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Katie Melua Moonshine

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Katie Melua Moonshine

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Katie Melua Moonshine
  • Katie Melua Moonshine
    "Well my eyes are closed, but my heart's on fire Because the clock is approaching the midnight hour I leave my window open, all the lights are out And from the darkest night comes the lightest shout Moonshine,"
  • Venom Moonshine
    "Moonshine Taste her feel her Rising the west Hear the slack tormentor She's the best Warm me cool me You can take me day or night Be my inventor I won't fight Moonshine Forever I'm enchained Moonshine I"
  • Kelly Jones Katie
    "Katie got a ride home She couldn't afford the fare She offered the taxi driver Her body then and there The driver took advantage The cab was dark and cold Katie got her kicks that way Searching for her"
  • Sonny Boy Williamson I Moonshine
    "Moonshine Track #18 3:00 Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee) (John Lee Williamson) Sonny Boy Williamson I - vocals & harmonica Yank Rachell - mandolin & guitar Joe Williams - guitar Recorded March 13,"
  • Missy Higgins Katie
    "Katie was a little girl who said "I'll find a way". Katie was a little girl who said "it'll be ok". Till one day she found a little bit of something she used to drown. She said "I'm alive and I am free,"
  • Deana Carter Katie
    "Katie likes to run around In cotton panties and a crown She driving all the boys insane Suckin' on a candy cane... She likes to play the tambourine Her favorite color's Army green She's a vegetarian; she's"
  • Puddle Of Mudd Moonshine
    "You're the moonshine Your aura separates the lines so I can drive on in Drive into your life, but don't you worry Try not to hurry, but don't forget to smell the roses The flowers that I got for you to"
  • Renderfly Moonshine
    "Like a moth to the moon, you are guiding my flight to attainable highs of highs, but if I stray to a candle that burns half as bright, it's because I have lost the light Guide me through moonshine, crash"
  • Marilyn Manson Moonshine
    "I took a walk in the park It was scary and dark I looked up at the moon And I wasn't afraid I wasn't afraid She's so bright tonight Shining trough the trees She's glowing on you Take a walk with me You"
  • Ghost Of The Robot Katie
    "I'm through with pastry, No more sticky bun cherry tarts I want a good girl, one who rocks but has a decent heart Well I've been waiting Now I'm sick of that I think I saw you... Katie, come out and"
  • Wishbone Ash Moonshine
    "Feeling light-headed as I caught her eye, She was inviting as I passed her by. Losing all freedom, I fell to the ground. She took me home later And made me see why. When you look through a haze, And you're"
  • Feeder Moonshine
    "Floating in the everglades Faces lit in sun A moon that lights a thousand ways across Is company for one Ooh won't you come back to me Ooh won't you shine out for me Falling down from grace In houses"
  • Chagani Umair Katie
    "You hear the lightning strike See the look in my eyes And you know that I'm hurt Baby you said goodbye Left me empty inside Without you I can't survive (chours) You're just like other girls I know You"
  • Bruno Mars Moonshine
    "Hello You know you look even better than the way you did now before And the moment that you kissed my lips you know I started to feel wonderful It’s something incredible, there’s sex in your chemicals Ooh,"
  • Welbilt Moonshine
    "Another night once again It's a one night stand I'm not your guy your kind of man But you bought me those drinks now I can't think on my own You still took me home Chorus It's been a long time Been"
  • Akon Moonshine
    "(Feat Savage)ChorusI can't go no where, unless you're by my sideI gotta have you here, I said right here by my sideI cant roam the town, unless youre by my sideI gotta have you around, Right here by my"
  • Savage Moonshine
    "feat. AkonChorus I can't go no where, unless you're by my side I gotta have you here, I said right here by my side I cant roam the town, unless youre by my side I gotta have you around, Right here by my"
  • Larue Katie
    "Katie By Phillip and Natalie LaRue Fell into a dream again, wish the dream would never ever end Met an angel with eyes the deepest blue I've ever seen Just wish it wasn't a dream She took me away and"
  • Dennis Wilson Moonshine
    "Who made my moonshine intoxicate me? Who, who made me cry? Like the end of a beautiful play Holds and tickles and hugs out the night Hold her hard and started to cry The audience thought they would die It"
  • Ian Gillan Moonshine
    "And so what else can I tell ya It was looking pretty well And you could say The place was going up in smoke We had the music playing loud Laughing faces in the crowd But poor old Bill He could not see"

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