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Katrina Noorbergen - Letting Go

  • Katrina - Killing Heidi
    "Katrina knows where the dollies go To the dark places in the garden And Katrina feels with the edge of the knife Through the fog that cuts her open She don't cry She only smiles Keep on smiling, you get"
  • Letting Go - George Canyon
    "Lonely sound of distant thunder Stirs my restless sleep And the dream that i was lost in Slips away Of a young son and his mama So innocent back then Would she even reckognise her boy today (Chorus:) Cause"
  • Letting go - Paul McCartney
    "Ah, she tastes like wine Such a human being so divine Oh she feels like sun Mother nature look at what you've done Oh I feel like letting go Oh I feel like letting go Oh, she looks like snow I want to"
  • Letting Go - Jasmine Guy
    "it's hard to say goodbye to the one you've been with all you're life you've knowen that person all along that person was there with you letting go of you're strong love was hard i know what you would"
  • Letting Go - Joe Cocker
    "You can look away But you can't disguise The light that shines so brightly Is gone from your eyes It wasn't my mistake It's nothing you did wrong Sometimes learning to surrender Is the same as being strong Letting"
  • Letting go - Jeremy Camp
    "Gripping on so tight with the security I have inside Knowing what is right holding onto my pride Letting go of the things I hold so dear Letting go of all my pain and all my fears Letting go of the things"
  • Letting Go - Terence Trent D'Arby
    "The knife's edge pierces Autumn And stabs the wind we fear But we must find ourselves Before we disappear By knowing when to move on We keep the peace with our pride We seldom live our moments Before the"
  • Letting Go - Antiskeptic
    "Antiskeptic Miscellaneous Letting Go And he dreams Another atmosphere Evaporated fear A place inside that he dreams and knows too well Letting Go A new Reality The light reflecting in Revealing lock and"
  • Letting Go - Kristine W.
    "Letting go's not easy It takes some time If I could change your heart the way you change your mind How am I supposed to live without your love Tell me now Letting go's not easy It breaks your heart And"
  • Letting Go - Kids In The Way
    "They say what goes around comes around What I once lost can never be found (oh) how I held you tightly (oh) how you stood beside me I gotta what do you think of me? I gotta know what do you see? Do"
  • Letting Go - Nikki Leonti
    "Fire all around My face to the ground Crying for a voice to be heard Are you gonna make a way Do I really hear You saying to me Come lay it all down CHORUS: Now I'm letting go Giving it back to"
  • Letting Go - Bee Gees
    "A child That hides behind a chair Almost afraid to grow Without you there Whisper words that make you see What you've come to mean to me A voice That rises from the heart The hunger that seizes me And"
  • Letting Go - You're Pretty
    "Alone, I sit and cower Sad days They all amount I don't think that you'll understand Just hear me out Let me Let me be Do you believe that time will wait for you? Can you tell me there's something I can"
  • Letting Go - Kim Sozzi
    "Don't call me Don't write Don't show up in the middle of the night You know that we needed Some time and space to breathe I still recall the words you said to me It's what you did not say that sets"
  • Letting go - Dawson's Creek
    "Don't call me Don't write Don't show up in the middle of the night You know that we needed Some time and space to breathe I still recall the words you said to me It's what you did not say that sets me"
  • Letting Go - Andre Matos
    "A brand new day at last is born the first wave breaks on the shore The sun's shining bright Across the centuries of pain My heart is rising again Did you hear all my cries? I'm on the edge to turn away I"
  • Letting Go - Brooke Hogan
    "(I try) (I try) (I try) I think I'm gonna take it slow And tell you the things that are on my mind Then you can drop me off at home for the last time I only wanted you to know that I always had the best"
  • Letting Go - Godhead
    "Creeping up again Lost myself and it's too late Killing time again Waiting for my only fate Trapped within the cage That I've built With my own hands Can't release the rage Shattered life and broken plans If"
  • Letting Go - Digital Ruin
    "Everyday there's something new to bring me down Worlds collide, no answers to be found But don't get me wrong, it's not you I blame I just never learned to live without the pain Somehow I've lasted"
  • Letting Go - Squeeze
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) She plaits her hair, I bite my nails We balance love on the scales I wind the clock and go to bed Our love is hanging on a thread She gets undressed, I undress too The draft"

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