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Kat Dahlia - Crazy

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Kat Dahlia - Crazy

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Kat Dahlia - Crazy
  • G-Unit Kitty kat
    "[50 Cent (Tony Yayo)](Yeah, yeah) Yeah (G-UNIT!!)My Polo on (check) my Dolce on (check)It's my crew and Polow Da DonI get that kitty ma (yeah!) I get that cash booShake that kitty girl, shake that ass"
  • Angela Aki Dahlia
    "Hajimete aishita hito wa naka-naka wasurerarenai Niwa ni saite iru DAHLIA mite omoidasu no Ano koro wa uiuishiku futari tomo senobi o shite Otonabutta yakusoku o kuchi ni shite ita Yoruosokute mo anata"
  • Phish Dahlia
    "Dahlia and I were taking a bath And Dahlia was smoking a cigar And she said to me "I bet you've never taken a bath With a girl smoking a cigar before" And she told me all about her car accident She was"
  • X Japan Dahlia
    "Do nothing but cry day and night kakoto mirai no hazama de kawaranai omoi kirei-nau so ni kaete mo .....Alone hatashinai yo sora ni nagareru namida o dakishimete moo ichido Oh my DAHLIA ! kokoro nurasu"
  • Kat Dahlia Gangsta
    "You say you a gangsta, that don’t impress me none You say you a gangsta, ain’t seen a thing you done I do it all on myself, I ain’t getting help From no one, from no one Yeah I’m young, 21, living in"
  • Lao Che Kat
    "Niech będzie przeklęty przez usta Siedmiu Aniołów,którzy przewodzą przez siedem dni tygodnia i przez usta tych aniołów,które po nich następują i walczą pod ich sztandarem.Niech będzie przeklęty przez Czterech"
  • Faydee Nobody (ft. Kat Deluna & Leftside)
    "Look around It's Faydee and the lady Kat Deluna Ok., Leftside, Leftside Your love, your type is the only thing I need Right here in my life You're the only one for me No more lonely nights Girl, you"
  • The Smashing Pumpkins My dahlia
    "To taste my fearSummon up your demons, dearI left you open, wonderingWhen you lie to break my heartMy dahliaMy dahlia dearMy dahliaMy dahlia dear I'll break intoLosing in my choices madeMy wordsMy promiseSay"
  • Today Is The Day Black Dahlia
    "I want to taste naked fixation oh I am so hell bent I should kill her I should wound her I'll wax tha' Bitch, who I'm talking to who I'm Sleeping with who I'm smokin with I was afraid to unlock the door Like"
  • Anthrax Black Dahlia
    "Hardcase Fistful of brass Double barrelled pistons and a tank full of gas He's a heavyweight Enforcer inside Like a man in the chair he's gonna go for a ride Break him Take him down Squeeze him, watch"
  • Lonely Kings Black Dahlia
    "Starve for there's no lack of money Thrown every coin in the well Fired for a speech, an impertinent lecture Jumped 30 stories to tell Save up for life in the fast lane You put your Mercedes for sale Spent"
  • Hollywood Undead Black Dahlia
    "I loved you, you made me, hate me. You gave me hate, see?. It saved me and these tears are deadly. You feel that? I rip back, every time you tried to steal that. You feel bad? You feel sad? I'm sorry,"
  • Great Kat Kat Possessed
    "KAT possessed your body And your soul Now you shall obey me and be my slave! First, you shall beg and grovel Then you shall do what I say! That's right! Blind devotion! OH, YE KAT - POSSESSED SLAVE! Roll"
  • Great Kat Kat-Abuse
    "Music and Lyrics by THE GREAT KAT ARE YOU READY TO BE ABUSED BY THE GREAT KAT????!!!! AH! I want to ABUSE you! Now I get to lock up and hurt you endlessly I love the pleasure You love the pain KAT-ABUSE! AH!"
  • Dahlia Iis I'll Be Your Love - Dahlia
    "I'll be your love Anata e no ai o chigau Afureteku omoi o Ashita mo utau Fuanya mayoi ni kokoro ga yureru Akirame kaketa toki ni Soredemo mae ni mukatte susumu Sono tsuyosa omotte Tadori tsukeruyo, shinjireba"
  • Darin Breathing Your Love (featuring Kat DeLuna)
    "Baby you, is the diamond that lasts forever And I just can't take a single step without you Baby to you, I'll always be a faithful lover 'Cause my heart can't make a single beat without you You make me"
  • Lamb Of God The Black Dahlia
    "I am the ones & the zerosthat control commerce & file you silently far away. I am the children starving in the gutter bellies full of unabated poverty. I am nihilism no future base instinct realized environmental"
  • Beyonce Kitty kat
    "You know I hate sleepin alone But you said that you would soon be home but baby that was along time ago I'm not feelin it. I'm not feelin it On top of you not callin me back I bet you think it's all on"
  • Beyonce Kitty kat
    "You know I hate sleeping alone But you said that you would soon be home But baby that was a long time ago I'm not feelin' it [2x] On top of you not calling me back You see I bet you think it's all on track"
  • Wim Sonneveld Onze Kat
    "Ik heb niet veel contact met onze Mies Want Mies vindt in principe alles vies Ze lijkt een beetje op Brigitte Bardot Maar verder is ze helemaal niet zo Ze kijkt je aan met die omfloerste blik Alsof ze"

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