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Katy Perry - 'I'm still breathing'

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Katy Perry - 'I'm still breathing'

  • I'm Still Breathing - Katy Perry
    "I leave the gas on, walk the alleys in the dark sleep with candles burning, I leave the door unlocked I'm weaving a rope and, running all the red lights did I get your attention cause I'm sending all the"
  • Goodbye For Now (feat. Katy Perry) - P.O.D.
    "I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel shine through the dark times even when I lose my mind But it feels like no one in the world is listening and I can't ever seem to make the right decisions I"
  • Swish Swis (Jeremi Sikorski jako Katy Perry) - Jeremi Sikorski
    "They know what is what But they don't know what is what They just strut What the fuck? A tiger Don't lose no sleep Don't need opinions From a shellfish or a sheep Don't you come for me No, not today You're"
  • Still Breathing - Stars Hide Fire
    "Today (these days) I'm shattered (I'm better) I feel as if I don't matter much (I don't want to feel) Is this the end of me? And I've got (I have) This letter (forever) Unread, I'm glad I never sent it"
  • Still Breathing - Allison Iraheta
    "Don't need an aspirin after you Until you left I never knew What my heart was really going through And I never wanna go back But if there's some sick twist of fate I would rather rest in peace Please"
  • Still Breathing - Hazel O'Connor
    "Hazel O'Connor - Cormac De Barra Well did you ever get the feeling you've been here before Well I do! You see a face, you know a place Maybe it's deja-vu You better believe in the freedom You know the"
  • Still Breathing - Big Tent Revival
    "Welcome to this uncharted shore Put your heart to rest, you're not stranded anymore 'Cause we're sailing boats on a borrowed sea 'Til these wounding waves get the best of me I'm still breathing I wanna"
  • Still Breathing - Duran Duran
    "Home, it's not brick or stone Or comfort in the firelight, Not in that sense anyway. Dreams, if only I had known But these things always seem So much clearer at a distance. I'm walking out of this town I'm"
  • Still Breathing - Cauterize
    "Tear me open at the seams Take everything you need Take my heart if you like the beat Take my lungs if it's hard to breathe, to breathe "I'm not cold", she said But she's shaking as she's lying next to"
  • Who You Love (feat. Katy Perry) - John Mayer
    "You’ll love, who you love, who you love You’ll love, who you love, who you love My girl she ain’t the one that I saw coming Sometimes I don’t know which way to go And I try to run before but I’m not running"
  • Breathing - Maria Haukaas Storeng
    "I was lost and hope was gone I was sinking like a stone Like a shipwreck stranded I was all alone Saying all is well so no one else could tell Heavy shackles round my feet getting ready for the next defeat but"
  • Breathing - Andreas Johnson
    "Ready for the night to sweep me all away Ready for the streets to lead my feet a stray to my surprise Everything is cool... when... I'm not breathing I hold my breath, I feel alive Not breathing All"
  • Breathing - Fighting Gravity
    "i fall down again i'm still breathing, i'm still breathing sometimes i loose my head how simple indeed just cover me in red i'm so easy to read a star that lives in the darkness a grain of sand in the"
  • Breathing - Jason Derulo
    "I only miss you when I'm breathing I only need you when my heart is beating You are the color that I'm bleeding I only miss you when I'm breathing This ain't no ordinary feeling You are the only thing"
  • 365 (ft. Katy Perry) - Zedd
    "Premiera wspólnej piosenki Zedda i Katy Perry zapowiadana jest na 7 lutego 2019 roku."
  • Unaplogetic Bitch (ft. Katy Perry) - Madonna
    "(Madonna opublikowała okładkę do singla "Unaplogetic Bitch" i sesję zdjęciową z... Katy Perry w "V Magazine" - na tej podstawie media wnioskują, że "Unaplogetic Bitch" będzie wspólnym numerem wokalistek.)"
  • Katy - Agent 5/9
    "You're brilliant what more can I say Only known you for one day Now it seems like I've found the one To share my secrets with Hope I'm not getting ahead of myself Will you hold my hand And you stare deep"
  • Katy - The Boy Who Trapped The Sun
    "We were watching V.C.R on your couch before D.V.D when I was still quite young You backed me into a corner, when I was trying to escape my friends said you had no shoes on, when you chased me down the"
  • Legends Never Die (ft. Katy Perry) - Ferras
    "Rev-up, leave 'em all in the dust Got a Cadillac six pack vision of us Tonight we ride high into the desert sky Hands up, feel the heat in the air Legends never die, they play truth or dare Tonight we"
  • While You're Twisting I'm Still Breathing - Gits
    "I tear myself apart and throw it on the ground in front of you (can't hide that i'm a social wreck) and though i sit within the wounds that one day could destroy me sometimes it's hard to find my friends"

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