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Katie Melua Better Than a Dream

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Katie Melua Better Than a Dream

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Katie Melua Better Than a Dream
  • Katie Melua Better Than a Dream
    "I used to dream myself to somewhere else each night, I dreamed in colour ’cause I lived in black and white. Until I chanced upon this road that led to you, I could not see how anything could be… Better"
  • Deana Carter Katie
    "Katie likes to run around In cotton panties and a crown She driving all the boys insane Suckin' on a candy cane... She likes to play the tambourine Her favorite color's Army green She's a vegetarian; she's"
  • Larue Katie
    "Katie By Phillip and Natalie LaRue Fell into a dream again, wish the dream would never ever end Met an angel with eyes the deepest blue I've ever seen Just wish it wasn't a dream She took me away and"
  • Dean Martin Better than a dream
    "Judy Holiday: So that's what you look like At last I know You're better better than a dream What you are is better far better than a dream Well I tried to picture your face But now I see you you're out"
  • Jill Paquette Katie-Lynn
    "Katie-Lynn, you've always lived your life out loud You know that's something I have always loved you for Katie-Lynn, this one has brought you to the ground Katie-Lynn, we all feel we've let you down Katie-Lynn,"
  • Townes Van Zandt Katie Belle
    "There is no deeper blue In the ocean that lies As deep as the blue Of your laughing eyes No sweeter sound Than your gentle sigh No heart was ever so pure Dream pretty dreams Touch beautiful things Let"
  • Ultrabeat Better Than Life
    "Better Than Life Li-i-i-i-i-fe Li-i-i-i-i-fe Li-i-i-i-i-fe Li-i-i-i-i-fe Li-i-i-i-i-fe Li-i-i-i-i-fe Better than Li-i-i-i-i-fe turning away , makes it alright , not looking its out of sight, blinded"
  • House Of Heroes Katie Baby
    "if you so much as say my name into a phone that you dialed for my home i'll come running back again if you so much as entertain the thought of us that you had while riding the bus ill come running back"
  • Cyclefly Better Than You
    "Back door slams got it bad this time. Been sitting in the corner starring at her monkey shrine. When hope has lost and the fire dies. Just put it in your pocket and think of better times. Just like"
  • Hurts Better Than Love
    "Every second is a lifetime And every minute more brings you closer to God And you see nothing but the red lights You let your body burn like never before. And it feels better than love. Yeah it feels better"
  • Tyrese Better Than Sex
    "Ohhh... Ohhh... Ohhh... (Verse 1:) I've had my share of women. From Japan all the way to Brazil. Never thought I'd find a woman to make this rolling stone stop and just chill. (Out of all of my relationships"
  • Busted Better Than This
    "The more I look the more I find it hard to see I'm uncultured but I'm not quite sure what that means Why bring me down and complicate? You take my words But then you hear them a different way The way"
  • Kimya Dawson For Katie
    "they can't be talking about me this isn't real how can i stop the nothing? i'm just a little girl three thousand miles between most of your friends and you wish they could meet they have so much in common and"
  • Kelly Jones Katie
    "Katie got a ride home She couldn't afford the fare She offered the taxi driver Her body then and there The driver took advantage The cab was dark and cold Katie got her kicks that way Searching for her"
  • Missy Higgins Katie
    "Katie was a little girl who said "I'll find a way". Katie was a little girl who said "it'll be ok". Till one day she found a little bit of something she used to drown. She said "I'm alive and I am free,"
  • Ghost Of The Robot Katie
    "I'm through with pastry, No more sticky bun cherry tarts I want a good girl, one who rocks but has a decent heart Well I've been waiting Now I'm sick of that I think I saw you... Katie, come out and"
  • Chagani Umair Katie
    "You hear the lightning strike See the look in my eyes And you know that I'm hurt Baby you said goodbye Left me empty inside Without you I can't survive (chours) You're just like other girls I know You"
  • Katie Melua This Year's Love
    "This years love had better last Heaven knows it's high time And I've been waiting on my own too long But when you hold me like you do It feels so right I start to forget How my heart gets torn When that"
  • Katie Melua Kozmic Blues
    "Time keeps movin' on, Friends they turn away. I keep movin' on But i never found out why I keep pushing so hard the dream, I keep tryin' to make it right Through another lonely day, whoaa. Dawn has come"
  • Tom Paxton Katie
    "Oh, I have a little daughter, and my daughter's name is Kate. And she's every bit mischievous as a kitten on a skate. With a bandage on her forehead and the bruises on her knees, You would swear she'd"

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