words Too Many
    "Wait a minute What did you say Did I hear you say There's no real reason left for you to stay? Under your breath I hear your soft voice break Can we still be friends I hear you talking but you're just"
  • Myers Billie A Few Words Too Many
    "Did i hear you say There's a real reason there for you to stay Under your breath i hear your soft voice pray That we'll still be friends I hear you talking but you're just not makin' sense I've been hopin'"
  • Archive So Few Words
    "So few words So few words We are movin' round to the hour Force from the power Thunder reigns down in a mass mind shower Levellin' vibes unravellin' scribes Take a venomous sting that's unsettlin' But"
  • Petra Homeless Few
    "Words by Bob Hartman Based on Luke 10:30-37, 1 John 3:17 Where are the amber waves of grain When one of our homeless native sons has hunger pain Under the overpass they build a fire for heat They"
  • Agnes Carlsson Privileged Few
    "You're such a capable tragedy to me now Why can't you just see? I'm not sure you feel the way I do You always get attention it was to hide your apprehension Don't lean on me, don't lean on me Why does"
  • The Ditty Bops Unfortunate Few
    "Oh you unfortunate few Nobody's listening to me It came at a time when I just started To say something interesting Bubbling thoughts I've been thinking a lot But I don't write them down with a smile"
  • Nothingface So Few
    "i alone cry beside her pushed away once too often face that lie vision changes shade is ice the words are poison changes made now why can't i fill the face in the mirror what i want still you won't give but"
  • Cowboy Junkies A Few Simple Words
    "What does he see in those mashed potatoes? What secrets does he hold that can be so grim? The silence like a canyon dividing them He's on one side she's opposite him Trying so desperately to get his attention. She"
  • Blenders Kasia
    "Wino będzie? Będzie A będzie muza? Będzie Chcecie jechać? Chętnie Kasia, dziś urodziny ma Kasia ma urodziny. I wszyscy..... Kasia dziś urodziny ma Kasia ma urodziny, urodziny Niech żyje nam... Gdzie"
  • Randy Newman A Few Words In Defense Of Our Country
    "I'd like to say a few words In defense of our country Whose people aren't bad nor are they mean Now the leaders we have While they're the worst that we've had Are hardly the worst this poor world has seen Let's"
  • Tabu Kasia
    "Popuścił lejce gość Ten klub był pełen dziewczyn A z dziewczynami mu słabo szło Przy barze stała Kasia Na niej zawiesił wzrok Zamiast do Kasi iść Chłopak przechylił sto Barman Barman, jeszcze raz to samo"
  • The Ordinary Boys A Few Home Truths
    "When its sunny it rains When it rains it pours I can't remember what I came here for But when I see the look That's in your eyes I bit my tongue and its lie upon lie Were all so sex obsessed Were so"
  • T-Bone A Few Good Men
    "Strap up the boots, I'm ready to shoot Load the ammo, Bone Soprano wit glocks and green camo I play rappers like they grand pianos, a general Call shots like I'm Joe Bonanno, what, The West is back"
  • Caroline Lavelle Forget The Few
    "The whole world holds its breath at the place where your fingertips touch my hair and my heart turns over the first time i dare hold your eyes with mine: forget the few, be one, just once tonight. you"
  • Hell Is For Heroes Few Against Many
    "Found my resolve To stick to my ground To stand up and shout But i just can't make a sound Caught by the man You tripped out of line You spoke out of turn But you could not find the words Like"
  • Dave Dudley Just A Few More Miles
    "Well I'm all packed up and I'm almost ready to go This big G-model runs every way but slow When I get tired while I'm on the way instead of stoppin' I always say Just a few more miles and I'll rest for"
  • Bright Eyes A Few Minutes On Friday
    "she kills, with foreign films, the emptiness of day to day and i wait until the weekend comes so i can clear this uselessness from my brain i count the days until she arrives those precious minutes when"

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