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Katherine langford

  • Katherine - Kill Hannah
    "one upon a time there was a little girl she took her mom's purse and went around the world grew up and she's totally crazed she said kiss me you got the sweetest smile you got the sweetest smile i'm gonna"
  • Katherine, Please - Tokyo Rose
    "Hey, wait. Before you walk out for the last time, would you do me this favor? Hey, wait. Before you walk out for the last time, would you do me this favor? And take, take this paring knife, and thrust"
  • Katherine Kiss Me - Franz Ferdinand
    "Katherine kiss me Slip your little lips will split me Split me where your eye wont hit me Yes, I love you, I mean I Id love to get to know you Sometimes I say the stupid things I think, I mean I Sometimes"
  • Katherine Of Oregon - Al Stewart
    "When I get even more old than I am now I'll have a house overlooking the water I'll read all the books that I never got 'round to And pile my suitcases up in the corner The lights of the city they blink"
  • Katherine the Grateful - Knapsack
    "Well know that, I know this That they'll want control of you And hope that but notice But you know they never do And there are better days waiting for everyone Slow starts, cold hearts will always be"
  • Katherine in the Trunk - The GazettE
    "mou? katte ni nigenai de watashi no mae de wa amaeteru dake de ii no mou? hitori ni shinai de hontou wa watashi ga amaetai dake kashira mou? katte ni nigenai de nakitai toki dake? semete tonari ni"
  • Katherine In The Trunk (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "Don't run away on your own anymore You just have to keep depending on me when you're with me Don't leave me alone anymore Is it just that I want to depend on you? Don't run away on your own anymore I"
  • Treat Me Like A Lady - Katherine
    "Baby can we talk Theres a thing on my mind Better hear me out This time I dont wanna rewind I have had enough Of the lies in the game You will be surprised Of the rules that are gonna be changed No more"
  • Ultrasonic - Katherine
    "Sharper than a razor Faster than a laser beam Harder than a diamond More addictive than nicotine But hey, Im only getting started The partys creeping up on me Yeah, I wanna get it started I think its time,"
  • Ayo technology - Katherine
    "She work it girl, she work the pole She break it down, she take it low She fine as hell, she about the dough She doing her thing out on the floor Her money money, she makin' makin' Look at the way she"
  • Back Off - Katherine
    "A thorn in my eye A fly in my Chardonnay You disturb my inner peace With all those meaningless things you say Dont smother me Dont even try Im tired of your phoney smile No regrets this is goodbye Back"
  • Burn It Down - Katherine
    "Lets burn the place down From the rooftop to the ground Woke up feeling hot this morning Nasty dreams were on my mind And that kinky vibe keeps on itching It just grows on me in time So lets get our bodies"
  • Don't Put It On Me - Katherine
    "Roll by, flying high, throw my hands into the sky Sway my body left of the scene Relax, back on track, cruising in a Cadillac Dens a card thats stamped with my dreams I opened my eyes, no need to rewind I"
  • Everywhere I Go - Katherine
    "It's funny how you think you really know yourself Like you would never lose yourself to someone else And I was up to thinking it was all about you and me Silly, silly me.. I should have never listened"
  • He's Not Like You - Katherine
    "If love is blind then how did it find us If love is blind then how did it blind us Is he not what you want not rich enough Can't you see what I feel its real Is he not who you thought I would end up with Don't"
  • Here come all the boys - Katherine
    "Had my love and not care to mention Broke the rules of natural selection Tried so hard to get my attention Missed the mature brand new obsession Join the peepshow Quit should go slow Jump the intro Its"
  • Live Wire - Katherine
    "I'm gonna find myself a call box I'm gonna spin myself around I'm a super power manga Gonna come out feeling stronger I'll kick it all over town I'm gonna get myself a mission Cause the people wanna get"
  • Loose My Mind - Katherine
    "You got your back against the wall I can see I like a guy if he keeps staring at me I get caught up in your game should I hide My naughty thoughts Ill go to bed with tonight You want me to dance I know"
  • New Day - Katherine
    "Time to go, time to pack my bags and leave. Now I know, I was too young, too naive. I could stay, but then I`m stuck on yesterday. I can`t wait to see what this one holds for me. It`s a new day, and it"
  • No Strings Attached - Katherine
    "I got a clean house, but a dirty mind I gotta get out, and get unwind Dont wanna be in love Just wanna get some blush On my cheek bones I wanna get some Biting the corners, of my lower lip I got my eye"

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