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Keep it together

  • Keep It Together - HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS
    "I feel the skin that separates us, Start to fade And when i lye on top of you, I’m afraid I can see right through myself, Crystal clear I am disassembling I could disappear, Disappear There is a voice"
  • Keep It Together - Guster
    "When we all finally washed ashore It was clear there was no one else around We declared a national holiday A chance to build it from the ground So far away from everyone and everything starts today Keep"
  • Keep It Together - Aqueduct
    "I know it's none of my business, But if in the end you get hurt I'll feel responsible Taking over your business, Before you piss it away Well, you've been flying blind People never change Bitch don't"
  • Keep It Together - Madonna
    "Keep, keep it together Keep people together forever and ever I got brothers, I got some sisters too Stuck in the middle tell you what I'm gonna do Gonna get out of here, I'm gonna leave this place So"
  • Keep it together - One Hit Wonder
    "My face still wet from the spit you left Then you turned your back on me I gave my heart and you gave me the finger You're triumphant salute I remember this sucks so much, the pain you gave kept me from"
  • Keep It Together - Hot Water Music
    "Keep it together now As you wish as you know how It'll all work out When nothing ever seems to be Exactly what you need now Hold fast now, to drench yourself and last All that you know Is all that you've"
  • Keep It Together - Real Friends
    "You'll spend every Saturday night on the bathroom floor With no recollection of the night before You're a trainwreck and everything that's in between Being alone doesn't seem so bad to me You're the type"
  • Keep together - The Brand New Heavies
    "Life ain't so easy sometimesThings tend to block up my mindStop me from Living how I want to liveI've been working so hardTrying to play the right cardHaven't had the time toDo the things I needed toWhy"
  • Keep together - Hunter Hunted
    "I don't care what you might say, I'm gonna become the way. I was meant to feel the world, Oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh. So give yourself another try, Compromise your own mind. Leave me be and finally see"
  • Let's Keep It Together - Lari White
    "Don't move, don't breathe This is that pivotal moment we ask ourselves what's it gonna be Don't think just feel Feel around inside your heart for something real You can't look me in the eye and tell"
  • Tryin' To Keep It Together - Norah Jones
    "Tryin' To Keep It Together Tryin' To Keep It Together Tryin' To Keep It Together Tryin' To Keep It Together keeping up all the time conversations are empty how do we really know Tryin' To Keep It Together I’ll"
  • Love Will Keep Us Together - Get Over It
    "Love, Love will keep us together, think of me babe whenever, some sweet talking girl comes along singing a Song, don't mess around you just gotta Be strong Just stop, cuz i really love you Stop, I've"
  • Keep Us Together - Starsailor
    "Folks from California Can't live without their sun They've actor politicians To infiltrate their young They live out in the province To find their kingdom come The suffering of the father The sins of the"
  • Keep Us Together - Jessie J
    "I'm feeling like every things figured out Cause love ain't got all the answers baby This mess we in, they don’t ever really talk about it But that don’t mean we can’t navigate it It’s unpredictable, but"
  • Together - Elisa
    "Together, here we are, boy and girl walk alone Together moving like clouds Together billions the soldiers of love in the dark Together till one will see the light All the way alone, alone, alone, alone But"
  • Together - Mike Francis
    "I love you my baby, You won't see a change in me They say I'm just a dreamer, They could never know my dreams. Oooh I'm lovin' ya, ladies Everyone a special kind Sweet little love sensations That always"
  • Together - Garrison Starr
    "I dont know how to tell you, That Ive been wrong. And Ive known the same old thing, For so long. Been trying so hard, To put it all together. And how can I? Put it all together, In time with you, The"
  • Together - Diana Ross
    "(M. Masser/P. Sawyer) Together, together Like a leaf stuck to a tree And that's the way it oughta be With you and me, forever more Never ooh, never Do I ever think of you Without including myself Lying"
  • Together - Nailpin
    "Although this brandy clouds the mind I clearly find that you're the summit of this party. Excuse my falter it's the booze More likely you, when I'm in love I'm always nervous Can't we exchange numbers"
  • Together - Nick Black
    "Am I out of line for telling you? All out of time what will you do? I've made up my mind, I'll empty this glass for you. Paraded you back you were too good. Whatever we had misunderstood. Don't run?????"

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