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Katelyn traver

  • Tell Him-Katelyn - American Juniors
    "i know something about love You've gotta want it bad If that guy's got into your blood Go out and get him If you want him to be The very part of you Makes you want to breathe Here's the thing to do CHORUS Tell"
  • On The Radio-Katelyn Tarver - American Juniors
    "Someone found a letter you wrote me on the radio And it told the world just how you felt It must have fallen out of a hole in your old brown overcoat They never said your name But I knew just who they"
  • Have You Ever-Katelyn Tarver - American Juniors
    "Sometimes, it's wrong to walk away Though you think it's over Knowing, there's so much more to say Suddenly the moment's gone And all your dreams are upside down And you just wanna change the way the world"
  • Ain't No Mountain High Enough-Katelyn Tarver - American Juniors
    "If you need me, call me. No matter where you are, no matter how far. Just call my name. I'll be there in a hurry. On that you can depend and never worry. You see, my love is alive it's like a seed"
  • Never Had A Dream Come True- Katelyn Tarver - American Juniors
    "Everybody's got something they have to leave behind One regret from yesterday that just seems to grow with time There's no use looking back or wondering How it could be now Or might of been Oh this i"
  • I'll Never Fall In Love Again - Katelyn Tarver - American Juniors
    "What do you get when you fall in love A guy with a pin to burst your bubble That's what you get for all your trouble I'll never fall in love again I'll never fall in love again Don't tell me what it's"
  • Chasing Echoes - Katelyn Tarver
    "Like a photo Like a second thought Always silent I just think a lot I still wonder Am I still stuck in your head In your head Like I'm waiting Like I'm strained to feel I can't understand I wanted"
  • Rain - Katelyn Tarver
    "just don't know if I can deal Are you really into me Cuz I know I'm into you But I don't wanna take another step Until you say ya feel it too It looks like rain And that's alright with me I'm standin"
  • Wonderful Crazy - Katelyn Tarver
    "Welcome to a new day Don't know whats on the way But whatever it is I'll be ready On your mark get set go Here's the show and the road But with you it's a load I can carry And with each breath I would"
  • Us Against the World - Mitchel Musso ft. Katelyn Tarver
    "Do you ever feel like me (like me) The walls are closing in between Just breathe (just breathe) I wait every single moment Of every day just to see your face Why cant they just let us be, yeah CHORUS Oh,"
  • Do Ya Love Me? - American Juniors
    "Aj: Broke my heart, 'cause I Couldn't Dance Morgan: You didn't even, want me around Chauncy: But now I'm back, to let you know (Boys) I can really shake 'um down. (Boys): Do ya love me? (Girls): I can"
  • Unfaith - Shinhwa
    "(Rap) Eric) Yo, sesangi geokkuro anbakkeuro dolgi shijakhaenne na pinteuga (ping ~) naga mami apa. Mami and Papa mollae bakkeul naga dapttaphan mam sul deuribu-eo pakppak joha nuga igina boja sul anim"
  • Kids In America(Cd Version) - American Juniors
    "(Chantel) looking out a dirty old window down below the cars in the city go rushing by I sit here alone and I wonder why (lucy) Friday night and everyone's moving I can feel the heat but it's soothing"
  • Libertad - Soprano
    "depuis la premiere fois ou j'l'ai vu j'ai son image grav en moi j'ai meme l'impression qui m'parle parfoi les yeux ouvert quand jgarde les yeux ferm il est toujour la devan moi cet enfan militaire cet"
  • Hate The Way (ft. blackbear) - G-Eazy
    "Yeah, I hate the way, the way i always miss you Yeah, i know i am crazy, but you’re sick too Even after everything we’ve been through Though i was the one with all the issues And every time i leave , it’s"

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