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Keeping Secrets

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Keeping Secrets

  • Keeping Secrets - Christine McVie
    "Written by Todd Sharp and Alan Pasqua. You walk into my life With heartache on your mind It's got me wondering about you The playful innuendo I'm tired of playing games What I see through my window"
  • Keeping Secrets - Motor Ace
    "MOTOR ACE OPPORTUNITY I shouldn't talk back to ya I couldn't shut my mouth But it feels much better You're leaving me no questions You're giving me no choice And it feels like hanging on Waking to the"
  • Never Keeping Secrets - Babyface
    "I never meant to lie to you But I needed me an easy way out I couldn't face the truth with you Because I didn't want to lose my clout I always have been good to you Girl I promise you that nothing has"
  • Secrets - Eternal
    "I wanna know about all of your secrets And all that, that you've been keeping Oh, tell me your secrets Tell me some of your secrets, your innermost thoughts Don't hold it back, let it all out I wanna hear"
  • Secrets - The Zutons
    "Everyone's got secrets, dirty little secrets Have I got one on you Although they may be secrets, they may show your weakness Well are they really true Don't tell your mates on the council estates"
  • Secrets - Becky G
    "could tell you’re keeping secrets from me why you always keeping secrets from me? I know that you got some secrets don’t know how long you could keep it why you tryna hide these secrets form me but what’s"
  • Secrets - Alice Smith
    "A morning after the only laughter 'Cause that project goes wrong the night before I'm feeling broken, words already spoken They crumble and hurt on the floor Accept for those that I should not have said Guarded"
  • Secrets - Babyface
    "Written by l.a. reid, babyface, daryl simmons, jermaine jackson (1991) Performed by jermaine jackson Tell me somethin' girl, somethin' I don't know Somethin' deep within', the things you've never told"
  • In keeping secrets of silent earth - Coheed And Cambria
    "A broad incision sits across the eveningThe victim to our fathers lost warThe restless children sit and mourn the gravesOf those they've never seen beforeWill they be buried here among the dead?In the"
  • Keeping Me Alive - The Afters
    "It's like I've never lived Before my life with you So much was missing here I never even knew I still picture The place we were When I fell into Your world My heart is in you Where you go you"
  • Keeping - Embrace
    "Keeping me up on my feet, was a love so completeI have chased, but never betteredEverything seemed like it fell at our feetNow she's out of my reach and there foreverIn the end I wished it all would burnYou"
  • Sewn Mouth Secrets - Soilent Green
    "closet master reveal yourself clenching the truth in your throat choking on an abundance of lies i've broken it down one more time i stand and observe the puppets preach if i could cut the knotted strings instead"
  • Secrets - Silver
    "Secrets... You said theres no solution here to find You went away and left it all behind I tried to open up your heart But we always ended up apart oh... All the secrets I can not reveal Secrets made"
  • Secrets - Sylver
    "You said theres no solution here to find You went away and left it all behind I tried to open up your heart But we always ended up apart All the secrets I can not reveal Secrets made you cold as steel All"
  • Secrets - Fiat Lux
    "You've been reading my diary You have taken my heart away Now you know me inside out You know my secrets But where's my sanctuary That was my secret I need to hide things from you And now you know You've"
  • Secrets - Slapshot
    "I know all your secrets But I didn't let you know Could I ever make you happy With your self esteem so low And now lets run into the bathroom And shove out fingers down our throat I loved you, but you"
  • Secrets - Anastacia
    "late in September memories I can't erase the shiver through autumn the memory of your face 'cause I grew much older I wonder whatever I could have done to fight all the magnets but I close my eyes and"
  • Secrets - Mary Lambert
    "I've got bi-polar disorder My shit's not in order I'm overweight I'm always late I've got too many things to say I rock mom jeans, cat earrings Extrapolate my feelings My family is dysfunctional But we"
  • Secrets - Nicki French
    "Don't go so many things that I must know Please stay there's too many things that we must say I don't wanna waste your precious time But since when he's talking such a lie You know that all my love is"
  • Secrets - The Weeknd
    "Everybody here wants you my love, my love And I know that you want them too my love, my love I ask what your heart desires my love, my love You tell me I’m the only one my love, my love It’s a lie, a"

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