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Keep it shining

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Keep it shining

  • Shining - Dee Dee
    "Some people tell me I'm a player But I don't play when it comes true Ain't no doubt about that baby Guess I'm fall in love with you I'll be a shelter from the storm I'll be a blanket to keep you warm You"
  • Keep On Shining - Curtis Harding
    "It's just a matter of time The world has to know This light of mine I'm gonna let it show In my darkest days She is my sun In all of the ways, girl You are the only one So just keep on shining Keep On"
  • Keep on shining - The Brand New Heavies
    "Keep on shining, shining, shining, shining, shining, oh yeahOh, I whisper softly in your earMy sweet babyAnother perfect day begins when you're right hereAnd when you're lying next to meWhat could be better"
  • Keep On Shining - Hughes Turner Project
    "Out on the run, down in the street Living it day after day Against all the odds, taking the heat Nothing can stand in our way Never enough, comin' on strong I'm gonna make you believe Love one another,"
  • Keep on shining - Natalie Grant
    "He will be there Through the hurricane Through the pouring rain He will be there Through the longest night Everything's gonna be alright The storm is gonna end And the sun's gonna rise again CHORUS: Keep"
  • Shining Song - Steve Winwood
    "Baby's eyes - feel them looking at me Realize what I would have her see Realize how dark this world can be That's why I better keep shining, shining, keep shining right down the line Love's a light - it"
  • Shining Star - Abra Moore
    "What if I just let it all out, what if I just put it all down. What if I twist and shout and can't stand to see you around. As blind as I am, as cruel as you are. I always thought you'd be my shining star. What"
  • Shining Moon - Cowboy Junkies
    "Don't the moon look pretty Shining down through the trees Don't that shining moon look pretty, baby Shining down through the trees You know I can see my baby When he can't see me Yeah, I tiptoe to his"
  • Shining Star - Abby Dobson
    "You are, you are a shining star I love you just the way you are The roads so fast so you will fall You know that youve already got it all It doesnt matter what you do It doesnt matter what you say"
  • Shining Star - Bette Midler
    "Honey, you are my shining star. Don't you go away. I wanna be right here where you are until my dying day. Yes I do. So many have tried, tried to find a love like yours and mine. Ohhh-whoa. But don't"
  • Shining Star - Nneka
    "In this madness, in this world with its swiftness and its coldness, you're my peace of mind When the world just keeps turning and I know not where to head to, you're my peace of mind And when I look"
  • Sunday Shining - Finley Quaye
    "Written by F. Quaye and B. Marley Sun is shining The weather is sweet yeah Makes you wanna move your dancing feet To the rescue Here I am I want you to know y'all Here I stand As the morning gathers a"
  • Shining Star - Sunz Of Man
    "Shining Star! Intro : Ol' Dirty Bastard Yeah, knah I'm sayin'? This is what you call making history right here The Fifth Element Earth, Wind, Fire, Sunz Of Man knah i'm sayin'? We got the Wu-Tang Clan"
  • Shining sinners - Marc Almond
    "Well I'm walkin' blind down danger street The street where eyes don't dare to meet Dirt-Doorways frame silhouettes A Teeth-Grind-Grinning smile of threat Down here you ask for all you get These East Side"
  • Still Shining - Busta Rhymes
    "RRRRRROAW RRRR.. RRRRRROAW RRRRRRROAW til my dragon baby stop whinin I see my influence still.. RRRRRROAW RRRRRRROAW til my dragon baby stop whinin I see my influence still.. RRRRRROAW RRRRRRROAW til"
  • Shining - Vanessa S.
    "Shining like the rainbow in the sky like the stars just coming out at night shin so bright flying like an angel so in high like a summerwind on the summernight How was so many times since secure did I"
  • Shining - Misfits
    "Control the urge to spit up vile worms... soul Monsters seduced by her attention Try draining the infection Locked in a world of bile soaked skin... Heaven Monsters seduced by her attention She's draining"
  • Shining - EMF
    "I met you on a rollercoaster Drive by shooting In a big black roadster - It felt so good We danced in clubs In ballroom gowns Lined them up and all fell down - It felt so good We played our cards for the"
  • Bright Lights Keep Shining - Comeback Kid
    "from the start of the day to the end of the race we thought we had this all figured out without a moment to waste but we choke, we choke on our words we waste all of our days throw off another year living"
  • Keep It There - The Weepies
    "Got three dollars burning in my pocket, I know I know Got three dollars burning in my pocket, I know I know I got, I got, I got to keep it there. Got an old ghost locked in my closet, I know I know Got"

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