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Katie Melua - Faraway Voice

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Katie Melua - Faraway Voice

  • Faraway Voice - Katie Melua
    "Whoo Faraway voice, We can hear you whoo voice, What's it like to be heard, But from you not a word, Are you over those hills, Do you still hum the old melodies, Do you wish people listened, Over"
  • Faraway Land - Alison Krauss
    "(one...two...three...four...) When years seem like days to me, No time on my hands. I run away to a place in me to a faraway land. When home seems so far from me, Heaven's lights grow dim. It's just"
  • Faraway - ABC
    "What a state to be in It's a world of indecision So self destructive And such an ugly business In and out of fashion You always leave your mark An indefinite decision A dangerous remark ** When you're"
  • Faraway - Demis Roussos
    "There's a lucky man who'll take you faraway, faraway, so very very faraway he will come some day To another land he'll take you faraway faraway, so very very faraway this will come they say Nobody knows,"
  • Faraway - Gala
    "It's your name I hear It's not my head's whid Like the many tears I shed It's your name I call Your name I read My prayer My creed It's your name I hate Because I love you still And I can't live this way It's"
  • Faraway - Eiffel 65
    "Cause When Im Faraway I Float Away I Try And Try Again Nothing Brings Me Back On Earth Im Leaving Far Away So Far Away And Gone And Gone Again Im Here But My Minds Gone Away Cause When Im Far Away I Float"
  • Faraway - Alex Lloyd
    "Close to the box Received transmission One thousand scenes of dramavision Oh yeah It's making me laugh, it's making me cry Blurred red dots when i close my eyes Oh yeah You're so far away and i'm still"
  • Faraway - Sleater-Kinney
    "7:30am Nurse the baby on the couch Then the phone rings "Turn on the TV" Watch the world explode in flames And don't leave the house And the sky overhead Is silent, waiting Clear blue holds its breath And"
  • Faraway - Apocalyptica
    "There is something in the way You're always somewhere else Feelings have deserted me To a point of no return I don't believe in Gods But I pray for you Don't you slip away from me It's you I live for Don't"
  • Katie - Kelly Jones
    "Katie got a ride home She couldn't afford the fare She offered the taxi driver Her body then and there The driver took advantage The cab was dark and cold Katie got her kicks that way Searching for her"
  • Katie - Missy Higgins
    "Katie was a little girl who said "I'll find a way". Katie was a little girl who said "it'll be ok". Till one day she found a little bit of something she used to drown. She said "I'm alive and I am free,"
  • Katie - Deana Carter
    "Katie likes to run around In cotton panties and a crown She driving all the boys insane Suckin' on a candy cane... She likes to play the tambourine Her favorite color's Army green She's a vegetarian; she's"
  • Katie - Ghost Of The Robot
    "I'm through with pastry, No more sticky bun cherry tarts I want a good girl, one who rocks but has a decent heart Well I've been waiting Now I'm sick of that I think I saw you... Katie, come out and"
  • Katie - Chagani Umair
    "You hear the lightning strike See the look in my eyes And you know that I'm hurt Baby you said goodbye Left me empty inside Without you I can't survive (chours) You're just like other girls I know You"
  • Katie - Larue
    "Katie By Phillip and Natalie LaRue Fell into a dream again, wish the dream would never ever end Met an angel with eyes the deepest blue I've ever seen Just wish it wasn't a dream She took me away and"
  • Katie - Tom Paxton
    "Oh, I have a little daughter, and my daughter's name is Kate. And she's every bit mischievous as a kitten on a skate. With a bandage on her forehead and the bruises on her knees, You would swear she'd"
  • Downstairs To The Sun - Katie Melua
    "Can't say what came over me I wasn't what I used to be Hadn't seen how I lost control And I always thought that I was strong But one night, one situation, One sign, one devastation Chorus I could have"
  • Fancy - Katie Melua
    "I remember it all very well lookin' back It was the summer that I turned eighteen We lived in a one-room, run down shack On the outskirts of New Orleans We didn't have money for food or rent To say the"
  • Faraway Places - Vera Lynn
    "Faraway places With strange soundin' names Faraway over the sea Those faraway places With the strange soundin' names Are callin', callin' me Goin' to China Or maybe Siam I want to see for myself Those"
  • Faraway Lightning - Moonface
    "You were the crashing of the satellite Onto my black-earth heart To brighten up the night You were the body falling off the wall To wear upon the stone Like a waterfall Oh, oh, where did you go? Oh,"

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